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Flour & Stone, Woolloomooloo - Sydney

What's not to love?

Great place, great service, AMAZING food. I'll describe to you how Flour & Stone climbs its way to the highest place in my heart just with a bite of their cake.

Having had an underwhelming and grandiose lunch before, we sighed with relief upon seeing this small, friendly-looking spot.

'Now this is more like my place', I remarked, followed by an excited nod by the awesome food blogger slash my dining date for the day.

Flour & Stone is an unassuming bakery on a quiet street at the first glance. Peeking closer, it has chic design that isn't overdone, radiating welcoming and comforting ambiance on your first step inside the tiny place. But don't be fooled, it may be tiny but the popularity is definitely the opposite of the place's size.

Flour & Stone signage


We were lucky to visit at a quiet hour, usually the place is buzzing with locals grabbing their cups of coffee, enjoying their lunch, and/or doing a dessert run.



Don't spend too much time ogling the menu, instead look around and be amazed by the goodies and cakes on display. Iced gingerbread cookies are showcased in different shapes and colours, emphasizing the skills of Nadine Ingram, the owner of this superb cafe a.k.a. the founder of Cookie Couture.

Baked goodies on display: (R - L, clockwise) gingerbread cookies, almond rocher, cookies, croissant

Iced gingerbread cookies

Our drinks came out first, and I had the tangy and refreshing orange juice while Sihan, being a proper adult/foodie that she is, had latte that she gave an accepting nod to.

Freshly squeezed orange juice - $5

Latte - $3.5 (?)

Deciding which cake to try was incredibly tough. The virtuous-looking old-fashioned vanilla cake won as the final decision; a tall stack of three layers of moist and crumbly vanilla cake with slathers of enchanting vanilla cream and berry jam (with some actual berries in it too).

A bite will make you pause and realize that life is good. So good. One of the best cakes I have eaten so far in my life. I can't say even the slightest negative point about this slice of excellence.

Old fashioned vanilla cake - $5.5

Canelé is a small French pastry, involving baked custard innards with thick caramelized jacket. After looking at many pics of this cuteness in Instagram, I went to a super excited mode in scoring the last
canelé of the day. 

The crust was indeed thick and, to my surprise, hard. Apparently the secret lies on the brushing of the tins with bees wax before baking. Break through the shell with your teeth, not with a knife, and you'll get your reward. The center was soft, chewy, and creamy, with the perfect level of sweetness and a hint of citrus. The innards's texture kinda reminded me of a fav Indonesian cake/snack of mine, bika ambon.

Canelé - $5

Canelé innards

Even a person with the strongest willpower will grow weak at the knees when faced with Flour & Stone's picture-perfect and drool-worthy creations, let alone a weak one like mine.

But really, would anyone say no to this wonderful chocolate, raspberry, and buttermilk flourless cake?

This chocolate wheel tasted a hundred times better than it looked. It was delightfully rich and incredibly moist, spotted generously with piquant raspberries. Another cake I can't say a bad word of.

Chocolate, raspberry, and buttermilk flourless cake - $5.5


Another solo visit during the dreaded exam time saw me having one of those sandwiches.

Sandwiches army

Turned out they are not only really good at sweet treats, the savoury items also sparkle with awesomeness. This ham, gruyere, and grain mustard aioli was a perfect pick-me-up, with crispy toasted bread which still have fluffy interior with layers of tasty ham and stretchy cheese.

Ham, gruyere, and grain mustard aioli - $10

By now the whole Sydney has probably heard, or even tasted, the legendary pannacotta lamington. It is very likely to be the most famous lamington in town, and I won't even consider to disagree. The lamington cake is poked and poured over with pannacotta mix, resulting in super moist cake filled with tangy berry jam in between, enveloped with chocolate and shredded coconut.

I may not have tried many lamingtons in my life, but this one is the BEST so far, that's no doubt. And yes, I need to use the capslock. It is that good.

Pannacotta lamington

Pannacotta lamington innards

Now, what should I try next? The fine apple pie, hazelnut torte, or the berry doughnut?

One thing for sure, countless visits to this little yet wonderful place is already on my calendar. Flour & Stone, I love you.


Currency: $1 = IDR 11,400

Rating: 5/5 (Must visit)
Amazing cakes and sandwiches, friendly and attentive service, great comfy ambiance (although prepare to queue!), price is reasonable.



53 Riley Street  
Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011

Phone: (02) 8068 8818

Web: Flour & Stone

Flour and Stone on Urbanspoon

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  1. Hands down best canelé I've had and my favourite F&S item!!! I heart it so much!

    1. I even can't decide which one's my fav yet haha. But I agree, the canele is the bomb!

  2. Ah my, now this place I've been meaning to go to for ages. The panna cotta lamington - that's what I'm talking about!

    1. Four words, Michael: YOU HAVE TO GO. :))

  3. love flour and stone! the lemon drizzle cake is amazing as are their pies!

    1. Ooohhh I'll try the lemon drizzle cake next time then! ;)

  4. wow looks like a great place!
    Btw love your photos :)

    1. It is. Totally recommended. Naww thanks, you're too kind, Steph! Thanks for dropping by too!

  5. so many baked goods! especially the canele and the lamington

    1. And all the things I've tried are all outstanding! This is such a magical place.

  6. I still really want to come and try their lamingtons!!
    But that vanilla cake looks amazing!!

    1. Do. Please do. Try both :))
      Thanks for dropping by, Cassie!

  7. So much awesome here! I love their pannacotta lamo and their apple fine tart is gorgeous too.

    1. Totes! I'll put the apple fine tart on my list next time! It defs looks gorgeous.

  8. the hazelnut torte is freakin amazing!

    1. Another one to try, another reason to revisit! Thanks, Amy!

  9. How freaken cute are the iced gingerbread cookies?!

  10. I'm an absolute sucker for canelés, but I prefer the smaller one as I'm more into the hard crusty cover than the chewy innards, and find the bigger ones to be a bit too chewy for my liking! You don't have to use bee wax and double the amount of butter for canelés if you use silicon molds, but the downside is that the mini canelés moulds are super hard to properly wash!

    1. I have never tried any canele apart from this one and willing to try more samples! Great tips, Olivia, thanks! Any chance I'll try your version anytime soon? ;)

  11. LOVE everything about Flour and Stone!! The next thing you MUST try is their lamb or chicken pie. I never leave without having their lamb pies, it is absolutely to die for!

    1. I am not much of a lamb eater but it sounds too good to miss! Thanks for the recommendation, Shanshan! :D

  12. Oh wow wow wow, amazing pictures Irene! Have had a bad experience with canele in the past but am willing to try it again. Oh, and that pannacota lamington too! *wipes drool off keyboard*

    1. Oh why thanks, Yvonne! You will not be disappointed with Flour & Stone's canele, I can promise you that! And yes, the pannacotta lamington too hahaha :)


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