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Cuckoo Callay, Newtown - Sydney

Blink and you'll miss it.
Best.Chips.Ever from Cuckoo Allay

But this one, my friend, you do not want to miss. Cuckoo Callay is the chic little café nestled snuggly literally 10 steps away from the ticket gate of Newtown train station, and with little signage, it is rather easy to miss. But now that you've read this post, I hope you will not walk past this place without at least declaring that you will have to try their food soon.

Cuckoo Allay's exterior

Their outdoor seating is super lovely. Especially with some sunshine and cool breezes. The seating is minimally adorned but they look casual, unique, and pleasing to the eye.

The interior isn't inferior. If anything, some may say it looks better than the exterior with all the pretty lights and more organized couches, chairs, and tables. Just over the corner there are the open kitchen, counter, and the glass cabinet full of baked goodness.


Seating & counter

I was joined by hyped food bloggers and food enthusiasts alike on a gorgeous day, savouring 10 items from their new summer menu.


For the drinks, I was tossing up between the milkshakes and the juices, but the fat Irene won and went for the salted caramel milkshake in the end. Probably one of the best decisions in my life. Not too thick to make it taste like custard, but so moreish with the salty-sweet combo. The PB & J milkshake had such strong peanut hint, which made me stick with mine.

R - L: salted caramel milkshake, PB & J milkshake

We started off with something vegan-friendly, the pretty bowl of Birdy Nom Nom. I am not a big fan of quinoa but this one was superb. I didn't know quinoa pairs well with coconut! And the mango slices were lovely, with interesting candy-like blood orange marmalade on top.

Birdy Nom Nom - coconut quinoa and date bircher served with fresh mango and house made blood orange marmalade ($15)

Why is it called Cinderella's Breakfast?

It's the pumpkin, you see.

Cuckoo Callay seems to have a way to cook my least favourite ingredients. Pumpkin isn't included in the list of food that excites me, but the sweet and dense fritter made a way to my heart. Especially with the ribbons of tasty cured salmon and sexy poached egg!

Cinderella's Breakfast - pumpkin fritters, house cured salmon, poached egg, house made basil pesto and fresh heirloom tomatoes ($17)

The duck sausage on the plate of Bubbles that Squeak was a highlight for me. Supplied by Black Forest Smokehouse in Marrickville, it was very flavoursome with interesting herb-y traces here and there. The pattie itself was solid and quite filling.

Bubbles that Squeak - a bubble and squeak pattie served with duck sausage, house made chilli chutney and a poached egg ($18)

And I am so impressed with the eggs. Perfect poached egg with super sexy runny yolk each time, everytime. Respect.

Egg porn!

Speedy Gonzalez was more of a bare-hand kind of situation, which made it fun to eat. I steered away from the avocado and stole some fiery chorizo instead.

Yes, I don't like avocado. And pumpkin. And eggplant. And oyster. And no, I'm not a picky eater.

Speedy Gonzalez - two breakfast burritos with chorizo, turtle bean relish, fried eggs, marinated avocado, sour cream & chive dressing ($18)

Beeting the Sheep sounded a bit controversial but the fact that I enjoyed eating lamb (which is really unusual for me) was more controversial to me. The paper-thin, crispy pastry made it feel like eating spring rolls, with tender slow cooked lamb hiding inside.

Beeting the Sheep - slow cooked lamb in pastry served with goats turd, toasted pine nuts, pickled beetroot, radish and snow-pea tendrils salad ($19)

Dr Salmon sure loves his summer because the entire plate screamed summer to me. Each parts fit together very well, and the tangy dressing with citrus cured salmon just enhanced the refreshing effect of this dish.

Bring on summer!

Dr Salmon - citrus cured salmon, black quinoa, avocado, fennel, blood orange, French radish and snow-pea tendrils with a lime & ginger dressing ($19)

These are not your typical chips. Shaped and sized more like jenga blocks, each log of the Best.Chips. Ever guaranteed satisfaction but also induced greed. Although it wasn't as crunchy as I had hoped, sharing was a big challenge on this one.

Best.Chips.Ever - triple cooked chips with aioli ($9)

By this point I was holding my stomach and panting because I was so full. I only managed to get one bite of Mother Ducker but it was one hell of a mouthful. The flavours were great, and the tender duck won me.

Mother Ducker - pulled duck, sauteed potatoes, green lentils, shallots, shaved asparagus, poached egg and chilli jam ($22)

Snowman in Summer offered manifold textures from all of the ingredients, and the dressing just made it very easy to consume, especially in a warm day of summer.

Snowman in Summer - marinated Dutch carrot salad with blanched kale, avocado, toasted pepitas and lemon yogurt dressing ($16)

Having to leave early, I left before meeting Berets, Stars & Stripes (brioche French toast with maple bacon, peanut caramel, whipped ricotta, cornflakes and maple syrup). Just another reason for me to come back.

And BTW, who says only humans can enjoy their meal at Cuckoo Callay? Just ask Ziggy, I think he thoroughly enjoyed his treats and Pupachino.

Ziggy and his Pupachino ($3)

Overall, I think Cuckoo Callay has successfully morphed boring breakfast items into something that's exciting and satisfying. Each ingredients play significant part in every dish, either for texture, flavour, or visual.

So that's why, people, you don't wanna miss Cuckoo Callay.


Currency: $1 = IDR 10,800

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Great dishes with amazing presentation, price is really reasonable, service is top notch, ambiance is casual and comfy.

Irene's Getting Fat! and guest attended Summer Menu tasting at Cuckoo Callay courtesy of Cuckoo Callay and Wasamedia (Alana). Thank you very much! However, all opinions are purely based on my personal taste.



Newtown Train Station
Newtown, NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 9557 7006

Facebook: Cuckoo Allay

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  1. The size of those chips might make some dudes insecure....not me but still.

  2. How cute was Ziggy drinking his pupachino?! :D

  3. Hehe love the names of their dishes! Their pulled duck is sooo good :)

    1. It's so good, I agree! Fresh, tender, no weird smell whatsoever!

  4. So many quirky names! lol. All I want is the best ever chips though :P

    1. Me too! We got our priorities right, yeah? :)

  5. Replies
    1. Even more famous than you are, Mr Charn.

  6. tried Cuckoo Callay for the first time today. those chips were so damn good!


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