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Chin Chin, Melbourne

This is the OG.

Chin Chin is originally from Melbourne, but they've expanded to Sydney. Last time, we had a really great time in Chin Chin Sydney, so we were very keen to see what the OG is like. It turned out to be an amazing dinner in Melbourne on our last day.

The interior was very lively, dimmed light with quirky decorations. The open bar area was welcoming and the pink neon rabbit was hard to miss.

Chin Chin, Melbourne.

We were seated on the open kitchen, and watching the chefs flying around making entrees was very entertaining. We did note though that there were more ingredients that were pre-made than we thought.

Open kitchen.

We started off with drinks: my pomegranate som (Thai style drinking vinegar) was refreshing and very tangy, reminded me of apple cider vinegar. The winner between the two drinks was the Mademoiselle Lychee, however, with pretty rose petal sphere in the delicious and smooth lychee concoction.

Mademoiselle Lychee ($21) and pomegranate som ($6.5)

The crunchy school prawns were everything they described on the menu, they were crunchy and addictive. The tomato & turmeric nahm prik paired really nicely with the raw veggies.

Crunchy school prawns with roast tomato & turmeric nahm prik & raw veggies ($19.5)

Our BBQ baby back pork ribs with sriracha peanut caramel was delightful. The meat was tender and the sauce was sticky with a little bit of that spicy kick, and overall finger-liking good. The banana blossom salad was crunchy and such a great accompaniment.

BBQ baby back pork ribs & sriracha peanut caramel & banana blossom salad ($35.5)

We wished that there was more of that crispy soft shell crab on the soft shell crab & green curry fried rice, although the rice was cooked really nicely with a pungent, fragrant green curry flavour.

Crispy soft shell crab with green curry fried rice & thai basil ($28.5)

The crispy barramundi and green apple salad with caramelized pork would be so perfect with a bowl of steaming rice.

The barramundi bites were indeed crispy, the sauce was gooey and delicious and we enjoyed the cubes of caramelized pork. The fresh green apple sticks helped cut through the heavy flavours.

Crispy barramundi & green apple salad with caramelized pork, peanuts chilli and lemongrass ($31.5)

To finish, after a quite heated argument, we settled on the coconut sago with sweetcorn ice cream. I have to admit, the thought of sweetcorn ice cream was weird for me and I was very skeptical. But I loved this! The variety of textures in this glass was very enjoyable, and the sweetcorn ice cream was sweet and lovely. I'm glad we chose this.

Coconut sago, sweetcorn ice cream, praline & puffed rice ($20)

In the end, we agreed that we enjoyed our time more in Chin Chin Melbourne, but really, Sydney or Melbourne, they both are very recommended.



Rating: 4.5/5 (Very recommended)
Great dishes, friendly service, cozy ambiance, price on the higher side but worth it.



125 Flinders St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 8663 2000
Web: Chin Chin  

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