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Anita Gelato (La Mamma del Gelato Anita) - Central Park, Chippendale

They say life is full of choices.

True words.

These days, I am always torn between two choices: trying another flavour or sticking with the amazing Ferrero Rosher Cream at Anita Gelato. Big decision, big decision.

Oh, BTW. Today's 'Irene's Getting Fat!' 3rd blogiversary! I was going to do a super cool recipe for this occasion but unfortunately time has not been really on my side these days. But I think bright-coloured and creamy scoops of gelato are still a fun way to celebrate! 

I am not usually someone who craves sweet and sugar all the time, and I am also not really big on eating cake. However, ice cream and gelato always succeed in bringing up the glutton in me, as I am always up for a scoop or two anytime, any day, no matter how cold it is.

The newish gelato café, La Mamma del Gelato Anita (which I will call Anita Gelato from now on for convenient sake), opened only within two minutes walk from uni doesn't help me in suppressing my glutton. Located facing the park in Central Park mall vicinity, Anita Gelato sure is a perfect place to chill or to escape from the chase of everyday life struggle for a while. The interior itself is nothing but welcoming and comforting, as well as being elegant with a bit of vintage touches.

There's a framed photo on one of the walls, and I am just wondering if it is Mama Anita, the foundation/inspiration of this gelateria.

Is that Mama Anita?

A few tables for two are arranged neatly, and larger group can occupy the bigger seating on the left corner of the room, where light is dimmer and the ambiance is even more romantic. The gelateria, which is where they churn their great gelato made with real ingredients, is located on the other side of the room, opened just enough for customers to peek inside to see the process.



They are not here just to offer you the amazing gelato; yoghurt, dessert, and sorts of coffee are also listed on the menu board. I have not tried any item other than the gelato, so if you have, please shed me some light!

Counter (look at those Nutella jars!)

Now lets talk about the one (or ones) that make me come here over and over again, pre and post my classes. The gelato. I am sure working through the flavours, but most of them are outstanding in their own way.

What's great is that they let you try the flavours before you point your finger to the chosen one. Although it may not be a good idea when they're busy, the staff is more than happy to get you a taste of as many flavours as you like. Talk about good service. Some of the flavours seem to be always there, but some are constantly changing, and you can always ask about a flavour if there's no nametag on top.

When you finally choose one (or two, or even three) flavour(s), decide between cone or cup. I used to be a cone girl but now I find more joy in using cup for my ice cream. I did try the cone though, and it was crispy without being too dry and tasted great too.

If you are getting the flavours with chocolate/peanut/wafer/fruit (basically anything) on top, the staff will cut you a piece and put it on top of the cup/cone.

Ask for samples. Or better yet, try each and every one of them.

Try all the flavours!

Here's the breakdown of the flavours I have managed to try so far.

Loacker - it has chocolate blobs fondled together with pieces of (what I believe to be) Loacker wafer pieces.

Mango - perfect balance of sour and sweet, and I can totally taste mango, not mango essence. Great for a palate cleanser.

Regular ($7) - mango & loacker

Strawberry - again, no complain about it being too sour or too sweet. There are some strawberry seeds inside, and the zing will sure wake you up.

Cheesecake - any cheesecake lover will love this one. I'm pretty sure there are some cream cheese mixed inside the creamy and rich gelato. However, as I am not that keen to cheesecake in general, I stopped at the first mouthful.

Regular ($7) - strawberry & cheesecake

Ferrero Rosher Cream - my absolute favourite so far. God knows how many times I've dreamt about this one. It tastes remarkably like the real spherical chocolate treat, with rich and decadent chocolate blobs and crushed hazelnuts throughout.

Choc Berry Muffin - I am half guessing here, but there's definitely some vanilla cake/cookie within the embrace of smooth gelato with tangy mixed berry jam and chocolate drizzle.

Regular ($7) - ferrero rosher cream & choc and berry muffin

Watermelon & Mint - another one that won my heart. Very refreshing combi with mint being the leader of both flavours, leaving the watermelon as the milder counterpart. They work harmoniously, and the sweet watermelon part prevents the whole scoop to taste like toothpaste.

Black Forest - another one that tastes like the real thing. I love the bravery of the rum, it shines through on every spoonful, complimented with luscious chocolate and sour mixed berries.

Regular ($7) - black forest & watermelon and mint

Belgian Waffle with Dulche de Leche - surprisingly not so sweet, a lush number with distinct caramel flavour and crushed waffle pieces hidden inside. If only there's more dulche de leche folded in..

Small ($5) - Belgian waffle with dulce the leche

And some more that I tried during periods of indecisiveness: Kinder Bueno (rather comparable with Loacker; creamy and chocolatey), Pear & Wine (with poached pear cubes in Chardonnay, with shy sprinkles of cinnamon), 'Sneakers' (basically Snickers; rich chocolate and caramel rivers with crushed peanuts here and there), Crema Catalana (tastes rather gingery, similar to creme brulee with cracked sugar atop), Chocolate and Orange Jam (a classic combination that can never be wrong for me, with great balance of subtle bitterness of the chocolate and tartness of the jam), and Cookieman (instead of Oreo they have crumblier cookie pieces that disintegrate very easily).


I guess it is only natural to compare a great gelato place to Messina, and I think this one has what it takes to be as popular as Messina. I still pledge my heart for Messina, but I think I am having a massive crush here and I have never been so happy having a gelato place so close to uni. It is dangerously close, but hey, everyone need a good scoop of ice cream once in a while, right?


By 'dangerously close' I meant 'too close I have gone three times in a week'. Oops.

Aaand.. I would love to say massive thanks to all of you! The readers, followers, commenters, and supporters of this little blog of mine, you guys certainly have made my days brighter. I did have a few hard months at the beginning of this year and blogging was forced to be put to lower priority level, but never once I had intended to stop writing and capturing drool-worthy food. Thanks you so so so much for the lovely encouragement and support you give until now, you have no idea how much they are appreciated.

I love you all! Cheers for more years to come, yeah? ;)

Currency: $1 = IDR 10,500

Rating: 4.5/5 (Really recommended)
Super good gelato and many flavours to choose from, super comfy and nice ambiance, very friendly service, affordable price.



Central Park, RG 15 Ground Floor 28
Broadway, Chippendale, NSW 2008

Phone: (02) 8097 8508

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  1. Wow - Might have to give this place a whirl. I was mighty annoyed last time I went to the mothership (Gelato Messina) and they gave me a puny puny scoop of Ice-cream. Very disappointing!!

    1. Oh no, we don't want tiny scoop of ice cream! :( this place is great, do try it and let me know what you think. Thanks for dropping by, Bianca!

  2. Ferrero Rosher sounds like a dream come true omg! And I live quite nearby too.

    1. Really? Let's do Anita run sometime! I'm nearby four days a week LOL. Thanks for dropping by, Yvonne!

  3. happy 3rd anniversary :) u blog are amazing !!!

    1. Hi there, thank you very much! I really appreciate it.

  4. Happy blogiversary! Couldn't think of a better way to celebrate - and so thoroughly too!

    1. Thanks so much, Helen! I've been there so many times these days, it's almost compulsory to do a thorough post haha :D

  5. Happy anniversary! Good to see we share the same tastes, I loved the Ferero Rocher and Watermelon/mint as well!

    1. Thanks so much, Isaac! They're awesome, amirite? :D

  6. It's great that competing gelaterias are giving Messina a run for its money! First cow and the moon, then Rivareno, then Anita! So many places to try, so little time :/

    1. I know right! Messina better not lower their defense. So true about the little time, I have yet to try Rivareno!

  7. Dear Irene,

    Congrats on your 3rd anniversary! I didn't even know there is a Ferrari Racer flavour!

    1. Thanks a lot, ChopindandMysaucepan! LOL nice one! ;)

  8. Damnnnn Irene! Those gelato is calling me. Would love to try all of the flavors - and then go home :P Nah kidding. Cheesecake is definitely on my top list. And Kinder Bueno comes second.

    1. Haha they're pretty awesome. A cheesecake lover, eh? It is actually my least fav, but that's just because I don't really like cheesecake in general! Thanks for dropping by, Sharon!

  9. happy bloggiversary!!! how fast does the time fly? that ferrero rocher gelato looks so droolworthy

    1. Thanks, Annie! It is soooo good. Almost magical. Haha.


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