Monday, 18 August 2014

Original Meatball Company, Sydney CBD

'Eat Balls!' they say.

Your wish is my command, I say.

The hashtag #amazeballs is brought to a whole new level here. Original Meatball Company branch in Sydney is only 5-week old, but they sure knows what they're doing with them balls. Heh.

Originated in the city that never sleeps, the owners Jay Lyon (musician & model) and Dominic Lopresti (CEO of Gelatissimo) bring OMC downunder, to many people's delight. I missed the first day of opening due to the threat of hours of queuing, but finally made my way here courtesy of Carlii Lyon and Dominic from OMC.

Sir, yes, sir!

The place is not big, I'm warning you. But it's arranged nicely with trendy ambiance. The word 'ball' is repeated and scattered almost everywhere, especially on the caps of the crew. A few stools are available for dining-in, but mind you, they got filled up really quickly, especially at peak hours. Many opted for take-away that day, but we took a place facing the open kitchen. It was amazing watching the crew producing all the buns, fries, salads, etc. They moved so quickly and efficiently.

Counter & seating


Open kitchen action

There are so many variations of the dishes on the menu, it's hard to decide on one so quickly. I finally went with the store manager's favourite, the Pesto Prima Donna while my lunch date chose Swedish Ja. We both took the offer to include fries (both rosemary and sea salt) and a bottle of chosen drink.

Our balls meals

My Pesto Prima Donna smelled amazing. The rustic white bun was soft yet didn't go soggy from all the wet ingredients. The chicken balls themselves were tasty enough, and satisfaction was amplified by the pesto, nicely dressed rocket leaves, and that stretchy mozzarella. Especially that stretchy mozzarella.

Pesto Prima Donna - chicken balls with pesto, aioli, mozzarella, dressed rocket leaves, served on rustic white ($11.9)

Those balls!

And apparently the pork & veal balls in Swedish Ja were even better. I enjoyed the meaty scent and flavour more, and the combination worked really well with the jam, gravy, and mustard. And that cheese, of course.

For both that we tried that day, the balls were nicely portioned, I reckon. I didn't end up eating plain bread/bun without a bite of the balls.

Swedish Ja - pork & veal balls with lingonberry jam, mushroom gravy, sweet mustard, Swiss cheese, served on soft brioche ($12.9)

Close up on Swedish Ja

The fries were as addictive as fries can be. They were thin but had heavenly crispy edges. I preferred the rosemary ones due to its brownie points from specks of the aromatic herbs.

Sea salt fries - comes as a deal or $3.5 alone

What if you don't like balls in bun, you ask? Worry not. The healthier side of you can opt for balls on salad, or maybe balls in your chosen gravy.


And here are some more pictures of the open kitchen action. Next time, definitely, I'm getting that amazing-looking poutine. And I'm not planning on sharing.

Production line


Fries poutine (with ragu and parmesan cream sauce)

Last words: eat balls!


Currency: $1 = IDR 11,000

Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Really good balls with many variations, quick and friendly service, place can be cramped in peak hours, price is reasonable.

Irene's Getting Fat! and guest tried Original Meatball Company courtesy of Original Meatball Company (Carlii Lyon & Dominic). Thank you very much! However, all opinions are purely based on my personal taste.



56-58 York St 
Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 8213 0213

Web: Original Meatball Company
Facebook: Original Meatball Company

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  1. Replies
    1. Tastes good too. But your cheesesteak sandwich looks damn fine as well! :D

  2. Can you imagine how many puns my review of this place would feature? I'd ball so hard it'd be ridiculous.

  3. It's even hard to write a comment without sounding like a perve. I'd be interested to see how they stack up compared to my Nonno's (grandpa's) meatballs.... :)

    1. I know right! Hahahaha. Oooh I love the sounds of your grandpa's meatballs! :)

  4. Those are sexy looking balls!! Dayum
    ! lol sorry can't help myself :P

    1. HAHAH. No worries, we need more sexy balls puns! :p

  5. Hoorah to meatballs. Never enough!
    T xx

    1. Agreed! Haha. Thanks for dropping by, Trish! :)

  6. HAHA, I love that EAT BALLS sign! I am ready to try some of their balls :P

    1. Get some balls in your belly, Vanny! ;)

  7. Dear Irene,

    OMC looks like a fantastic concept with so many different permutations for those balls as well!

    1. OMC's great! They make eating balls fun. Heh.

  8. Oh this looks so goooood. I feel bad for reneging the invite...I think I'm going to change my mind!

    1. Invite or no invite, the balls are too good to be missed, Michael! :)

  9. Give me a good sarnie with lots of meat in it and I'll have no complaints! And a place that has all that meat in storage ready to be served will definitely get a thumbs up from me! I'm gonna head down there and try some of those balls myself soon!


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