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Ippudo, Central Park - Chippendale

Great ramen, only a (very short) walk away from uni.
Ippudo's miso tonkotsu

This is probably one of the best news I've heard this year. It's almost like Christmas comes sooner.

By now you've all probably heard the news that Ippudo opens another door at Central Park, Chippendale. Just across UTS, this branch is easily available to students and those who work around the vicinity.

Ippudo, Central Park


The setting and decoration are very similar to its mother branch in Westfield, dominated with black and red, emitting strong personality without being intimidating. It's elegant, sophisticated, and still really comfortable. Whether you go with a date or a group of friends, the ambiance will suit either.



Our first step into the restaurant was welcomed by harmonious shout of 'irrashaimase' (welcome in Japanese) and our last step out was appreciated with another warming roar of 'arigato' (thank you in japanese).


Wall of spoons

We started with obligatory order of pork bun. Although I remember the pork belly slice to be bigger, it still had all the excellence on every part: melting pork belly, pillowy bun, tasty sauce.

Pork bun - $4

It was my first time trying Ippudo's gyoza and it sure didn't disappoint. Thin and crispy skin enclosing delectable and juicy pork mince inside. Perfect with the salt served on the side.

Gyoza (5 pieces) - $6

Now that we were teased enough, here came the main stars.

Ramen is served!

Miso tonkotsu may make you raise your eyebrows with its price tag, but you get what you pay for. Twice the toppings, double the satisfaction.

The broth is made from long-simmered pork bones, and this one's spiked with some red miso that enhance the lovely umami thrill. Included in the bowl were some corn, bamboo shoot, scallion, cabbage, bean sprouts, and the climaxing pork belly.

Miso tonkotsu special - $25

What do you expect? It's Ippudo; of course it ticked the right checklist.

Lip-smacking delightful broth with the creamy, profound tonkotsu flavour without inducing any nausea from any weird smell whatsoever. The noodles were cooked to perfection with our request of 'medium' hardness.

Up and close with the toppings

Extra toppings on the side had the roasted seaweed I've always loved, with some black mushrooms, more melt-in-your-mouth chashu, and of course, the tamago (flavoured egg).

Another serving of topping

I mean..

I just can't..

Too sexy I die.


Akamaru chashu had a ball of 'special blended' miso paste and some splashes of aromatic garlic oil. We were told to try the broth without mixing them together first, and so we did. The milky broth had more porky deliciousness than my miso tonkotsu, and hence boosted my love to this bowl. After some stirring, the miso paste and garlic oil added some more depth and excitement on every sip.

Ippudo's broth is generally less thick and intense than Gumshara's or Ikkyu's, and those who don't like the thick ramen broth may find themselves swooning over this.

Akamaru chashu - $21

This bowl had more chashu slices than the original akamaru shinaji, and this fact made me develop such euphoria. More chashu = more happiness.

Hakata-style ultra-thin noodles that only need short cooking time were invented to satisfy the busy Hakata crowd, and I find them lovely with pleasing bouncy bite on every strand.

Them noodles

Last words: keep calm and eat ramen.


P. S. Check out this Ippudo Central Park video. I know it's an ads or whatever but I love it. I think you will too.


Currency: $1 = IDR 11,000

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great ramen with varied options, price is slightly high-end, ambiance is really comfortable and casual, service is top notch.

Irene's Getting Fat! and guest attended Ippudo courtesy of Narisa Asato (SD Marketing) and Ippudo Sydney. Thank you very much! However, all opinions are purely based on my personal taste.



Central Park LG, RB07
28 Broadway, Chippendale
NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 8078 7020

Web: Ippudo
Facebook: Ippudo Sydney

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  1. Ooo that egg man!
    I can't wait to try Ippudo when I go to Japan next week :D

    1. Oh, so jelly! I bet the ramen in Japan is a thousand times better!

  2. That pork bun though! Still can't believe I didn't get to try it when i visited :(

    1. Really? What a shame. But it's good, totally worth the try.

  3. pork bun and egg porn, im sold. and i like the segue at the end, nice work :D

    1. Let's go for a date night sometime? And thanks, my lovely! :)

  4. You are so lucky to be a UTS student! You have Ippudo, Anita Gelato and Autolyse just across the road. That chashu! Melts in mouth :9

    1. Can't agree more. UTS students' are spoilt for choice. DEM CHASHU! :))

  5. Keep calm and eat ramen! I like that. :D Great looking place and food, and photos too. That egg is heaven - yum!

    1. The egg just took my breath away. Super good. And thanks for the compliment, Padaek! :)

  6. I love ramen and I think it's great that you found a new ramen place. The gooey egg looks delectable.

    1. Ippudo is also at Westfield City, which makes it convenient! And yes, the egg is like heaven-sent.

  7. That egg :O:O:O<3<3<3 Your photos look incredible, Irene!

    1. Massive love! And thanks heaps, Emily! :)

  8. Ippudo's one of my favourite places for ramen, so great to hear that they've opened up another branch!


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