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Gumshara Ramen, Chinatown - Sydney

All I can think is ramen now.
Garlic tonkotsu ramen from Gumshara

In winter, it's my ultimate comfort food. Sure, I love laksa, hot pot, and many other warming dishes, but ramen always makes my knees go weak.

And if we're speaking about ramen, Gumshara is always the first thing that pop up into my mind. The shop in the corner of Eating World food court may look little, but it has big circle of fans and ramen enthusiasts alike. And I gotta say, love their huge menu banner with awesome pics.

The counter and menu

It seems like I am not the only one to thinks about Gumshara fondly, as the joint won Sydney Food Bloggers Choice Awards 2013. Totes deserves it.

Food bloggers 'Favourite Ramen' award

The ordering system is non-fussy, as always. Pick your winter warmer of the day, pay, wait until your number is called, and help yourself for cutleries and condiments (pickled ginger, pickled garlic, chilli oil) and sauces to your heart's content.


I've blogged about Gumshara's spare rib ramen before (which is all kinds of amazing), and since then the garlic tonkotsu ramen has also joined my list of favourites.

The soup thickness is described as medium, which is perfect for those who does not really fancy their gravy-like tonkotsu soup. It is still full of collagen goodness though, and will never leave your taste buds craving for more flavour. Because all the important flavours and more are already there in every sip. I always love garlic in my food, so it's no surprise that the lashings of black garlic oil and fragrant fried chopped garlic increase my love for this one.

Garlic tonkotsu ramen - $11.5 (with the addition of egg $1.5)

I'd like to describe Gumshara's bowl of ramen as a bowl of love. It's warm, seductive, and always ready to embrace you with affectionate hugs. The strands of noodles are cooked to perfection; still having the bite whilst not being too hard or soggy.

The strands of noodles

The melting and heart-stopping slices of chashu (pork belly) have just the right amount of fat, they are so tender and succulent. The egg requires no description; the picture will speak for itself. Although in fact, the halved egg tastes even prettier than they look.

Other toppings of bamboo shoots, chopped shallots and nori have also never been forgotten.

Egg porn!

What's there on the right hand side corner, you ask?


It's a plate of five gyoza, containing well-seasoned minced pork with a little bit of the juice. Five pieces were gone in a flash. And I wasn't even sharing.

Gyoza - $5.5

Now, only because the special rice has rice instead of the springy noodles, it does not mean that it is less superior.

If you are a visual person, believe me, this bowl will satisfy every part of your eyes and your soul.

The set consists of two bowls: one of the rice and all the heavenly toppings and one for the piping hot tonkotsu soup with all of its glorious thick and flavorsome virtuousness.

Special rice set - $9

It is a filling meal, I'm telling you. And I'm even not a light eater (which you may have figured that out already). All for less than $10, I say this is a wonderful bargain. The topping list includes the same magnificent chashu slices and the sexy egg, along with bamboo shoots, nori, shallots, and pickled mustard.

To my surprise, the warm rice isn't only plain rice. There are at least another egg mixed in, also with shredded pork meat. The bowl is beautiful inside and out.

I am not too sure how to eat it properly, so I tend to just pour all the soup into the rice bowl. Every spoonful is orgasmic, full of rich bursts of flavour with pleasuring bites of the egg and tasty meat.

Special rice

More egg porn! Just because.

Gumshara have undoubtedly really, really, good bowls of ramen, but make sure you try the special rice too.

Just promise me you'll try it, OK?


If you are still quivering under the cold weather and craving for more ramen, check out Amy's post about the battle of ramen!


Currency: $1 = IDR 11,000

Rating: 5/5 (Must try)
The rating goes up to the max. Gumshara stays strong as my fav ramen in town, with beyond-awesome ramen (and the magical special rice set), quick service, affordable prices. Food court setting may not be preferred by some, but the bowl of ramen makes up for every negative point.



Shop 211 25-29 Dixon St 
Haymarket, NSW 2000

Phone: 0410 253 180

Facebook: Gumshara Ramen

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  1. I can feel my thighs spreading just looking at the pictures. Bad Irene... BAD girl! Hahaha.

    1. LOL I don't mind being bad if my companions are these sexy bowls of deliciousness! :D

  2. Love Gumshara! I have never tried the gyoza though as I know ramen is so so filling.

    1. Ramen is very filling indeed, but the gyoza are super nice! They were gone in a flash too haha
      Thanks for dropping by, Hilda!

  3. The special rice has got be my second favourite item at Gumshara! Pork rib will always be number one hahaha the mixture of that pickled chillis cabbage, egg, rice, chasu and medium thick broth is heaven!

    1. My number one is the pork rib too! Ooohh your description makes me crave for it! Thanks for the headsup, I know the special rice from you and your review actually! :D

  4. I've been to Gumshara once and have to say I was a bit disappointed... I probrably didn't order well, or the collagen was too much for us to handle, but my husband and I got sick afterwards :( That said, the picture of that runny yolk still looks very appealing!

    1. Oh no, that's too bad. Maybe try the lighter version of the soup? And I think they have soy-based one too if I'm not mistaken. The runny yolk is sure sexy! :)

  5. so rich and thick but so good especially for this weather. took my cousin from Canada to Gumshara last year and he ate the whole bowl without any trouble!

    1. Couldn't agree more! I've been taking my fam members from Indo here everytime they come visit haha

  6. gumshara is the best!!!! definitely the perfect comfort food!

  7. the noodle in the ramen looks sooooo good, so getting this once I'm back in Sydney!

    1. A table for two, Steph? :)
      Enjoy Jakarta!

  8. lets have a date there irene?

  9. OMG! What's wrong with me... I haven't tried the special rice set!

    1. You have to, Vanny. I will drag you here next time.

  10. can't wait for ryo's with you after seeing these pics ;) LOL

    1. It's gonna be legendary! hahaha. I have been wondering how Ryo's will be compared to Gumshara's.

  11. Good work with the filmic look on your pics :D

    Gumshara, perfect balm for these wintry days!

    1. Oh thank you, Michael! Totally. I'm craving for piping hot bowl of ramen every day.. Thanks to this chilly winds!

  12. Replies
    1. Oh thanks much! I'm always craving for Gumshara! Any time, any weather hehe :) Thanks for dropping by!

  13. I was at Gumshara and quite a few people ordered the rice set (maybe cos they saw your blog hehe). You're right about the size, it's big! I always end up ordering the tonkotsu ramen (number 2) with extra boiled egg because it's the best! Maybe I will try the rice set one day :)

    1. What a coincidence! But I'm glad more people have known this amazing dish from Gumshara. You need to try the rice set! Isn't any less awesome compared to the ramen :)


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