Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Butter, Surry Hills

Fried chicken and butter, baby.
Butter feast


Butter put the word 'rich' in fried chicken realm of Sydney, quite literally. The dim-lighted restaurant looks like a shoe store at first with sneakers on display, but it really is mostly about their to-die-for fried chicken.

Butter interior

The dining area is decorated with cheeky posters of girls eating fried chicken (what's sexier than that??), butter-shaped light, and high stools and tables. Ordering at the bar, which also offers a good deal of drinks options. I went straight to a personal favourite, the tangy & sweet Young Henry's cider.

Butter light

Between the three of us, we divided two 3 pacs, which included 1 thigh piece, 2 tenders, with a side of slaw. The sauce spiciness levels offered range from the mildly spicy OG, then fire, and hot AF. You can also get your fried chicken naked, or served with the sauce on the side.

3 pac - 1 thigh piece, 2 tenders, a side of slaw - $16

I sacrificed my curiosity of the hot AF and settled happily with the OG due to other's (*cough* Anna *cough*) chili tolerance level. The OG did pack spicy blows that excited the tastebuds, but not enough to make us sweat.

The chicken though.

Every single one of them was cloaked with an utterly crispy and crunchy batter, which had perfect level of seasoning. The chicken inside was incredibly tender and dripping with juice as soon as sliced by a knife.

And the hot sauce just made every bite even more sublime.

The tender

The chicken sandwich was almost literally dripping with butter. These guys are serious about their butter, you guys.

The gorgeous piece of bird with crisp coat was equally as tender and juicy as the tenders and thigh piece, but it was the generous slather of dashi butter on the buns which was umami and flavoursome that almost made my toes curl with pleasure. The pickles were a good touch to cut through the richness.

The chicken sandwich - $16

We also had the dainty, salty laces (fries) and the miso corny for sides. The miso corn alone made the restaurant worth a visit, with delicious, rich miso butter on sweet kernels of corn. One is not enough. I repeat, one is NEVER gonna be enough.

Miso corny ($4 ea) and laces ($5)

Fried chicken and butter; what else would we need in life?

Butter ceiling poster


Currency: $1 = IDR 9,700



6 Hunt St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Phone: (02) 8283 1329

Web: Butter Sydney

Butter Sydney Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  4. How good is the chicken sandwich! That corn is so buttery too!


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