Thursday, 27 November 2014

Mary's, Newtown - Sydney

Newtown just won't stop mesmerizing me.
Mary's burgers, chips, and fried chicken

A line up of great restaurants and hip cafes, plus some really cool shops and stores full of treasures, and then there's Mary's.

Oh, Mary's.

I've heard 1001 good words about it, but also 1001 bad words about it. Well then, there was no other way to prove anything if I didn't try it for myself, right? And so I joined some fabulous food bloggers stepping in to the very vague, unique, and easily missed entry of the restaurant/bar.

Mary's entry with minimal signage

Once inside, gone are all the lights and sunshine. Instead, it's a (very) dimmed-lighted environment that somehow brings out some level of coziness. Mary's has a typical pub setting with two-storeys seating, decorated kinkily with random words and graffiti. No printed menu, just look over your shoulder for the black boards listing all their food and drinks menu. The later is like four times as long as the former.


Truth be told, apart from the deafening music, I quite like the atmosphere within. And oh, if you want drinks & table service, go upstairs. Also, check out their taps. I tried Young Henry's and loved it.


The very dark setting makes it hard to get proper pictures, so pardon these ones.

Mary's burger is no typical burger. Even the pattie has gone through a scientific scrutiny, using the ratio of 'two parts chuck to one part each of brisket and rump' to obtain maximum satisfaction in terms of the flavour and the texture. Every burger order comes with a generous serve of those thin yet dangerously addictive chips.


I finally wrapped my hands around the much-talked cheeseburger, and my first bite tasted like everything I love blended into one. No seriously, I didn't know this kind of burger exists.

The soft, sweet bun that is slightly squished but still does the job well holding all the good stuff inside. The juicy pattie that is cooked into perfection. The mixture of the melted cheese, pickles, and whatever sauce they put in that swirls comfortably around the tongue. And of course, the trashcan bacon (bacon smoked in unused trash can, literally). Nothing can go wrong with some bacon.

Cheeseburger ($14) with trashcan bacon ($4)

The boys, however, reckoned that the Mary's burger that has some veggies in it is much better. Next time, for sure.

[EDIT 7/12/14] So I tried Mary's burger, plus trashcan bacon, and it is equally mindblowing as the cheeseburger. The tangy tomato and lettuce neutralized the rich flavour from the pattie, cheese, and bacon, creating a perfect balance. And the mushroom burger is probably the best vegan burger I've ever tasted.

Mary's burger ($14)

Mary's menu only consists of two main things: burger and fried chicken. Of course, we covered everything.

The fried chicken is more tanned than your usual fried chicken, but every bite is accompanied by ear-shattering crunch melody that is so satisfying. The batter isn't too thick, enveloping the tender and succulent pieces of chicken perfectly. There's some hot sauce if you are game, but I find that the batter already has some spicy hints that tickle the tongue.

Half bird fried chicken ($16)

I don't even think I need to describe how amazing this mash & gravy is. Best mash I've ever tried and I doubt there will be any competition.

This mash & gravy can stop a war if it wants to, I reckon. That's how good it is.

Mash & gravy ($5)

Just a quick tip: dip the fries, and even the fried chicken, into the mash & gravy. You will not be disappointed.


From now on, I'll be the one saying the 1002nd good word about Mary's.


Currency: $1 = IDR 10,800

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
EHMAGERD the cheeseburger. And the mash & gravy. Price is OK, service is good, ambiance is bar-like with super loud music. Great for a night out, but maybe not for a quiet, romantic date.



6 Mary St
Newtown, NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 4995 9550

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  1. This is one of those places that I've heard so much about but just haven't made my way to. The cheeseburger sounds amazing!

    1. There's one new branch in CBD, let's check it out together? :)

  2. omg!! I've only tried their cheeseburger now I REALLY want to have their mash mmm :P

    1. Feli. The mash is unlike anything you've ever tasted. Legit comes from heaven.

  3. The mash is so awesome isn't it! Love everything here - the fried chicken and the burgers!

    1. Same! I just love everything here. So simple but so good!

  4. I would definitely be back for the mash and chicken, the burgers were not for me, but they're good burgers :)

    1. I'd go back even for just the mash..... Haha.

  5. definitely one of my fave burger joints in Sydney :D. the fried chicken and mash are superb too!

  6. I find Mary's a little bit too loud for my liking sometimes (getting old!), but you really can't go past the soft delicious burgers!

    1. Oh same here! Hahaha. But yeah the burgers are definitely worth the deafness!


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