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Belly Bao, Sydney CBD

Brace yourself. These baos are gonna rule the world.
Baonana split dessert bao - $6.5

They've run mine, that's for sure.

Belly Bao is not located at a fancy or sophisticated venue, but many have sworn for its wonders. It's the gua bao - Taiwanese steamed bun sandwiching various types of fillings - that put them into the spotlight.

Snuggled in the small club Good God, it will catch your eyes with colourful walls and menu list. Seating around is aplenty, and drinks can be grabbed from the bar.

Belly Bao in Good God


I was there with some hungry humans, and without any hesitation we had one bao each.

The baos (L - R): slow braised beef short rib ($6.5), slow braised pork belly ($6.5), crackling roast pork belly ($9)

The baos are incredible and bursting with flavour. Each one has its own wonderful distinctiveness, but the hero would be the fluffy white buns that act perfectly as a plain background to the flavorsome fillings, allowing them to show off their assets.

The sauces that they slather on each bun compliment each protein item nicely.

I can't really fault one.

The braised beef short rib has a subtle sting of kimchi with the tender meat.

The panko crumbed chicken breast which are surrounded with lettuce, pickled radish, coriander, coriander pesto and chilli aioli is a party of texture, with the crispy and succulent chicken against the soft bun.

The crispy tofu which has cucumber, crunchy peanuts, crunchy onions, coriander, chilli, and sticky sauce, although underestimated at first, does not disappoint with exciting flavours. Plus, it's the healthiest among the bunch, right?

Panko crumbed chicken breast - $6.5

My favourites of the night are the duo sisters of slow braised pork belly and crackling roast pork belly. Despite being biased of the appearance of the pork belly, these two really rock my night.

The former has a winning tenderness and a trike of fattiness from the super tender pork belly completed with the tangy pickled mustard greens, coriander, crushed peanuts and kewpie mayo, while the later makes the world stop for a while with the shattering sound of the crackling, with the pork belly that has equal brilliance.

The soft shell crab is also loved very much with satisfying ratio of the salty and crispy soft shell crab to the bun. The watercress fills our vegetable quota for the day.

.... right?

Soft shell crab - $7.5

Crispy tofu - $6.5

Do you think 6 baos will fill us up? Heck no.

So here comes crunchy fried chicken. YES BABY YES.

The glorious golden pieces of the hot chick are juicy, tender, and everything I dream of. They're scrumptious and quite orgasmic, if I can say so.

belly-bao-fried chicken
Half 'crunchy' fried chicken - $15

Yvonne had been keeping an eye on the sweet potato fries way before we came here and so it was the first thing she ordered. The orange logs are a wee bit floppy, aren't as crunchy as I hoped for, but still not short of delicious and addictive charms.

Sweet potato fries - $7

Dessert cannot be skipped and the two dessert baos were welcomed with glee when they hit the table. The excellence of the steamed bun is multiplied when it's fried until golden brown and acquires this thin layer of crunchiness on the outside.

My favourite goes to the Baonana Split, which has vanilla ice cream, banana, Nutella and crushed peanuts while some of us went almost frantic for the Strawbelly Bao with its fresh strawberry slices, vanilla ice cream, and condensed milk.

One is not enough. Two aren't enough. Get two each, at least.

Strawbelly bao - $6.5


BTW you guys. I am sorry that I have been kinda neglecting the blog for a bit. Life's quite hectic (it's an understatement) at the moment and I'm still figuring and arranging many things out and so blogging has to take a backseat for a while.

I'll try my best to keep a regular posting schedule, and I will finish my back log first before moving to the posts I'm looking forward to share: KOREA TRIP!!

So yeah, thanks lots for all the support and encouragement you guys!!


Currency: $1 = IDR 10,000

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great and fun ambiance, price is reasonable, great baos with really good fried chicken and other sides, service is friendly.



GOODGOD Small Club
53-55 Liverpool St  
Sydney, NSW 2000

Website: Belly Bao
Facebook Page: Belly Bao

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  1. Dear Irene,

    I find these baos fill me up too quickly and usually eat the filling without the bao :)

  2. Oh man!! I've been wanting to visit Belly Bao for ages! The baos look amazing but I wanna get mah hands on those fried chicken!

  3. I went to Belly Bao recently, and thought the sweet potato fries were the highlight! Maybe you got a less than ideal batch? I didn't get to try the dessert bao though - next time!


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