Sunday, 2 November 2014

Trio, Bondi Beach - Sydney

How pretty are Sydney's beaches?
Smoked salmon bruschetta and eye fillet steak sandwich from Trio

Bondi is no exception. It, however, makes me really conscious about my too-much-ice-cream body. But you know, it's me we're talking about. After envying multiple beach-ready bodies, I declared I need to watch what I am eating and eat lighter.

Nek minnit: this happened.

Finding a place to eat isn't hard at all in Bondi. The vicinity is jam-packed by dozens of restaurants, cafés and small eateries alike. Finding good ones, though, is an entirely different matter. We don't want to get lured by franchises and rip-off fish and chips, do we?

So Trio, after reading good reviews and recommendations about it, seemed to be the perfect place to go on a sunny, warm, and windy afternoon.

Trio, Bondi Beach

It was only a bit after 12 and the place was packed to the brim with patrons. The turnover was pleasantly quick, though, and although we were told that it might be a 30 minutes wait, we secured a table outside within 5 minutes. I didn't get a proper look at the interior but I spied casual and comfortable setting with warm ambiance and energetic atmosphere.

Interior seating

We skipped the juices on the menu and went straight to the brunch dishes.

Table water

The smoked salmon bruschetta arrived in dazzling colours. It was presented nicely with a bed of huge, crusty sourdough, topped with smooth slivers of smoked salmon that blanketed four asparagus twigs. On each side was half of well-cooked boiled egg.

Smoked salmon bruschetta (with grilled asparagus, dill creme fraiche, roquette and boiled egg) - $21

A squeeze of the lemon enlivened the whole plate but my date reckoned the dish would be better with less sourness. I actually don't mind it, as it freshened the palate and brought more wonders to the salmon's flavour itself. The smokey hint, however, was too subtle to my liking.


Still a good dish. Especially if you managed to pinch the lovely egg for yourself.

Great boiled egg

I was tempted by many other dishes like the omelet, breakfast burrito and many more, but the mention of bacon jam thrilled me more than the others.

Cue the entrance of the hefty plate of eye fillet steak sandwich.

Eye fillet steak sandwich (with bacon jam, cheddar, cos lettuce, tomato & cafe de paris butter with kifler home fries) - $26

Where should I start?

The two slices of sourdough were topped with different component. One with melty cheddar with tomato and two slices of the steak. The steak wasn't ginormous but I'm happy with their size as I wouldn't be able to finish it had they given bigger ones. They were slightly chewy and sinewy but cooked really well and juicy as hell.

The butter melted like there's no tomorrow and it was one share of really flavorsome butter.

You butter believe that this sandwich is amazing.

But then there was the bacon jam. It was packed handsomely with mini chunks of bacon, spread evenly on the bread. The sweetness dominated but it still didn't take away its glory.

The kifler potatoes and salad on the side with simple dressing of balsamic vinegar were great bannermen and marched alongside the main stars in a great fashion.

Bacon jam. BACON JAM.

Screw the beach body, I want bacon jam in my life. I got my priorities right.


Currency: $1 = IDR 11,000

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Great and prompt service, ambiance is nice and casual, price is rather reasonable, and BACON JAM you guys.



56 Campbell Pde
Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Phone: (02) 9365 6044

Web: Trio

Trio on Urbanspoon

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  1. 3.5???? 3.5???!!!! I OBJECT! Hahaha, now you got me craving their breakfast burrito...

  2. Whoah that eye fillet steak sambo looks awesome. Helloooo bacon jam!

    1. It was really good. Bacon jam makes everything even better!

  3. BACON JAM - why is this not in my life?!

    I read this great quote once about how to get a "bikini body", and the answer was "put a bikini on". In the same way, I would say the best way to get a "beach ready" body is to go to the beach...and bugger what anyone thinks!

    1. LOL I like that! I'll make that my motto from now on! :))

  4. Replies
    1. Well I like you. That's how refined my tastes are ;)

    2. im not sure if that is a compliment.....

  5. Dear Irene,

    I won't enjoy a chewy and sinewy steak and being eye fillet, it really shouldn't be so. But I love cafe de Paris butter on a good rib eye.

    1. But it was really good! Chewy in a good way. Juicy as well.

  6. I agree, Sydney really does have some amazing beaches. I kind of take this for granted, we really are lucky to be living here.

    That smoked salmon bruschetta looks pretty amazing too!

    1. Agreed to that, my friend! It was great, but I like my bacon jam more!

  7. bacon jam?! woooaaaahhh. bondi beach does have plenty of options for cafes, restaurants and bars :)

    1. Yeesssss. I know right, and apparently there are some amazing hidden gems too!

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