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Kefi Souvlaki Bar, Kingsgrove - Sydney

Easy and cheerful.
Pork gyro - $8

Let me introduce you to Kefi Souvlaki Bar. A petite place with minimal seating but offers maximum joy and satisfaction. The souvlaki place is right next to the tavern, where alcoholic drinks can be purchased.

This visit was done few months ago, and I still remember myself getting drunk over a bottle of Corona. Just ONE. The girls had to drag me to the car.

There must be something wrong that night. Surely I am not that bad in drinking.

... right?

Kefi, Kingsrove

Small and limited interior

Kefi is commanded by Chef David Tsirekas (ex Xanthi and ex Perama). The kitchen is paneled by glass, torturing hungry customers with spinning meat on the spit and grilled skewers while waiting for the order.

Right next to the counter is a fridge full of ice cream tubs, and we had such serious talk about should we or should we not get some as we already had 1L tub of Messina back home.

Meat on the spit

Skewers on the grill

They specializes in gyro (pronounce yee-ro), which refers to the grill meat on the spit that's served inside a pita bread with a party of onion, pickles, tomato, sauce, and many more. Here, fries/chips joined the fun inside the fluffy, smoky pita.



Gyro making

Among the four of us, we shared five gyros and a side of feta and oregano chips. The meal was filling and super enjoyable.

Feast of queens

The pork gyro (title picture) was pretty awesome with juicy and succulent pork surrounded by handfuls of salad, chips, and tangy tzatziki and creamy mayonnaise. The chicken version of it was no inferior either, with generous amount of tender shredded chicken.

Chicken gyro - $8

Pork belly baklava was the more interesting star of the night, with the show-stopping pork belly pieces complemented by crispy shatters of filo pastry. It did get a little bit too sweet after a few bites, but we still polished the tray clean.

I love how they put sauce in perfect amount, preventing the whole troupe to be dry without making it soggy.

Pork belly baklava - $9.5

Soft shell crab gyro option is there for those who love their seafood. Their fried seafood, to be exact. And that would be me.

It was my second favourite of the night, with crunchy shell of the crab contrasted by the sweet flesh. Combined with the fresh mixture of greens and pickles and slather of mayo inside the sturdy pita. Winner, winner.

Soft shell crab - $9.5

Talking about favourite, the Bifteki was the real highlight of the night for me. It was a mouthwatering festivity of lamb, beef, and pork mince cooked over the coals, served with shredded pickled red cabbage, carrots, and some sweet chilli tomato sauce, tzatziki and crushed pistachio.

It was an interesting crowd of contrasting texture, zingy hints from the pickles, and blasting flavours from the grilled meat, which had some fiery tinge. It was very flavorsome and truly mind-blowing.

Bifteki - $9.4

The addictive feta & oregano chips settled our carbs intake for the day. Very recommended; fragrant oregano does not go wrong with the salty feta and crunchy chips.

Feta & oregano chips

Most customers come with takeaway orders but take one of the seats there for utter enjoyment of eating gyro while watching the cars go by. Next time, I'm ordering the desserts!


Currency: $1 = IDR 11,000

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great and humble food, great service, price is reasonable, good and casual ambiance.



231 Kingsgrove Rd  
Kingsgrove, NSW 2208

Phone: 0403 669 663

Website: Kefi Greek Tavern
Facebook: Kefi Greek Tavern

Kefi Greek Tavern on Urbanspoon

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  1. I'm going again tomorrow, good stuff 'Rene!

  2. hehe ONE corona?? ive heard that pork belly baklava is the stuff dreams are made of

    1. I'm hopeless with alcohol, Suze. Hahaha. But the pork belly baklava; I can confirm!

  3. Why have I never been hear before?! I must visit :D

  4. Dear Irene,

    These gyros look freaking awesome! And I am a fan of David Tsirekas' food too.

    1. They're superb. Great for snacking or a meal itself, and a proper hungover food too, I can confirm!

  5. :o These look so gooood! Please take me with you next time LOL

    1. Oh, Anna. All you have to do first is to come home! :))

  6. I was cynical about the idea of a soft shell crab gyro but it's so good isn't it? And love finishing with a serve of loukoumades too!

    1. It is like my dream come true! I need to try the loukoumades next time!

  7. Shame that I am not in that area anymore but it looks delicious.

    Nat | Dignifiable

  8. I've been wanting to try their pork belly baklava!

  9. Yang chicken gyro sama Soft shell crab enak tuh kayanya ..
    Halahhh .. ngiler.. ngiler jadinya, hhi


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