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Marrickville Pork Roll, Marrickville - Sydney

Best pork roll?
Trio of rolls from Marrickville Pork Roll

Yes, I can confirm.

I don't think I need to describe the place here, the popularity of Marrickville Pork Roll is already bigger than your ex's ego. This is a classic example of the phrase 'good things come in small size'. Only about 10 mins from Marrickville train station, the place may be small but it sure is designed effectively with bright red to catch passerby's attention.

Marrickville Pork Roll, Marrickville

There is not enough space for more than 5 customers inside, the place is crammed with their big ovens, mountains of freshly made bread rolls, and peaks of colourful ingredients.

Fresh bread rolls

Ingredients piling up

In peak times, the queue outside is not something you should joke about. That's why timing and fast service are the key here. The ladies behind the counter are too aware of this fact, as they fill and squish the bread rolls full of chosen fillings with a remarkable, machine-like speed and precision.

Assembling action

Three bread rolls were taken to uni in order to take proper pictures of them that day. And why three, you ask? Research purposes, of course.

Let's start with the king.

The pork roll (banh mi thit cha) does not appear sophisticated or elegant, but it sure is a luxury. That fresh bread roll with crackling sound from the crust yet pillowy innards, filled to the brim with beautiful pattern of colourful vegetables and pork slices until it can no longer shut its mouth.

Banh mi thit cha (pork roll) - $4.5

Don't forget the generous slather of mayo and pate, and a bit of fish sauce drizzle. The pate isn't too strong to trigger my aversion to it, it's just enough to get the exciting flavour flow running. The vegetables are crunchy, fresh, and tangy in some parts. The ratio of the tender meat slices is incredibly satisfying too.

I have crowned this one as the best pork roll I have ever had so far.

Pork roll innards

I'm sorry, Marrickville Pork Roll enthusiasts, the crowning stops right there.

The BBQ pork roll (banh mi nem nuong) is extraordinarily virtuous, and there is no lack of flavour or texture play whatsoever. The red, subtly fatty BBQ pork has alternating notes of sweet and savoury, creating a gorgeous harmony with all of those fresh vegetables.


Banh mi nem nuong (BBQ pork roll) - $4.5

My favourite is still the one from Kim Thanh Company in Cabramatta. Sorry you guys.

But still, the dripping juices from the magnificent bread roll would be extremely hard to resist. Talking about the juice, let me just point another brownie point for the bread itself. It's not too permeable to make it taste like a wet tissue (not that I've eaten a wet tissue), it handles the damp ingredients well without making too much mess.

Great bread & filling ratio

Being the last tried, it doesn't mean that the chicken roll (banh mi thit ga) is the step sister of the previous two. The shredded creamy chicken is given in abundance, although in the picture it just looks like a handful of greens. It is NOT.

Banh mi thit ga (chicken roll) - $5

These bread rolls are so popular they probably have their own cult. I'm surprised I haven't seen any Facebook page dedicated to these popular Vietnamese street food yet.

In terms of crowning this place as the 'best', of course it's all subjective. But for me, next time somebody ask me where the best pork roll is, I will answer it even before they finish the question.


Currency: $1 = IDR 10,500



236a Illawarra Rd
Sydney, NSW 2204

Phone: 0411 167 169

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  1. Dear Irene,

    Only two weeks ago, I lost my Marrickville pork roll virginity. I have never been a real fan because the hard crusty bun always makes the top of my palate and lips to bleed (no pun intended).

    Personally, I'm at odds with the combined taste of raw cucumber, pickled carrot, raw meat, pate and fish sauce.

    My earliest memory of a beautiful hot dog remains my favourite because it's my first love and still the dearest to my heart.

    1. Really, ChopindandMysaucepan? I found them really nice. Oh well, it's personal taste anyway, right? But the hot dog looks great!

  2. Hi Irene,

    I heard good things about the pork roll in Marrickville but I am always stuck with the Mascot one (Hoang Ha). Have you ever compared the two?

    Ardi | All About Food Blog

    1. Hi Ardi, you should try it! The pork roll is beyond awesome. I haven't tried Hong Ha but really keen to do so!

  3. So far the best for me as well. I find the bread to be a bit crusty - a risk of cutting your lips, but overall an exceptional roll.

    Would be interesting to compare it with the one at Hong Ha!

    1. Agreed. I don't mind having a bit of cut as long as the flavour explosions present. I know right, I just need enough time to try the rival!

  4. ermahgerd mega banh mi craving now!! i can never resist ordering extra tubs of pate and mayo to take home

    1. You can do that?? I never knew we could! Hahahaha.

  5. Your post makes me feeling like getting a banh mi now! Have to try the one in Cabra :)

    1. The Cabra is so good. It defeats Marrickville's BBQ pork roll for me. And super close to home too!

  6. Now I need to get banh mi for lunch to satisfy the craving I have now because I am reading your post. Unfortunately there isn't anything in the CBD that compares. No rating? I always look forward to the ratings you give places lol

    1. I hope the craving's satisfied by now? :)
      The rating is only given for like restaurant reviews, I don't take this as one haha. But definitely recommended!

  7. That bread looks so crunchy and delicious, and love how generously they fill it! Your photos are brilliant btw :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Totally. The inside was so full!
      Nawww thanks a lot, Guru Uru! :)

  8. Mmmm u cant go wong with a pork roll! ;)

    1. Certainly can't! It would be wong not to have a pork roll! ;)


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