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Carnivor Barbecue Specialist, PIK - Jakarta

I love ribs. Pork ribs, to be exact.
Babyback half rack from Carnivor

Unfortunately, since trying Hurricane's Grill, my bar is already set quite high. But of course, I won't miss an opportunity to try Carnivor's ribs. Especially with the company of absolutely absurd and humorous cousins. It was a great night.

Carnivor Barbecue Specialist, or we'll call Carnivor from now on for the sake of ease, is a popular restaurant in PIK area which was quite packed that night. And BTW, I am sorry for this is such a long overdue post. I'm trying to get my Jakarta-based posts published and so I can move on to Sydney-based ones.


Frankly, I love the interior. It is spacious with warm colour of bricks and wood, which makes the room looks elegant yet welcoming. Most tables are provided for bigger groups, but couples will also be accommodated easily.

There's only one thing that disturbs me most: there isn't special smoking area. A big no-no for me, and for many others who don't want to get lung cancer in couple years time just by being exposed to the smoke. Just something to consider from a humble customer, dear Carnivor.



Anyway, I have to say that the decorations are lovely. From the customized buckets to interesting pictures and hanging candles; they're pleasing for the eyes.



There were numerous glasses and plates on our table for ten that night, I had quite a challenging time taking pictures of all of them, but I'll try my best.

Their lemon tea was typical like other lemon tea at other restaurants. It was quite refreshing and you can adjust the level of sweetness by pouring the sugar from the mini jug yourself.

Lemon tea - IDR 29,000 ($2.9)

Crispy chicken tenderloin was served in a bucket, which was a plus point for me. I love novelties. The tender chicken with crunchy jacket was moreish although not much to make a strong notion about.

Crispy chicken tenderloin - IDR 38,000 ($3.8)

Like I said, I love pork ribs.

However, being not very hungry that night, I went recklessly for half rack babyback. Wrong decision. Really, the half rack won't satisfy even the tiniest wolf in you. Go for the full rack babyback.

The meat was so tender and fell off the bone so easily, it was marinated nicely with such a lip-smacking-delicious sauce, which wasn't too heavy or sweet like it can be. The smoky flavour and aroma also brought out the best of this dish.

Babyback ribs full rack - IDR 175,000 ($17.5)

The other dishes were enjoyed fully although they couldn't dodge the ribs from the highlight. The pizzas had thin and crispy crust, maybe a wee bit too thin it almost felt like eating biscuits. The toppings, however, weren't short on the flavour department.

Salmon vodka pasta was a new thing for me, and surprisingly the vodka touch was still quite tangible yet didn't disturb the whole flavour combination. The fried rice on hot plate looked amazing but I had no chance to try.

Clockwise L - R: four season cheese pizza (IDR 52,000 - $5.2), Barbarinos BBQ pizza (IDR 55,000 - $5.5), salmon vodka pasta (IDR 52,000 - $5.2), sizzling fried rice with pork (IDR 38,000 - $3.8)

A meal isn't complete with some spoonfuls of sugar in our blood, right?

Watery hot chocolate was quite a let down, but the creamy creme brulee with a crackable top made up for it. Although it is not pictured, the best dessert of the night was the melted chocolate volcano with oozing hot chocolate inside moist pudding-type cake.

Hot chocolate and creme brulee

The moral of the story?

Carnivor is no Hurricane's, but still, go for the full rack.


Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Good food and praise-worthy ribs, service is friendly and quite quick, ambiance is nice but there is special non-smoking area, price is relatively on the high-end.



Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 11 - 12
Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jln. Marina Indah Jaya
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara

Phone: (021) 9200 8093

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  1. I'm so glad you're blogging again!

  2. Love the interior! :D

  3. Oh man! Those babyback ribs looks so sticky and succulent!

    1. They are! They aren't the best but sure decent enough :)

  4. lol i always get a full rack of ribs too! And I'm with you... pork ribs all the way!


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