Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Domino's Pulled Pork Range

I mean, who doesn't like pulled pork, right?
Domino's Pulled Pork Range

Me, personally, got weak on my knees whenever pulled pork is around.

Plus, who won't be happy finding three, not one, boxes of pizza in their front door just after having a really nerve-wrecking day?

So Domino's has been generous enough to let me experience their newest range, the ones that involve slow-cooked pulled pork. Three were sampled: Hickory BBQ Pulled Pork, Pulled Pork Meatlovers, and Chilli Lime Pulled Pork.

The Chilli Lime Pulled Pork was the first one I took a slice of, and became my favourite quickly. There was something different about this one, in a good way. There were scattered hints of fragrant and unique spices, giving the pizza fresh lift and exciting bite. And no, it wasn't anything near spicy. For me, at least.

Chilli Lime Pulled Pork - pulled pork, crunchy Vietnamese slaw, mushrooms, red onion, baby spinach on crème fraiche with mozzarella & a chilli lime drizzle



The Hickory BBQ Pulled Pork was accepted very dearly by the family members. It was a tasty treat with hint of sweetness from the sauce that actually went nicely with the generously given pulled pork.

Hickory BBQ Pulled Pork - pulled pork, red onion & capsicum topped with mozzarella & Hickory BBQ sauce

The Pulled Pork Meatlovers was a great spin on the classic and (probably) everybody's favourite. The pulled pork on these pizzas may not be as tender or aromatic as the one you get from Papi Chulo, but hey, it is more than decent. And I can never say no to pizza.

Pulled Pork Meatlovers - pulled pork, ground beef, rasher bacon, Italian sausage & mozzarella on BBQ Sauce

I am not responsible for any random, midnight cravings of pizza after you read this post. But if you need someone to share the pizzas with, I'm forever available.

Just sayin'.


Disclaimer: Irene's Getting Fat! receives Domino's Pulled Pork range courtesy from Domino's Australia (thank you!). However, all opinions based on my personal taste.


Order online at Domino's

Phone: 1300 DOMINOS

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  1. just know that there is a pizza with pork
    really want to try that !!


    1. Heaps here. I don't know about in Jakarta though. Are you residing in Jakarta? :)

    2. No
      i'm in Malang Irene :(

  2. Ini Domino's Pizza ??????? Sayang di Indo kayanya ga bakalan ada yg kaya gini......

    1. YEAAP. Iya ya, padahal enak loh ini haha :)

  3. This looks good, thanks for sharing this recipe.



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