Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Sydney Night Noodle Markets 2016

Ah, another year, another Night Noodle Markets.
Gelato Messina: Matcha Do About Nothing

Despite the complaints of the long queues, high prices, gimmicky food, and lack of proper seating, Good Food Month's Night Noodle Markets (NNM) seems to maintain its popularity. The crowd is still massive - especially on weekends, and the queues are just as long, if not longer, and the food is just as gimmicky as ever.

You know what? It's still heaps fun.

The lines are long, but this year they seem to mover quicker thanks to the 'card-only' policy. It is, however, easier to lose track of your spending because you're just tapping your cards on every single stall.


Nuttie Donut stall

I did my research and only went to the ones I really wanted to try. For a better coverage, go to I'm Still Hungry thorough post of NNM 2016.

You really can't skip Hoy Pinoy. The smoke lingers up to St James' station, and it just gives you more reason to grab some of those perfectly charred skewers. Although the Inihaw Na Manok (chicken skewers) are juicy and smoky AF, Inihaw Na Baboy (pork skewers) with its succulent pork are winning still. I was told the chicken adobo fries is worth the try too.

Hoy Pinoy: Inihaw Na Manok (chicken skewers)

Bao Stop have been flooding Instagram with their 'Trifecta' - braised pork belly bao, fried chicken gua bao, and peking duck gua bao. The pork belly is definitely way better than the other parts of the triplets.

Bao Stop: Trifecta baos

The peking duck fries has also been very popular; crispy, shoestring fries topped with shredded peking duck, peking sauce, and spring onion. Tasty, but I would love more sauce for the rather bland fries.

Bao Stop: Peking duck fries

Talking about loaded fries, there sure are lots of loaded fries this year. From chichi fries (Poklol), peking duck fries (Bao Stop), lobster fries (House of Crabs), chicken adobo fries (Hoy Pinoy), chilli mayo fries (Mama Made), and crackling pork belly fries (Mr. Bao).

I admit I only bought this one for Instagram purposes: Octodog from Harajuku Gyoza. It's $9 worth of three fried sausages capped with corndog batter. Cute, but not scoring high on the flavour department.

Harajuku Gyoza: Octodog

Gelato Messina has to cover your dessert time. From the 'Very Very Good Lucky Fortune Bar', I pick Turron Not (fried banana & brown sugar gelato wrapped in filo pastry, ube cream, and kalamansi puree with coconut crunch) and Matcha Do About Nothing (milk chocolate and matcha gelato with white chocolate and pistachio crunch in green tea waffle cone).

Gelato Messina's stall

Gelato Messina: Matcha Do About Nothing & Turron Not

The best part about the Turron Not is the superb fried banana and delicious brown sugar gelato, although the Matcha Do About Nothing is still preferred because of its absolutely luscious milk chocolate gelato and the milk chocolate & pistachio top. The matcha flavour is slightly bitter but not disturbing at all.

Gelato Messina: Turron Not

Gelato Messina: milk chocolate gelato in Matcha Do About Nothing

They're only here for another week, so move quickly if you want to join the lines for the loaded fries.




Hyde Park, Sydney NSW 2000

Good Food Month 2016
Sydney Night Noodle Markets 2016

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  1. I tried the Peking duck fries and I totally agree with you, more sauce! I did enjoy the Lobster fries though, the cheese and bacon could've had something to do with it, but I'm undecided lol

  2. Agreed. Hoy Pinoy is always a highlight at the NNM!


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