Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Luyu & Yum Yum, Newtown

I didn't choose the dumpling life.
Luyu & Yum Yum spread

The dumpling life chose me. Yep.

Luyu & Yum Yum is not your typical 10 a.m. yumcha place, it's quirkier, fancier, and full of plot twists. There is no chicken feet from the dimsum lady's bamboo steamer carts, everything is served neatly and meticulously. The menu is exciting and I would definitely try their main dishes next time.

We started with the duck pancakes which were very satisfactory. Nice ratio of skin and duck meat, and some plum sauce worked wonders.

Duck pancakes ($23.4, 5 pieces)

The cigars of veggie spring rolls were crunchy to the last bite and pretty tasty, especially with the chili oil they provide.

Veggie spring roll (Chinese mushroom, king oyster mushroom, carrot, baby bok choy) - $12.3 (5 pieces)

"The Martian" shape was slightly indescribable, but the skin was supple and the filling flavorsome.

"The Martian" (carrot, prawn, garlic) - $16 (5 pieces)

Arrived red and sexy, the spicy kimchi dumplings were fiery and full of the kimchi zing that I love very much. The soup was hot and definitely tickled our tastebuds.

Spicy kimchi soup dumplings (chili, kimchi, ginger, chicken) - $15.8 (5 pieces)

The "Starburst" dumplings were my highlight of the night. Not only they were eye catching with the rainbow-coloured thin skin, they packed lots of flavour bursts in.

"Starburst" dumplings (chicken and fruit infused soup ) - $16.1 (5 pieces)

The "Snow White" dumplings were the cutest, shaped like bunnies with translucent snow skin. They tasted very similar like har gao, which made them an easy crowd pleaser. We only wished they were seasoned a little bit heavier though.

"Snow White" dumplings (prawn, asparagus, bamboo soup, creamy soup in potato starch dough) - $20.5 (5 pieces)

Although the description said that these "Hedgehog" dumplings were baked, the crispy and slightly oily skin tasted like they had been fried. The dough was great, not too dense, and the inside were also very satisfying in terms of flavour. Great little things, these ones were.

"Hedgehog" dumplings (mushroom, carrot, coriander in baked flour dough) - $20.5 (5 pieces)

Definitely not your typical yum cha fare, but I reckon they worth the trip to Newtown. If you're not into their Asian-based desserts, Messina is just a couple of blocks away.


Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Nice, unique dumplings with affordable price (esp with a group), cosy ambiance, friendly service.



Level 1, 196 King St
Newtown NSW 2042

Phone: 02 9557 3415
Web: Luyu Yum Yum

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