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Sokyo Ramen Pop-Up, The Star - Sydney

It's Sokyo, so it MUST be good, right?

Needles to say, expectations were high for these bowls of ramen from Chase Kojima's kitchen, along with his head chef Mai Tatekawa. Sokyo Ramen Pop-Up has been attracting curious Instagramers and all foodie alike, and we hungry bunch of ramen lovers head there on a Thursday night hoping it won't be too crowded.

With bright neon light and striking colourful cut-outs, the little stall is impossible to miss.

Sokyo Ramen Pop-Up

There were five of us so we went all in. Four ramens, one fried chicken, and two drinks.

Before I continue further, let me make a huge announcement: I am a Gumshara girl. I'm all about that thick, full-of-collagen soup with slightly hard noodles. I'm all about clogging my arteries, in other words.

Sokyo's ramen, on the contrast, is generally very tame. The broth is light, clean, and rather salty.

Kyoto shoyu ramen showcased it's umami goodness, the chicken-based broth played daintily against the backfat and pork cheek chashu which was heavenly tender. Unlike most ramen houses, they use pork cheek instead of pork belly.

Kyoto shoyu ramen (umami soy; chicken dashi with pork backfat and pork cheek chashu) - $15

I had my money on the gyokairui tonkatsu ramen as it has the threesome combination of pork, chicken, and seafood as the bases of the broth, but it was not as rich as I hoped it would be.

The noodles were cooked nicely, although many have complained about them being soft, I found no case of it here.

Gyokairui tonkotsu ramen (pork, seafood & chicken dashi with pork cheek chashu) - $16

The yuzu shio ramen was probably the most interesting, with transient linger of the tangy and fragrant yuzu. The broth has the essence of chicken and katsuoboshi (dried fish).

Yuzu shio ramen (chicken & katsuobushi dashi with yuzu and mixed green salad and pork cheek chashu) - $15

When all hope of stronger flavours almost seemed to vanish, spicy miso tantanmen gave a great breakthrough.

The vivid red broth is obtained from mixing spicy miso butter to pork and seafood dashi, topped with pork minced, tomato, and broccoli. It does not have a strong fiery kick and there is still a solid salty notes, but it sure packed more punch and excitement than its other siblings.

Spicy miso tantanmen (right corner) (pork & seafood dashi with miso and spicy pork mince) - $16

Now let us talk about Mai-san fried chicken.

Crunchy batter, succulent flesh, and tasty spicy aioli. It couldn't get better. Give me more.

Mai-san fried chicken - $9

A mention needs to be given to the watermelon juice which I absolutely adore although the rest of the group prefer the refreshing yuzu pop soda.

It may not be my bowl of ramen but I'm sure it's attracting its own fans. It's only here until the end of November you guys.


Currency: $1 = IDR 9,800

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Please note that the rating only reflects on the food and food only. 



Level G Darling at the Star
80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9657 9161

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