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Chimichurri, Chatswood

The most important meal of the day?
Black Benedict (deep fried soft shell crab, poached egg, salmon roe, black hollandaise, black brioche bun) - $22.5

Brunch. Because we can eat breakfast, lunch, and dessert in one meal. Winning.

Chimichurri is a small, pretty Latin-American based cafe in Chatswood, which for me is about 50-mins drive away. So after stalking their gorgeous pics on their Instagram, it is only natural that I was expecting big things.

This place is made quirky and cute with the big mural and wooden tables and stools, topped by mini flower bouquets.


Each occupied table that day was also adorned with colourful lattes: red velvet, matcha, dirty chai, and taro. Turmeric latte was unfortunately unavailable that day. The lattes were generally sweet, but not too strong in the flavour department.

Red velvet latte ($4.5), dirty chai latte ($4.5), and mango smoothie ($6)

Taro latte ($4.5) and flat white ($3.5)

Of course we had to try their signature dish, the Black Benedict. Deep fried soft shell crab with poached egg and black hollandaise, and salmon roe on black brioche bun. It was different for sure, but the best part was the crunchy soft shell crab. The bun was slightly dry and something just the dish smell and tasted a little fishy.

The Chimichurri eggs was tangy and addictive with the labne and the bread was the perfect vessel to scoop the perfectly poached egg and dukkah sauce.

Chimichurri eggs (poached eggs, labne, chilli oil, chimichurri dukkah sauce) - $17

Like your sweet-savoury combo? Then you'll love Lick My Bacon.

It's red stripped croissant sandwiching succulent thick cut bacon, salty haloumi, and hash browns. Drizzle the honey for that sweet/salty sensation.

Lick My Bacon (red stripped croissant, thick cut bacon, haloumi, hash brown) - $

I had to have my carbs so Piggy Mac was my choice. Three types of cheese plus three types of meat is in offer in one bowl; pulled pork, chorizo, crispy bacon. It was very cheesy, full of meat and carb-y goodness. This was probably the best thing I ate that day. Oh, they also have the vegetarian option.

Piggy Mac (three cheese, pulled pork, crispy bacon, chorizo, macaroni) - $23

Oh, we also had some 'healthier' choices such as the Latin Avo with hash browns instead of poached eggs on the side and The Big Kahuna minus the meat parts.

Latin Avo (corn salsa, feta, poached egg, avocado, bread) - $18

Big Kahuna (in-house baked beans, corn, mushroom, hash brown, roast tomato - minus bacon, chorizo, and eggs here) - $21.5

The chips on the side were waaaay tastier than the hashbrowns we had, these bad boys were crispy outside and soft inside with sprinkles of moreish paprika salt.

Chips - $

There were some gasps of disbelief when I said I was ready for dessert. The French Toast was pretty as a picture and more, but was let down by very sweet lychee ganache inside the toast. To their credit, the French toast was fluffy and buttery, so all bad things were forgiven. Plus they gave us a full jar of Nutella.

French Toast (brioche, Nutella, lychee ganache, berry coulis, strawberry gel, marshmallow, Persian fairy floss, seasonal fruit) - $18

Was it a nice brunch? Yes. Would I drive 50-mins there again though? Hmm.


Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Interesting menus, service is friendly, price can be a little bit pricey (we spent $180 for 6), nice quirky ambiance.



6 Help St.
Chatswood, Sydney
NSW 2067

Phone: (02)  8084 5272
Chimichuri Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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