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PappaRich, Broadway - Ultimo

I'm gonna show you some skin here.
Roti telur bawang with beef rendang from Papparich

Not my skin, of course. If I mention Papparich, you'd know what kind of skin I'm raving about, right?

There has been quite a frenzy about Papparich now. With a several branches around the town, the franchise is easily accessible and has sure gained much love from eager Sydney-siders. I visited their Boradway branch once, and rather sadly to say, has not shared all the hysteria about the place. Except for the chicken skin, of course.

The Broadway shop appears elegant and modern from every nooks and crannies. Some vintage-looking items give an interesting touch for the warm-looking and brown-dominated room.


Hungry for some roti flipping and teh tarik pouring actions? Go ahead and watch the chefs rocking all the skilled moves at the open kitchen.

Ordering system is the same with the other branches, which involve your filling up a paper with the dishes' code number, and push the green button if you're ready with your order or if you just need something from the staff.

Open kitchen

I don't really drink teh tarik, so the super lovable Milo dinosaur was ordered. Great ration between the Milo and the milk/water, and a heaped spoonful (maybe more) of more Milo on top. Can't complain.

Milo dinosaur

A cup of hot teh tarik still joined the table though, and was enjoyed fully. The Ribena melon came with some plump lychees on top, which looked refreshing and perfect for warmer days.

Teh tarik (hot)

Ribena melon

We started off with something that needs no introduction.

Just like what the others commented: these deep fried, crunchy, golden morsels of chicken skin are just another obvious evidence that absolute geniuses do walk the earth. Pappa's deep fried chicken skin was undoubtedly moreish, with salty character and none of the oiliness. I reckon this will be perfect with some kind of spicy seasoning, like cajun.

Fried chicken skin - $6.9

I had the roti telur bawang with beef rendang, which also came with watery curry sauce and fiery sambal (chilli). The roti itself was adequately fluffy and full of wilted onion and egg, and was perfect dipped in either or both of the sauces. The beef rendang was also nice with tender meat, it was just lacking the 'oomph' I was looking for.

To compare it with Mamak's, I still think Mamak is the king of roti in Sydney, but it doesn't mean that Pappa's roti is terribly inferior.

Roti telur bawang with beef rendang

The hot chicken congee with steamed chicken is an effective sinus clearer. The bowl was comforting and aromatic, but the steamed chicken had even more satisfying whiff. The slices of tender chicken were swimming on a shallow pool of soy sauce, and while it was juicy and succulent, I was hoping for more flavour explosions.

Chicken congee with steamed chicken - $12.9

The steamed chicken

Nasi lemak with fried chicken arrived in colourful manner, and beside the absolutely sexy and rather huge fried chicken, the plate was also crowded by half of cooked egg, cucumber, fried peanuts, fried ikan bilis, and that same fiery sambal. I didn't get to try but it did have an inviting aroma. And you really can't go wrong with fried chicken.

Nasi lemak with fried chicken - $13.5

We were indecisive about desserts, but finally deciding to save roti bomb for next time and settling with roti kaya this time. The floppy triangles of roti had interesting contrast of some soft parts and some crispy edges, and the kaya wasn't smeared as thick as I hoped but it ticked the right boxes.

Roti kaya

Being a good family member, I took some takeaway boxes with me. Three other menus (not pictured) were demolished as supper that night, including char koay teow (wok-fried flat noodles with prawns, egg, and bean sprouts), dry koay teow with steamed chicken (flat rice noodles in tasty soy sweet sauce and a serve of steamed chicken), and fried rice noodles (wok-fried rice noodles with prawns, egg, and bean-sprouts).

Between them, the fried rice noodles was the one I couldn't stop having forkfuls of. There was more of that charred, smoky smell in this one compared to that in char koay teow, and some profound kicks of chilli lifted the eating experience.

There were some really satisfying moments from Papparich, but there were also some anticlimax ones. I guess I need to try more of their dishes then!


[EDIT: 20/10/14]

So this happened. Got invited along to the Malaysian feast at Papparich Paramatta, and ate until my jeans button couldn't handle it anymore. And of course, there was the lovely Poh!

We ate so much, sampled tasty dishes, watched the skillful staff whipping up teh tarik.

Where's the full story, you ask?

It's on Milkteaxx!! Amy and I collaborate this time, we did the post together. So go check it out and leave us a comment about how we go with it!

Go on, I know you want to read the description about how good the briyani rice was and how amazing the deep fried chicken skin was.

Epic Malaysian feast at Papparich Paramatta

Just a wee bit of the food presented that day: satays, briyani rice with sambal prawns and curry chicken, pan mee, dry mee with steamed chicken

Teh tarik action!

Compulsory selfie with Poh!


Currency: $1 = IDR 11,000

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Pretty decent dishes with really good roti selections, service is quick and friendly, ambiance is really nice and comfy, price is reasonable.



Shop 5 / 185-211 Broadway  
Ultimo, NSW 2007

Phone: (02) 9281 3228

Web: PappaRich
Facebook: PappaRich

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  1. gooooo the chicken skin! so guilty but soooo freaking good!

    1. Yess! I can never say no to these crunchy goodness! :)

  2. gotta have that fried chicken skin again. so amazing (if only it was healthy sighs)!

    1. Don't worry, Annie. Blogging takes calories too. Haha :p

  3. I must say, I actually like PappaRich's roti more than Mamak's due to the extra sweetness. Ultimately though, it's good to have the option!

    Oh, and I had takeaway too - six boxes of it, in fact!

    1. We always welcome places to get good roti from, don't we? Geez that sounds like a massive feast!

  4. "hey babe, show me some skin ;) " bahaha! the chicken skin here is deep fried strips of amazingness!

    1. My skin? My place or your place, Amy? ;)

  5. Replies
    1. Ahahahaha. PappaRich run someday, Helen? Since it's super close to UTS and all haha

  6. Hi Irene,

    I really, really must try the fried chicken skin at PappaRich one of these days. The skin is always my favourite part of fried chicken and to just have it by itself would be pure joy! The Milo dinosaur and chicken congee with steamed chicken looks very good too. Yum! :)

    1. Then you HAVE to. Your arteries may regret it afterwards but it's worth it! :)


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