Sunday, 14 September 2014

LP's Quality Meats, Chippendale - Sydney

Protein is good for our body.
Meat, mashed potato, bread, beer. Can't ask for more.

So that's why I have not even a drop of regret after an epic meat feast at LP's Quality Meats with some really fabulous food lovers.

The place is on a small alley, with no signage whatsoever. A tip: follow the crowd. We arrived just before their doors were opened, and the place filled up quickly although it has only been open for 2 weeks. The tables are mostly big ones, so prepare to share. The interior is spacious with open kitchen on one side of the venue, it's arranged nicely and neatly. The only downside is that it's so dimly lighted and the music should probably be toned down a bit.


The open kitchen is a show on its own, displaying grills, fryers, and big fat sausages hanging down on the counter. The kitchen is piloted by Chef Luke Powell, ex-Tetsuya and ex-Mary's.

Open kitchen

We started nicely with a tray of cured and cold cuts: coppa di testa, bierwurst, and belly ham, which were also accompanied by dijon mustard, olives, and a pickled chilli. Both the coppa di testa and belly ham were smooth and delicate, but my preference went to the crunchy and chewy stick of bierwurst.

Cured & cold cuts - coppa di testa ($12), bierwurst ($12), belly ham ($12)

There weren't many listed on the menu so we tried to sample as many as we could. Smoked salmon was our choice from the smoked fish section. The smoky flavour and aroma wasn't too dominant, and the thin slices of fish tasted really good paired with the flavorsome aioli.

Smoked salmon - $18

I know fish is good for us and stuff, but when faced with the promise of sweet meat, the carnivores in us roared impatiently for the meat feast.

And so the tray of smoked meats arrived with great anticipation.

It contained four types of animal protein: Toulouse sausage, beef tri-tip, lamb shoulder, and smoked chicken.

Smoked meats - half chicken ($24), beef tri-tip ($28), lamb shoulder ($24), toulouse sausage ($14)

The Toulouse sausage was juicy, slightly spicy and extremely tasty. The lamb shoulder was much adored by the table due to its tenderness and alluring smoky fragrance, but as you guys may know, I've always had problems with lamb.

However, I almost knelt for the divine beef tri-tip, which wasn't only cooked perfectly with pink tint in the middle, but was also very succulent with distinct smoky characteristics. The smoked chicken was less exciting but was welcomed joyfully regardless.

Eat all the meat!

The beef tri-tip was too awesome we ordered a second serving. Like I said, protein is important you know.

Beef tri-tip - $28

Although the meat tray was practically Beyonce on the stage, the background dancers were also worth to mention. The bread rolls were fluffy and added a nice carbs injection.

Bread - $2 ea

But I'd prefer taking the carbs in the form of mashed potato. Dudes, I swear, this is the BEST mashed potato I have ever tried. Silky, creamy, buttery, cheesy; you name it, this mashed potato is perfection.

Mashed potato and gravy - $10

The eggplant salad was also interesting with exploding flavours of spices, but I was more drawn to the green kale salad (on the first picture) with crunchy chickpeas. Don't knock it till you try it.

Eggplant salad - $12

By this time I was already struggling to speak in full sentences but do you think a group of avid eaters would skip dessert? Nah.

One dessert was listed on the menu but we also had the other two specials. The favourite dessert by unanimous vote was pudding chomuer, a winning combination of cake pudding, caramelized maple syrup and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We tried so hard to remain being humane and polite while trying to get the biggest spoonful at the same time. Heh.

Pudding chomuer - $12

The other two desserts were good in their own ways, but neither the donut with simple cream and a cherry on top nor the triffle with unique-flavoured syrup caught much of attention compared to the pudding.

Donut - $5

Triffle - $14

That's a week-worth of protein squeezed into a meal. Totally worth it. Bring me more smoky meat feast!


Currency: $1 = IDR 11,000

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Great smoked meat platter with interesting special menus, AMAZING mashed potato, service is friendly and efficient, price is reasonable, ambiance is nice and casual but can do with less loud music.



12-16 Chippen St
Chippendale, NSW 2008

Phone: (02) 8399 0929

Web: LP's Quality Meats

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  1. Loved the meats but that pouding choumer was amazing! We should def try to het the beef short rib next time lol

    1. Agreed! Yesss. Is it only available in dinner time?

  2. oh man that tri tip! and yes i agree with raff, we gotta come back for dinner and get the beef rib!!

    1. I love how we agreed on ordering more of that, Suze hahaha. That's a given!

  3. Whoa, what an amazing meat feast. This is my kind of place - I never get enough protein at home!

    1. Then you've come to the right blog post, son. Hahahahha.

  4. already feeling the meat sweats from looking at that meat platter. looks like an incredible feast!

    1. It was! And meat sweat was unavoidable LOL

  5. This is a protein-filled haven of a place to visit :D
    Love your photos!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Oh yeah, definitely. We sure can grow muscles in here! :p
      Thanks heaps, Guru Uru!


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