Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 Recap - Welcome, 2015!

What a year!

What a year, indeed.

This post is gonna sound like a rant, but please bear with me. I wish I could say that 2014 has been a really amazing, wonderful year. I wish I could say 2014 is all about unicorns, rainbows, and tender beef brisket.

It is not.

I've lost count on how many times I have sighed this year. I know people would say happiness is your choice bla bla bla but it's so effing hard to keep a positive attitude this year for me. Rejections and disappointment are basically the theme for this year. The events surrounding Sydney and the rest of the world also add up to my frustration, sometimes I even wonder why I still have faith in humanity.

OK, enough with the pity-party. Of course I had fun too! Finished and graduated from uni, met and got close to super brilliant people, got out of an unhealthy and non-beneficial relationship, then tried exciting new things I would have never thought to do before. There are still a few things to cross from the bucket list but I'm confident I can go through every single one.

Blog wise, there haven't been too much tweaking except for the new banner pic (do you guys like it?), and getting my own domain (thanks, Isaac!), which is very exciting, and I'm looking forward to do more stuff next year. I also did a collaboration post for the first time with the fabulous Amy from Milkteaxx. Watch this space for more to come next year!

I have not been blogging as regular as before, and I even took a few months off blogging at the start of 2014. With such a hectic and mentally and physically draining year, I couldn't help it, really.

But of course I still am getting fat! Please, the blog name exists for a reason. I only did one recipe this year and it's the super easy and delicious nama chocolate. Mix and freeze, it's like you can do it while sleeping.

Nama chocolate

In terms of food trends, I think burgers and steak/meat are taking Sydney by storm. Everyone's been talking about the Burger Project and Mary's CBD, but I am yet to try either! My priority would be Mary's, of course. Also prioritized on the to-go list are Devon on Danks, Yasaka Ramen, and Gigi's.

Mary's cheeseburger

I noticed I have been eating lots of meat and steak this year. I have not made posts out of some of them but you'll hear me raving about them on the blog next year for sure!

Vic's Meat Market picanha (post to come)

Cho Cho San's soy glazed wagyu

LP's Quality Meats feast

Momofuku Ssam Bar's hanger steak

Papi Chulo's BBQ platter

Oxford Tavern's BBQ feast (post to come)

This year's foodie highlight from me include the sophisticated degustation at Sepia, mind-blowing Ssäm Bar at Momofuku Seiōbo, Wonderbao at Night Noodle Market 2014, and of course, Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic 2014.

Sepia's Japanese stones

Wonderbao gua baos


Knafeh has also been praised loudly this year, and I'd more than happy to join the queue anytime. Bourke Street Bakery's tarts and other goodies are still held really dearly in my heart, along with Pho Tau Bay's pho which I declare the best pho I have ever tasted in Sydney so far. Post to come. Some festivities were experienced this year, such as Sculpture by the Sea, where I enjoyed great feed from The Grounds by the Sea, and this year I had my first peek of Chinatown Night Market.


Bourke Street Bakery's chocolate ganache tart

Pho Tau Bay's pho dac biet (post to come)

The Grounds by the Sea's smoothies

Fried seafood at Chinatown Night Market

The food hiccup of the year is probably a date night at Beauty and the Beast. Although I quite enjoyed it, my decision to dine at the restaurant was criticized strongly by fellow food bloggers, and the little guy I went with ended up getting traumatized by Korean cuisine since that night. Whoops.

Beauty & the Beast's beef ribs stew

My Instagram feed has also been updated regularly, I really love that soc med! Food adventures that I don't get to post I put on Instagram.

Red Pepper's fried chicken

The tiring yet interesting year is finished with some great trips and meals with incredibly pretty and inspiring food bloggers, and also Christmas celebration with the big family involving fun BBQ session and fights over Gelato Messina's Bombe Alaska.

Cherry picking in Orange

Jelly wrestle from Oxford Tavern

Family's Christmas BBQ

Gelato Messina's Bombe Alaska

Like I have always said every year, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for your support and and encouragements to me and the blog this year. It means the world to me and you guys have certainly made my days.

2014 may be an exhausting and challenging year, but it didn't manage to kill me. So, happy new year! Bring on 2015!


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  1. always inspired by your blog
    hope the best 4u in the coming year :)

    1. Oh why thanks so much! Your comment made my day. Thanks for the support, all the best to you too, whoever and wherever you are!

  2. So much deliciousness! Happy New Year, Irene, and here's to 2015 bringing forth more incredible eats!

    1. Cheers to that, Helen! Happy New Year to you too! :))

  3. so much food! and LOVE that meat platter from oxford tavern, one of my favs!

    1. It's legit mine too since that day! Happy New Year, Shanshan!

  4. 2014 has been a challenging year for me too. Let's do different things in the hope of a better 2015. Happy new year Irene! :)

    1. Hell yeah. 2015 will be awesome for us, Ivy! Happy New Year!

  5. Wah, reading the first few paragraphs actually feels like you're writing my heart out :o Happy new year Irene! Let's hope for better 2015 :D :D

    1. I'm sorry that 2014 hadn't been too fun for you too! Cheers for much better 2015, yeah? Happy New Year, Nat!

  6. so much delicious adventures! this year has been a tough one for me too. wishing you all the best with even more foodie memories in 2015!

    1. Right back at you, Annie! Happy New Year! :))

  7. Happy new year 2014, Irene! There seems to be an over-representation of meat and fried chicken in your recap , don't blame you though! :P

    1. This reply is so late, I'm sorry! But happy new year to you too, Chris! Cheers to more fried chicken & meat!

  8. Ireneeee lovely pics as always!! Let 2015 be a year with even more good food xx

  9. Here's to 2015, and a brighter and better year ahead for you!

  10. Wonderful post, Irene, despite the downfalls. But what is life without some hiccups! To a bigger and better 2015!

    1. Well said, Em! Cheers to better and more delicious year!


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