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Welcome to 'Irene's Getting Fat!' ! I have decided to make a more comprehensive and complete 'About' page, as I think that my 'about' section on the blog sidebar isn't sufficient for you to get the idea about this blog of mine.

So, let's start with the basic things.

Yours truly

My name is Irene, and I was born and bred in Jakarta, Indonesia, until I decided to continue my study here is Sydney. I've been down-under for about two years now. I am a 20-years-old uni student, struggling to stick with my diet plan which always ends up forgotten.

My favourite food has to be the spicy ones, and I also love Korean food, pizza, chocolate, and ice cream. I'm also more of a savoury person that a dessert one. Which means, I wouldn't mind if the dessert plate is replaced by another serving of fried chicken.

The origin of the name

Here's a short story about why I decided to use 'Irene's Getting Fat!' as the name of my blog. Since I stepped on teenager age, my mother always reminded me about how I'll get fat very easily if I eat too much (which I tend to do, a lot) by saying 'You are going to get fat!'. I used to be upset everytime she mentions it, but now I'm getting used to it and it's also (kinda) useful as a reminder for me not to overeat as I gain weight really easily yet I have to sweat like crazy to lose a mere kg. When I was still deciding whether or not to make my own food blog, an awesome cousin just said this out of nowhere 'If you are really creating your own food blog, maybe you should put 'I'm Getting Fat' as the title'. And then somewhere within my brain, a light bulb clicked.

And I think the name's catchy too. Some people laugh when I tell them my blog name, so it's a good sign, right?

What 'Irene's Getting Fat!' is about

Food. That's a short answer.

A longer answer would be like this: it's pretty much my culinary portfolio, and you'll find some travel logs, recipes, and other kind of reviews which I love to share around. This blog is started due to my growing obsession of understanding and capturing almost every stuff that I eat. The first post was published on 28th May 2011, and since then the blog has been filled with mostly restaurant and/or hawker stall reviews, but sometimes there will be posts about (simple) recipes I've tried, interesting product reviews, and travel experiences. In summary, it covers the reasons why I am, literally, getting fat.

You can expect to find mostly reviews about food in Indonesia, particularly Jakarta, and Sydney, because those are the cities/countries I will be traveling back and forth for couple of years from now.

You will sometimes also find sponsored posts of products or food tasting reviews, but I can assure you that I only accept the offer when the sponsor agrees with my principal of honest and non-exaggerated review. Thus you can be assured that my sponsored reviews are 100% honest and 100% purely from my personal taste. I am not a professional food critique nor a food expert, so obviously this blog is not intended to give you a professional insight about the food that I try. Rather, it is simply my humble opinion about the wonderful and not-so-wonderful things that I chew and ingest.


As most of the reviews in this blog are restaurants/eating places reviews, I will do my best to provide the prices of every plates or cups or sticks of food that I've tried. The currency will be in either Australian Dollar (AUD) if I'm dining in Australia, and Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) if I'm eating my way through Indonesia. Rest assured, I will provide the currency rate or convert the prices, so you will see both currencies on every dining posts.

The cameras

Currently I'm using two cameras: Canon EOS 500D with EFS 18-55mm 0.25m/0.8ft lens (which is practically my dad's) and SONY DSC-W310 which I usually use for convenience purpose. I think you can actually differ which pics I take with the DSLR and which ones are not.

The goals

My ultimate goal is to improve in every section of food blogging: to write better reviews, to create more interesting posts, and to capture better images. I would love to write food related articles in media as well, I think it's really nice to be paid to write about something you love!

I also have a goal to visit every countries in this planet and try their characteristical food. My first stop would be Korea.

Irene's Getting Fat! featured on media

JOY Magazine Indonesia, August 2013 edition

Blog Award

Liebster Award (check this one to know random facts about me; nominated by Irene)

I guess that'd be all. Please see my contact page to find out the means to get in touch with me. I hope that you'll have a clearer idea about this blog now, and I hope you enjoy browsing the posts!



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  1. Hi Irene salam kenal..
    Nice to meet your fun blog! Happy to surf along your posts..
    Btw aku di Melbourne dan isi blog mostly makanan Indo dan resto review di Melbourne sini.. Hehehe.
    Hope to see your post regularly..
    *follow button clicked*

    Cheers, Neysa..

    1. Hi Neysa, salam kenal!
      Loving your blog! Thanks for dropping by and following :D

      Cheers, Irene

  2. Hai Irene, salam kenal juga. Baru nemu blog nya today, love it:)

    1. Hai Tesya, thanks for dropping by ya :)

  3. I just found your blog from pinterest. And I'm also from Indonesia! Love your blog.


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