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ABODE Bistro Bar, Sydney CBD

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T-Bone steak, salad, and sweet potato fries from Abode Bistro Bar

Irene: So we had the pleasure to try new summer menu at ABODE Bistro, comprising of great quality meat and fresh seafood, cooked into sensational dishes by Chef Ryan Hong and his team.

I: How cool is the interior? The place emits such an elegant and sophisticated ambiance, decorated beautifully with dominating white shade.


Amy: Yes the summer menu, I’m very well aware that summer is almost over but hey never too late to talk about good food right? ABODE bistro is definitely a hidden gem, located at the PARKROYAL of Darling Harbour.

Let me take you on a virtual tour (dig out those imagination hats and put em’on!). Through the unassuming entrance, you get greeted with a garden party-esque section where there are balloon swings and faux grass, perfect place to people watching in my opinion. For those keen for a drink, head down to the bar, it is drinks heaven there with a wall full of alcohol, yes A WALL!

Table setting

Being the Asian I am, I skip past the drinks and head for the dining area, not before stopping to ogle at the open kitchen of course, simply furnished with overhead globe lamps, I think I’m in love. And the dining area? Another love story, the dining area is almost straight out of a fairy tale, predominantly white in tone with a sprinkling of copper for contrast, words can’t tell you how much I’m in love with the décor here.


Open kitchen (look, it's Chef Ryan Hong!)

I: The menu is innovative and focuses on fresh seasonal ingredients, adding twists to classics such as capriccio and lamb roast, and of course there is an extensive drinks menu, otherwise, where would all the alcohol go?

We started the night with some fruity and refreshing drinks, and while I chose Pimms o’clock (Pimms No.1, Cointreau, Campari with Seasonal Fruit) as soon as I saw it, Amy played it safe with her mystery cocktail.

 A: yeah I’m pretty boring, you should be glad I didn’t order lemon lime bitters :D

Pimms o'clock (Pimms No.1, Cointreau, Campari with seasonal fruit) - $20

I: Look, Pepe Saya butter! OMG OMG OMG.  

A: Oh Irene, you are forever so easily distracted. ( P.S. PEPESAYA is the BOMB!)

Bread and butter - $3

I: Not ordering salmon every time it appears on the menu is like a sin, terrible sin, for Amy. So no wonder we have King salmon with cucumber, smoked eel, dill, yuzu & soy gel on the table. It was a delicate plate with summery flavours that slap your tastebuds awake.

A: Oi, don’t judge! Salmon is my baby! Uhhh I mean my favourite food… The salmon was so fresh tho, it was hard to fault any aspect of the dish, the cucumber and yuzu gave it a nice little zing, definitely thumbs up from me.

King salmon with cucumber, smoked eel, dill, yuzu, soy gel - $18

I: Amy can have all the salmon she wants; I had my eye on the pork belly. Served with seared scallops and organic carrots, completed with an uber crispy wafer of crackling on top. So tender, juicy, and I swooned over the texture contrasts between the ingredients. More crackling would be my dream comes true.

A: would you like my pork belly Irene?

I: Gimme my meat.

A: Meat-ist.

Pork belly with seared scallops and organic carrots - $19

I: Their T-bone steak was one of the specials that day, and there was no way I can refuse a good piece of beef. It arrived on the table cooked more to medium rare instead of medium as requested, but with tasty juice and great seasoning, I’m not even gonna complain here. It did give my jaw a bit of an exercise, but not too much.

And how good were the sweet potato fries I had as a side, Amy?? So good I die.

Day special: T-Bone steak with sweet potato fries ($36)

A: That’s your workout of the day done Irene, see? No gym membership needed! Hooray! More money for food! I too do prefer my steak medium and less sinewy, but the sweet potato fries successfully distracted me. How good were the fries? Probably the best ones I’ve had yet. Crispy exterior, fluffy fluffy interiors and perfectly seasoned, I die too!

T-Bone steak

Sweet potato fries with aioli

A: While Irene was chowing down her steak, I opted for the lamb cutlet, bahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Ok, I’ll stop impersonating animals and behave myself. The lamb was cooked to perfection, still slightly pink in the centre, the only issues I had with it was it was a bit on the fatty side and was a bit too well seasoned, nothing a good forkful of salad couldn’t fix though. I wish I could cook lamb so perfectly at home though, tell me the secret chef!

Rack of lamb with smoked aubergine puree, crispy artichoke, and pressed ratatouille - $38

I: Dining with Amy will always involve some kind of salad. Or salmon dish. Or both. This time though, I’m glad she pointed her finger to the tangy and light radicchio & buffalo mozzarella salad.

A: Irene, when will you stop judging my salad habits? (I’m eating a cucumber as I type) I’m hoping by eating greens I can too develop 4 stomachs I’ve been told it works if you try hard enough. Try it Irene!

Radicchio and buffalo mozzarella salad with ruby grapefruit and chive lemon dressing - $18

I: By this time we were both regretting our decision to wear tight dresses. We were stuffed to the brim, our buttons felt like they can pop off anytime, but we still ordered two desserts. Priorities.

A: What tight dress? *unbuckles belt* Never turn down dessert, it is plain rude ok?

The dessert menu is also plentiful with choices so we asked the wait staff for some recommendations. After much hesitation, we opted for the opera cake with blood orange sorbet and the gorgeous sounding assorted berries. I personally preferred the assorted berries because it was a much needed refreshment after a heavy meal (I kid you not!) whereas the opera cake was a bit too rich and stodgy for our liking, even the blood orange sorbet couldn’t cut it.

Abode's opera cake (layers of almond sponge, chocolate ganache, espresso cream, blood orange sorbet) - $17

I: While we questioned the unusual pair of opera cake and blood orange sorbet, we enjoyed the lighter assorted berries with vanilla cream and elder flower jelly more. The later also scored more plus points in terms of presentation. It’s even prettier than Amy. And that’s a really, really strong statement.

A: I’m not sure if I appreciate you saying that Irene, at least my skin isn’t freckly like the berries…… 

Assorted berries, vanilla cream, elder flower - $16

I: So what’s your overall impression, Amy?

A: fantastic meal, great ambiance, perfect date night venue. So when is our next date?


Currency: $1 = IDR 10,000

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Good selections of menu, good and prompt service, ambiance is elegant and comfortable, price is reasonable.



Park Royal Hotel
150 Day St
Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9260 3170

Web: Abode Bistro Bar
Facebook: Abode Bistro

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  1. Space looks great! The pork belly dish looks sensational!

    1. Space is really cosy! Pork belly never goes wrong really :)

  2. only you would put up with me! <3

    1. I survived an overseas travel with you, remember?

  3. I want those sweet potato fries!!!

  4. How perfectly cooked is that rack of lamb! Yum!

    1. They surely know how to handle their rack! ;)

  5. Dear Amy,

    I think smoked aubergine puree is awesome with lamb but why is that radicchio salad precariously perched on the window seal?

    1. LOL, Irene I meant. Amy distracted me.

    2. LOL Amy is always distracting. :p
      We put it there because we were running of table space and wanted to take proper picture of it hahaha

  6. The salmon looks good! But I hate cucumber :(


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