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Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills - Sydney

Everyone knows about the ginger brulee tarts.
Carrot cake and ginger brulee tart

But do you know that they have unbelievably amazing savoury pies too?

Bourke Street Bakery isn't a new kid on the block, founded and begun in 2004, the popularity has been nothing but soaring since then. Six stores are scattered around town, but this post's about the one in Surry Hills, where snaking queue is a constant and familiar sight.

Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills

The store isn't fancy but somehow emits warmth, especially with all of those brown loaves on display. Two small tables and few chairs can be found inside, but I recommend the outdoor seating on the wide pathway. It's hard to beat sitting on a sunny winter day with their incredibly rich and absolutely decadent chocolate ganache pie in hand. That flaky pastry combined with milky, thick chocolate ganache that is so smooth it shapes the curves of your teeth upon biting. Absolutely incredible.

Chocolate ganache tart - $5




Go inside and sweet aroma from all the baked goodies will welcome you. Assortment of small but voluptuous tarts and pies are especially enticing. Try not to drool all over the display.

The rhubarb and almond tarts are super nice as well (is there any bad item from BSB?). Nutty filling with lots of crushed almonds,complimented nicely with the zingy rhubarb on top. And again with that perfectly cooked pastry.

Rhubarb and almond tarts - $5

Rhubarb and almond tart

Cookies and muffins on display

My love for BSB begins when a dear friend of mine used to work there and she would bring leftovers cakes and tarts to uni. Everytime I saw her holding a brown boxes, I knew I was in for an amazing treat.

Apart from the utterly amazing chocolate ganache tart, carrot cake is another favourite of mine. It's one of the best carrot cakes that I've come across to, being so moist and packed with micro pieces of carrot and pecans. A thick slather of cream cheese in between is a perfect mate.

Carrot cake (slice) - $5

Anna went straight to the famed ginger brulee tart, which has flaky pastry with crackable sugar layer on top and a small party of pistachio.

Ginger brulee tart - $5

The custard innards is as smooth as it can be, and the involvement of ginger is unmistakeable. The scent is not weak either; ginger fans would be in love for this one.

Ginger brulee tart innards

The flourless chocolate cake appears dark but so very sexy. It's a moist piece of beautiful and powerful cake. By powerful I mean it can turn your dark days into cheery ones. Believe it or not, it tastes even better after a day in the fridge.

Anna reckoned that this was too chocolatey, though. Unless you dislike chocolate too, ignore that. 

Flourless chocolate cake (slice) - $5

I went back inside for the third time to pick out the savoury pieces I was going to takeaway.

Pies and rolls on display

After some deliberation while queuing, I picked their special sausage roll of the day, the spiced chicken and mushroom roll. The pastry is perfectly made and cooked, flaking easily but not so much that you lose massive amount of crumbed pastry upon every bite. The flavorsome filling packs the innards part tightly, with recognizable and exciting hints of the spices.

Spiced chicken and mushroom sausage roll - $4.5

But the beef brisket, red wine, and mushroom pie is even more excellent. Even by just looking at the golden colour of the pastry, I knew this pie would be awesome. I can't say anything with negativity about the pastry, and the insides are totally, completely, definitely amazing. Tender beef pieces with small pieces of mushrooms and red sauce that tastes like tomato and many other good ingredients.

I didn't even bother to take innards pics. Too busy eating and too overwhelmed with its majestic nature.

Beef brisket, red wine, and mushroom pie - $5.5

If you haven't tried BSB yet, you have to. And I'm telling you, that beef brisket pie alone is worth the trip to one of their stores.


Currency: $1 = IDR 11,000

Rating: 5/5 (Must try)
Amazing dessert and cakes selections, even better pies and sausage rolls, price is reasonable, service is quick and efficient, ambiance is really nice (especially the outdoor seating!).



633 Bourke St.
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Phone: (02) 9699 1011

Website: Bourke Street Bakery
Facebook: Bourke Street Bakery

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  1. The ginger brulee tart & pork fennel sausage roll is all kinds of awesome

    1. I like chocolate ganache more! Have you tried it? And yes the sausage rolls are so awesome I die hahaha

  2. Sigh, the carrot cake looks very tasty :)

  3. Ahhh, the brulee tart & sausage rolls are just so darn good.

    1. People are underestimating the chocolate ganache tart here. It is awesome too! Hahaha. And yes. THOSE SAUSAGE ROLLS.

  4. that ginger brulee tart and beef brisket looks very tasty !!

    1. They're amazing. No wonder they're so popular!

  5. Why have I never tried their chocolate tart.. looks soo decadent!

    1. You HAVE to. Please do and lemme know if you think it's better than the ginger brulee one! :)

  6. been there so many times and still never sick of it. best sausage rolls ever!

    1. Can't agree more! I wish it's closer to me!

  7. that pie looks so good!! I should have tried something savoury there aswell!

  8. It looks nice, organic would want to have a try.ブランド靴

  9. Ginger brulee tart = BEST! Enough said

    1. Have you tried the chocolate ganache tart though? ;)

  10. i am so in love with their ginger brulee tarts!!

    1. I like them too but I'm crazy in love with the chocolate ones lol :)


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