Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Cherry Picking in Orange and Merry Christmas 2014!

I can tell you 1001 reasons why December is the best month of the year.
Fresh cherries!

Who's with me?

So first of all, the fruits. Cherries, mangoes, berries, nectarines, plums, pineapples; they make my life brighter, really. Picking my own cherries straight from the trees had been included in my bucket list since forever, but only this year I got a chance.

Two pretty foodies came with me and we sure did so much fun. Thornbrook Orchard was the destination of that day, and although we had to spend 4 hours getting DVT on a bus, it didn't dampen our spirit to pick our cherries.

The weather teased us with some hailing rain but we braved the drizzles and got quite soaked. Didn't matter; the cherries were amazing. We regretted our decision to have lunch first and ended up foraging for larger cherries which became really rare. Other visitors got them first before us and we had to work hard and climb the trees and use crates to get decent haul of cherries!

Thornbrook Orchard, Orange





I mean, look at this lady's. How the heck did she get a full bucket of cherries??

Bucketful of cherries


Oh hi Amy!

Because being classy is so overrated, right?

We ended up taking home approximately 2 kgs of cherries each, and they were really good. The ruby jewels were juicy, mostly sweet, and undoubtedly addictive. My aunt, on the other hand, with some help of the owner, brought 17 kgs of cherries home.

17 kgs. 

I mean, who would eat cherries that much??

Needless to say, I had cherries for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper for a couple of days.


The orchard also has some apricot and peach trees, which we also had fun exploring, but the fruits were still quite young and thus crunchy and not that sweet.

Apricot trees



Peach trees

Fresh peach

Overall, the experience was such a good one and definitely a highlight of the year for me. Next time, I'm dragging the owner to show me the best trees with the plumpest fruits!


Coming back to the first statement about why December is such a fabulous month, it is of course because of Christmas. Sydney probably is one of the best place on earth to spend Christmas in, and the decorations and landmarks around the town are impressive.

The city had undergone a horrible and absolutely disgusting event currently, but thankfully the spirit and mood of Christmas still present strongly. Apart from the gorgeous flowers memorial in Martin Place (which sadly has been swiped clean), the Christmas Trees (especially the Lego one in Westfield) and houses adorned heavily with beautiful lights and ornaments have made this city's Christmas seem magical. They're scattered all around town and it's a good idea to drive around and maybe take selfies!

Awesome Christmas decoration in Campsie

Merry Christmas!

So, final words. Merry Christmas, everyone! Eat lots, be merry, and enjoy ripping the wrappers of the gifts!

Have a great and safe holidays, y'all!



39 Nashdale Lane
Nashdale, Orange, NSW

Phone: 0428 653 145

Facebook Page: Thornbrook Orchard

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  1. 17 kg, holy moly! Hope you have a lovely Chrismtas, Irene!

    1. I sure did. I hope you did too, Emily! :)

  2. I love fruit picking, wish I did it more often! I reckon fruit always tastes better when you pick them yourself from the tree. Summer is the best for fruit: cherries and mangoes are my fave! Hope you had a great xmas Irene :)

    1. Couldn't agree more. The heat is killing me but it makes all the awesome fruits grow! I sure did, I hope you did too and happy new year! :))

  3. I love the fruits around this time of year! I buy trays of mangoes, boxes of cherries, and just overindulge in delicious fruit every night!


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