Monday, 9 November 2015

Saké, The Rocks - Sydney

Pretty, pretty, pretty.
Chef Selection Sushi Set from Saké

That's what Saké is for me.

Raved as one of the most renowned Japanese restaurant in Sydney, I expected nothing but the spectacular stuff when I decided to book for the guy's birthday dinner.

I took no interior pictures because (a) the lightning makes it a bit challenging, (b) we were seated on the bar table and not the main dining area, (c) I was trying to touch my camera as little as possible because a special birthday dinner shouldn't be ruined by me taking photos of every crooks of the restaurant (like I usually do).

We did check out the main dining area and boy it was lively and such a great view. Open kitchen with chefs, Japanese or not, yelling orders in Japanese, and food flying out from the bench to hungry customers' plate. Japanese articles dotted merrily across the elegant and stylish dining area. Service was great too; attentive and very friendly.

I wish we had ordered the main courses, but it was clear that our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.

After a round or two of Asahi and choya umeshu, chicken karaage arrived on the table because it was the first one I spotted from the menu. Ridiculously crispy batter and juicy tender chicken, served with three different sauces and salsas, it was sure a great way to start the night.

And in my opinion, chicken karaage and Asahi should just get married already.

Chicken karaage - served with sauces and salsa ($17)

Brined pork belly robata looked and smelled as amazing as it tasted, fatty and succulent pork belly with braised daikon in the middle.

Brined pork belly robata ($12)

We thought sharing Chef's Selection Sushi Set was a good idea; we wasn't expecting it to be that filling. The colourful plate consisted of 10 different types of nigiri, classic thin roll, tamago as the 'dessert', escorted with a bowl of the most amazing miso soup I've ever tasted.

Although all of the raw seafood was fresh and did not leave any disturbing fishy smell or after taste, my pupils dilated to the smoked kingsfish. The tamago ended the medley with a sweet note, and have I told you it was the most amazing miso soup?

Chef selection sushi set - nigiri, sushi roll, tamago, miso soup ($47)

Between the miso caramel chocolate fondant and green tea kit kat, the guy chose the latter. It was his birthday so automatically I followed suit.

I have never been so surprised in my life. Before I met this picturesque dessert, my favourite green-tea based dessert is Chanoma's soft serve. And I am not a green tea liker, let alone lover.

I LOVED this one.

The layered dessert included Varlhona milk chocolate crunch, green tea ganache, and white chocolate mousse on the description, perfected by cubes and strip of raspberry jelly, a quanelle of earl grey ice cream and chocolate wafer.

It tasted like green tea kit kat but a hundred thousand times better. The green tea flavour was strong enough so any green tea devotee can't complain, but dimmed only so slightly by the creamy and sweet white chocolate mousse. The crunch gave another dimension for the texture play, contrasted the wiggly jelly, and the earl grey ice cream really couldn't get better than that. So creamy and fragrant, with vivid flavour.

Green tea kit kat ($?)

Drink wise, they have vast selection of it. From Japanese sweet choya umeshu (plum wine) to varieties of cocktails. My pink blossom was very appealing, with refreshing tangy notes and lovely sweet aftertaste while the Hattori Hanzo was the more interesting between the two, a concoction made of Bombay Sapphire gin, yuzu sake, jalapeno pepper, cucumber, elderflower & citrus, served with mishima (herby and salty) rim.

Fore: Pink Blossom (choya umeshu shaken with fresh passionfruit, strawberries & citrus, topped with cranberry juice - $18), back: Hattori Hanzo (Bombay Sapphire gin, Yuzu Sake, jalapeno pepper, cucumber, elderflower & citrus, served with a mishima rim - $18)

Overall it was a handsome dinner with remarkable ambiance. Next visit will see me ordering more food and not easily conquered by a sushi platter for sure. That's a promise.


Currency: $1 = IDR 9,600

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great Japanese food with awesome ambiance, service is great, price is reasonable on the higher end.



12 Argyle St
The Rocks
Sydney, NSW

Phone: (02) 6181 2661

Web: Saké

Saké Restaurant & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Oh man I soon want that pork belly robota! Actually, I want it all!! hahaha Been wanting to go here for ages! Your photos came out so well considering the fact that you said lighting was challenging.

  2. ohhhh i've always been so curious about this place. I love how the karaage chicken came with three diff sauces - gives it just a diff twist to the standard expectation.

  3. Whoah impressed that they make their own kitkat! And the pork belly robata sounds so darned good!


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