Thursday, 10 December 2015

Blaq Piq, Sydney CBD

They're the pancakes that broke the internet.
The pancakes that broke the internet

Yep, the pancakes from the elegant corner cafe, Blaq Piq. It's just a few steps away from the infamous Cafe Cre Asion, and obviously shares the popularity.

Seating is somewhat limited with us waiting for almost an hour for a table for three on a Saturday afternoon. Interior is chic though, it's pretty and has lovely modern yet welcoming ambiance.

Blaq Piq

We started with drinks and I had to ask for another extra scoop for my iced coffee because it has strong bitter notes.

Iced coffee - $6

The BLT was probably the most ordinary one among the fiesta, although the slow cooked pork belly was amazing with some bite on it while being tender at the same time. I thought it wasn't even possible.

BLT - slow cooked pork belly, lettuce, tomato and roasted garlic aioli on milk bun ($12)

The twice cooked pork belly offered a multitude of vivid colours and complementary textures. The rich pork belly was deliciously fatty and slides easily on your tongue, and they stood perfectly against the crunchy and tangy pickled vegetables. I didn't touch the pumpkin puree because I had huge problem with pumpkin but the eggs were nothing short than delightful.

Twice cooked pork belly with pumpkin puree, 68 degree eggs, pickled veggies, rocket and cherry tomatoes ($17)

Talking about eggs... Would you just look at that??

My wagyu corned beef on lotus bun wasn't something I see everyday on a cafe's menu but I'm glad I got it onto the docket. The corned beef was very delectable with just enough brush of saltiness, combined with that creamy sauce and glorious eggs. The buns were perfect fluffy vessels for all of the above.

Wagyu corned beef with watercress, panfried 68 degree eggs and hollandaise sauce on lotus bun ($18)

And of course, the 68 degree eggs. A magnificent flow of liquid gold that was rich and creamy.

Uh huh oh yeah

And because we're cray about crabs, the shoestring fries and us were close friends.

Shoestring fries - $6

But Blaq Piq is mostly known for one thing and one thing only: the pandan buttermilk pancakes. The black plate made a clever contrast for the vibrant summery shades on it: the fluffy green pancakes, white creamy ice cream, almost-transparent nata de coco (coconut jelly), brown crunchy pecans, and the colourful summer fruits.

Pandan buttermilk pancakes.....

Edible flowers made great appearance, and you just can't forget the sweet pour of the coconut sugar syrup. The whole assembly was incredibly pretty, tasty, creamy, fresh, and full of the flavours I love.

The pancakes were fluffy and thick enough to be easily shared with another person.

...with coconut ice cream, fresh berries, nata de coco, pecan crumble, salted coconut sugar syrup ($16)

If you can only order one thing from the menu, let it be the pandan buttermilk pancakes.


Currency: $1 = IDR 10,000

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
The pancakes are a must-order. Service was slightly slow but quite attentive, good ambiance but prepare to wait for table, price is reasonable.



11 Alberta St
Sydney CBD
NSW 2000

Phone: 0422023349

Blaq Piq Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Haha that pancake with pouring shot did break the internet! I gotta try that twice cooked pork belly next time! pretty shots as usual!

  2. Bahaha nice call on them pancakes. They definitely broke Instagram!

  3. The baos!!! The pancakes! Going to wait till it dies down a bit though, not patient enough to wait an hour haha.


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