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Cake Bake & Sweets Show 2014, Sydney

Diabetes? What diabetes?
Pancakes on a cupcake (how cool is that)

Forget your sugar level and the threat of diabetes for a while, this grand event is too sweet to be missed.

This post is waaaay overdue, it's almost like a sin. The show is over now, but I still feel the excitement and all of those sugar just from browsing through my photos. Hopefully it's coming back next year!

Cake Bake & Sweets Show is where all your baking penchant and fetish will be satisfied. Running for only three days, 21 - 23 March 2014, the show was stuffed silly by classes, demos, displays, samples and expo of all things related to baking, cakes, treats, and sweets.

I don't even bake that much but the idea of sampling great sweets and watching some of the most talented humans in the department excited me too much. And so I went with the mother, who was reluctant to try anything sweeter than watermelon but happy to browse the pretty things.


Like these dessert tables.

Dessert table display from A & K Lolly Buffet

Popcorn cups on a mini ferris wheel. Awesomeness.

Another dessert table display

Some high-quality and gourmet products were also for sale. Samples were abundant, most of the shops were only too happy to give away some pieces or slices of their products.

Gingerbread army from That Gingerbread Place

Jars of caramel by Caramelicious. I tried it and I died and went to caramel heaven.

Dessert sauces

T - B: gourmet jams and preserves by Alpine Berry Farm, mini melting moments from Charlie's Cookies

T - B: naked cakes from Mondo Naked Cakes, super cute pop cakes

Decorated cake with beautiful wooden toppers by Grain & Co

Cookies by Frozen Dough Co. Perfectly baked and scrumptious!

Myriad of cookie cutters

One highlight of the day was these cupcakes with impossibly real-looking toppers. From toasts, sausages, pancakes, egg, even a bowl of cereal with poured milk; they managed to make me look like a fool just staring at them gaping my mouth open in admiration.

Some unbelievably precise cupcake toppers

Would you like some egg and toasts on your cupcake?

Another cool thing is handmade silicone mould. Made with ribbons, braided ropes, and many other things, very creative and versatile.

Silicone moulds by Silli Distributor

cakebakesweets-making-silicone mould
Making silicone mould

Kate Jones from The Vegan Teahouse and Karo Tak the Veganator

Sugar art/decoration brought to a whole new level by Andre Sandison from Le Cordon Bleu

Another highlight of the day: Rich's cream 'carving'! I mean, I've seen superb icing decoration on cupcakes before, but this one is magnificent. White buttercream/icing made into gorgeous figurines, complete with lines and colours; how amazing is that?

Rich's icing 'carving'

What's more is that the cupcake and the icing tasted super good.

Such rigor in handling the delicate cream!

The cake walk and wedding cake walk were nothing short than stunning, I didn't know cakes can even be decorated like that! These cake masterpieces featured unicorns, heart in a cauldron, book, and many other adorable characters. If I had a cake like these, I would think twice before cutting a slice. Or maybe more than twice.

Cake decorating display (cake walk). Yes, those are cakes!

Wedding cake walk. Those cakes may even outshine the brides.

Lifestyle Food's All Star Theatre was definitely not something to be missed. I got drools all over my clothes (not literally, but you get my point, right?) watching Eric Lanlard producing his salted butter caramel chocolate cake which looked absolutely rich, moist, and heavenly. He made quite a show, not only from the tantalizing cake, but also from his cheeky comments and energetic personality. Everyone watching were applauding on their feet when he finished the show.

Eric Lanlard making salted butter caramel chocolate cake


Missing my opportunity to meet one of my food idols, Adriano Zumbo, I was devastated. I decided to do a pity-party for myself with his Zumbarons instead.

Zumbo van

Still my favourite macaron so far. Three most favourite on this batch were hazelnut praline, salted butter popcorn, and caramel au beurre sale (which tasted very similar with salted caramel). Especially the salted butter popcorn though. It tasted almost exactly like real popcorn with hints of sweetness.

Zumbarons T - B: banana, red velvet, hazelnut praline, fingerbun, salted butter popcorn, caramel au beurre sale

My recap doesn't do this show any justice, there were heaps more fun in there. Overall, sugar rush was almost unavoidable but it was fun for sure. For better and more thorough coverage of the show, here's Nessy Eater's post on the show. You won't regret browsing through her photos, I promise.

Feeling the sugar overload yet?



Most of the shops, vendors, and participants' websites were hyperlinked on the pictures

Cake Bake & Sweets Show

Facebook: Cake Bake & Sweets Show

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  1. i had heaps of fun there, i may have bought too much! oops!

    1. Well there were so many interesting to buy! :)

  2. That popcorn ferris wheel is way too cute!

  3. This was a great event! I think I could stare at such beautifully decorated cakes all day, except I might get diabetes, like you said hehe

    1. True! Well, I guess we can watch without trying? LOL :) Thanks for dropping by, Chris!

  4. Oh my goodness! What a fantastic event! I love those tiny cupcake toppers!! How lucky that you got to go! <3

    xx gemma @

    1. It's an interesting event indeed! Let's hope it's coming back next year? :)


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