Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Ribs & Burgers, Central Park - Chippendale

Any guess what kind of food they offer here?
American cheeseburger from Ribs & Burgers

Heh. No prize for those who get the right answer.

Ribs & Burgers proudly presents to you a menu full of carnivores' dream. Ribs (beef, lamb, pork), burgers (extra bacon and extra cheese?), and steaks are all on the board. To make you feel less guilty, salads are also listed, but who wants the salad when there are ships, onion rings, and chicken wings written next to it, right?

The ordering system starts from the counter. You order and decide to eat in or take away, a bucket with a number filled with cutlery and condiments is given if you choose the former, and away you go to your chosen table.

Table number

The interior is not particularly bright, but sure is roomy and nicely arranged. Wooden floor and brick walls are always my soft-spot in terms of interior. A few couches are available on the left-hand side of the venue, providing more private space.


A tall shelf is located near the entry, from which sauces and other condiments with cutlery, and tissue paper can be taken. And in case you will be using your hands to strike your lunch (which you should do), the sink is also there for your disposal.


On the other side of the room is the open kitchen/grilling place, where sexy racks and patties are grilled to perfection and the smell is very potent to make you even more hungrier.

Chefs behind the open kitchen



Moving on to the food.

When thickshake is mentioned on the menu, one can't simply turn away from it, right? My lunch date that day can attest to this statement, as she went for Milo thickshake which turned out to fill only half of the standard milkshake cup. The thickshake itself was more like melted Milo ice cream, only slightly less creamy, which was good, but probably they should serve it in a smaller cup instead. This kind of half-empty-or-half-full thing with such good thickshake just makes my heart drops.

Milo thickshake - $6

Our food came almost at the same time. We attacked the BBQ chicken wings first, which were rather huge, i.e. significantly bigger than the usual chicken wings. Juicy meat with caramelized parts; no complaints here.

BBQ chicken wings - $10

When at Ribs & Burgers, it just seems wrong when the two kinds of food aren't both tried.

And so we did.

The American cheeseburger is actually just their original beef burger with the addition of melted American cheese.

American cheeseburger - $12

Although the patty was cooked perfectly with pink middle part, the bun was soft, and the flavour hit the spot, sadly I can't say anything more exciting about this stack.


The pork ribs were the star of our lunch. Served on a wooden plank, they were glorious and lusciously shiny with its marinade. The portion was generous too, I reckon it could feed up to 3 people. The meat could be teared apart from the bones very easily, and it was tender, juicy, and flavorsome. Whatever sauce or marinade they grilled the ribs with, it was lip-smacking delicious.

And as usual, we surrendered to the power of addictive chunky chips, perfectly paired with what seemed to be a kind of onion sauce which was provided on every table.

Pork ribs - $29

Good news for students, they have 10% discount if you flash your student cards. Just another reason for me to come back!


Currency: $1 = IDR 10,500

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Great pork ribs & chicken wings, service is quick and efficient, price is reasonable, ambiance is very comfy and rather relaxing.



Shop RB09A, Lower Ground Level
Central Park Shopping Centre
28 Broadway Chippendale, NSW 2007

Phone: (02) 9280 0488

Web: Ribs & Burgers
Facebook: Ribs & Burgers

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  1. Replies
    1. Agreed! No Hurricane's but still delivers really well.

  2. The ribs look amazing!! I might have to give this a try some time after uni....its so close :D The buckets are such a cute idea too!

    1. Please do! Oh, are you a UTS student too? ;)
      Thanks for dropping by, Von!

  3. Oh wow! Passed by this place many times but never felt compelled to go in... Now I do! Hahaha...

    1. Please do try and let me know what you think! :)

  4. The ribs and chips here are amazing! For the amount you pay, the servings are quite generous and quality is really good. The burgers are quite nice too.

    1. Agreed! It was only the two of us and we were full to the brim after the huge ribs there!

  5. I can never resist pork ribs! They sound amazing.

  6. Those sticky chicken wings look divine as do the ribs! I have to visit this place!

    1. Do visit and let me know what you think! And don't skip the chicken wings ;)
      Thanks for dropping by!


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