Monday, 4 July 2016

Bar Brosé, Darlinghurst

Bad lighting, great food.
Ox tongue & mushroom from Bar Brose

Who cares about the lightning when you have a ridiculously creamy, seriously addictive strands of pasta. But we'll get to this later.

Bar Brosé will somehow remind you of ACME, and that's partly because Analiese Gregory is running the kitchen. She has previously also played in ACME's kitchen.

Finding the place is just like finding every good thing; it is not that easy. Only because I have familiarized myself with it's logo that I managed to find it quite quickly.

Bar Brose interior

The interior is gorgeously elegant with modern furnitures, with direct view to either the kitchen (front seating) or the bar (back seating). I chose the middle part where I could see the kitchen plus stole a bit of its lightning.

Open kitchen - head chef Analiese Gregory

It was a dinner of celebration, and hence I had all the power to choose the dishes that night. We started with comté gougère, which seemed like an absurdly fluffy warm cheesy cloud. Any person who has sunk their teeth into one of these babies will agree.

Comté gougère - $6 ea

Having a huge soft spot for deep fried thing, blooming onion was solid on my list. The onion was deep fried until golden brown and resembled a flower. It was seasoned perfectly with sweet onion layers inside the crispy batter. The accompanying sauce had a nice spicy kick in it.

Blooming onion - $12

We said yes to the waitress' recommendation of the night's special: the smoked ox tongue and mushroom. The picturesque plate had extremely tender, slightly briny smoked ox tongue pastrami with combination of fermented and raw shiitake mushrooms on top of it, finished with even smokier, slightly earthy and sweet sauce.

The pastrami contained just enough fat - not too much that it lingered on the roof of the mouth for too long. The sauce sliced through the fattiness and gave it an extra layer of flavour.

Ox tongue & mushroom - $16

We had to ask the waitress what Poulet au Vin Jaune d’Australie was, and the chicken had certainly gone through complicated various cooking processes. Brined with salt water, cooked in water bath, then finished on the pan with the stock, yellow wine (skin contact wine - wine made with skin contact), and sherry. It was served with mushroom, foei gras butter, cream, and chicken skin.

The golden sheets on top were crispy chicken skin - almost as thin as paper. The chicken was probably the juiciest chicken I have ever had, succulent and absolutely bursting with flavour. The foie gras butter ended every mouthful with a bang.

Poulet au Vin Jaune d’Australie - $32 (half)

But we all know we need some carbs for the night. The bowl of spaghetti with Tasmanian uni (sea urchin), creme fraiche, and fennel was not a big one, but it was quite filling. While the guy found the dish too rich, it was not the case with me.

Every hair of that spaghetti was coated perfectly with a creamy, slightly salty uni cream, and the zing from the creme fraiche prevented it from being overly heavy. Some breadcrumbs on top added texture too. It was lip-smacking and very addictive.

Homemade spaghetti with Tasmanian sea urchin, creme fraiche, and fennel - $20

Usually, I wouldn't order a dessert that may confuse my tastebuds, but I just had to order the crisp potato, brown butter, and salted caramel. It came rather impressive, an incredibly thin potato sheets sandwiching brown butter mousse.

Crisp potato, brown butter mousse, salted caramel - $12

The potato sheets were almost like pastry - cracks easily on the force of the spoon. My first mouthful was a wee bit confusing, I tasted fried potato aftertaste that I usually associate with savoury chips. And then the smooth, creamy brown butter mousse flavour came like a wave, overpowering the potato chips'.

The next mouthfuls got better and better, as by now the crisp potato layer acted mostly as a texture contrast. Where's the salted caramel, you ask? It was nesting inside the mousse, making it even more interesting and delicious.

It was quirky, but it worked very well.

Crisp potato, brown butter mousse, salted caramel

Just to add, get the bartender to introduce you to an amazing bottle of yuzu liquor. I still regretted that I didn't take his offer to get me a glass of it.


Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great dishes, price is slightly on the exxy side but still reasonable, service is friendly and accommodating, ambiance is cosy.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,200



231A Victoria St
NSW 2010

Web: Bar Brosé

Bar Brosé Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Tough lighting conditions are always a challenge. lol. But it's worth battling just to get that potato crisp. How good is it?!

    1. Awesomely good. How did she end up with an idea like that hey??


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