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Ryo's, Crows Nest - Sydney

Another contender in Sydney's ramen scene.
Ryo's ramen bowls (and a bit of pickled ginger)

Some even say that this is the best. I beg to differ. But before you throw rocks to me, let me explain myself.

So Anna and I were at Ryo's for a birthday date, and apparently it isn't too long of a walk from St Leonards station. And you definitely can't miss the bright orange restaurant. Even if you're not looking for it, you'll definitely at least shoot a glance at the vivid colour. We arrived there just before 12 and there was no line yet. Hurray!

Ryo's exterior

The interior isn't losing in terms of the colour. It is so yellow inside, accentuated by the yellow-ish lightning too. So pardon the dark and orange-ish pictures, please.

It isn't particularly spacious, and there are tables that can be merged or separated depending on the groups of patrons, and there are also some solo seats on the counter.


The walls are full of menu in Japanese and Chinese characters, as well as their specials and selections of toppings. On the counter there are also self-serve tap water and pickled ginger.


Toppings menu

Even before walking through the door, I knew that I'm getting the fried chicken or karaage. How could I not? There was satisfying number of the golden and crunchy fried chicken on the plate, accompanied by a dollop of kewpie on the side. Every bite was an exciting foreplay between crunchy batter and succulent  meat.

Fried chicken - $8

Since I wanted to try both types of their soup (chicken and pork based), I went for the chicken one while Anna took the pork.

My ramen in Tokyo style soy sauce soup (chicken based) was as pretty as a picture, but I probably won't say that this is the best bowl of ramen in Sydney. The broth was light and tasted clean, and all the toppings worked really well (especially the super tender roast pork!). I would love the egg to have softer yolk though.

Since I am more of a Gumshara-thick-broth kinda girl, Ryo's broth was rather too light for me. But then again, it depends on our personal taste.

Ramen in Tokyo style soy sauce soup (chicken based) with roast pork, egg, bamboo shoots, and nori - $ 13.5

The noodles though, were astounding. Every strand was cooked to perfection; stringy but not wire-hard. The noodles were the best ones I have ever tasted. Hands down.

Close up of the toppings; no yolk porn!

Ramen in miso flavoured soup (pork based) was equally light, but had more oily trace. It was definitely lighter than any pork-based ramen soup I've had, and I reckon it'll be perfect for those who aren't too keen about collagen-ladened soup.

Ramen in miso flavoured soup (pork based) with egg, ,roast pork, shallot, and bamboo shoots - $13.5

Same awesome noodles. Still can't get over about how splendid the noodles were. Did I say they were the best ramen noodles I've had?

The perfectly cooked noodles

So now you know why I didn't go head over heels about Ryo's. Having said that, I still the that the place is really good. And don't skip an order of the fried chicken!


Currency: $1 = IDR 11,000

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Best ramen noodles I've ever had (as in, only the noodles), service is quick and friendly, ambiance is warm and cozy but prepare to wait for a table, price is reasonable.



125 Falcon St 
Crows Nest, NSW 2065

Phone: (02) 9955 0225

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  1. definitely my fave ramen place in Sydney so far. if only it was easier to get to then i would be a regular lol

    1. I can see why! It's a favourite of so many people; I just personally prefer thicker soup hehe :)

  2. Now I need a ramen fix thanks to you :P

  3. I LOVED the noodles here hehehe ^_^

    1. Tell me about it hahahah. The noodles were AMAZING.

  4. Mmmmh have the biggest craving for ramen (and it's only 10:30 am!) I tried the collagen broth once and it didn't suit my stomach, so am sticking with lighter broth now! Miso sounds good!

    1. Then you'll definitely like this one! The broth, especially the soyu based one, is very light and cleaner than the miso :)

  5. The noodles are really great here, but the oiliness of the soup...could not deal! That unfortunately means Ryo's doesn't make it a top ramen for me, but as long as it works for enough other people - all the power to the joint.

    1. Agreed! My soyu-based soup wasn't oily, it's just too light for me. But the miso, yes it is a bit oily. Oh well. Back to Gumshara! :)

  6. Dear Irene,

    I have tried to come here a few times but when I see a queue outside the restaurant, I tend to just drive away. We got there one Saturday night at 8pm and they told us their stock has already ran out LOL!

    1. Whoa. The business is good indeed! The place is rather small, not many people can go in. We were lucky because we arrived early haha

  7. Love the vibe in here. The miso spaghetti is surprisingly tasty too.

    1. Noted! I saw a few plates of that on my visit, curious!

  8. I am not the biggest of ramen but even the look of their dishes makes me want to go and check it out!

    1. Please do, and let me know what you think! Do you like light broth?


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