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Bene Ristorante, Living World Mall - Tangerang

All you have to do is to look around the corner.
Pesto con gamberoni pasta

And then you'll find it. The small, unassuming yet welcoming restaurant called Bene Ristorante.

If you're familiar with Living World Mall, you must know that there's a long corridor on ground level nestling copious number of restaurants. Go straight to the very end. I doubt you'll regret it.


Picking Italian dishes as their specialty, it is also reflected on the decoration. The open seating itself isn't that spacious, but quite cozy and definitely colourful. Couches or chairs? You choose.




The open kitchen is an attraction, although I didn't see much of pizza base flipping action that day.

1 meter pizza sign

Although we (I took the brother as the lunch date of the day) were curious about their pizza, especially since we saw the 1 meter pizza which is perfect for groups, we started off zingy and refreshingly with their fizzy drinks. The blue orange soda and spring apple soda weren't just easy on the eyes but also on the throats.

L - R: blue orange soda (IDR 36,000 - $3.6), spring apple soda (IDR 36,000 - $3.6)

Our antipasti was a bowl of neatly arranged fried mushrooms topped with sexy mozzarella cheese, funghi fritti. The juicy morsels had crunchy batter and stretchy cheese atop, served with tangy marinara sauce. The portion was perfect, I say. The mushrooms weren't too big to make you full already before your main comes but not too small either.

Funghi fritti - IDR 39,000 ($3.9)

And then the prettiest highlight of the meal came. Pesto con gamberoni pasta is one of their recommended menus, starring generous number of juicy king prawns and flavorsome homemade pesto paste. The fetuccine itself was cooked perfectly, and each strand was coated with the slightly oily (in a good way), addictive, and nutty pesto. Sprinkles of powdered parmesan cheese and chilli flakes made the dish even more thrilling.

Pesto con gamberoni pasta - IDR 56,000 ($5.6)


We were slightly dumbstrucked when Americano classico pizza was plated in front of us. It was way too huge for the two of us, especially after two dishes before. It is actually portioned nicely to feed 1-3 people.

Americano classico pizza (SF) - IDR 79,000 ($7.9)

They make their own pizza base from whole wheat flour, which was thin enough for me without having biscuit-like texture. The toppings (tomato sauce, ground beef, sliced pickle, onion, mushroom, melted mozzarella, mayonnaise and chopped beef bacon) tasted similar like cheeseburger. It did feel like eating thin, sliced cheeseburger. Apart from the fact that I needed tabasco and chilli flakes to lift the game a bit, it was enjoyable.


As full as we were, there was always a backup stomach for dessert, right? So we soldiered on and finished the warm brownies al ciocccolato bianco (white chocolate brownie mixed with nuts) with a really nice pair of vanilla ice cream. If I can make a suggestion, the white sugar on top of it is probably not needed.

Brownies al cioccolato bianco - IDR 37,000 ($3.7)


Rating: 3.5/5 (Really worth the try)
Impeccable service, reasonable price, good pasta and other Italian dishes, nice and quite comfy ambiance.

Irene's Getting Fat! and +1 dined as guests of Bene Ristorante. The opinions remain personal and based on individual taste.



Mall Living World
Alam Sutra unit G-71 
Jl. Alam Sutra Bulevar Kav. 21, Tangerang

Phone: (021) 29239570

Web: Bene Ristorante
Facebook: Bene Ristorante
Twitter: @BeneRistorante

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  1. its nice to see u blog again :)

  2. Oh this looks wonderful! Everything looks and sounds delicious. Yum!

    xx gemma @

  3. I love the paella pasta from Bene Ristorante. It has unique flavor for a pasta dish and really yummy! You should try it if you have a chance :) Their salmon carbonara is good too.

    1. Noted. Thanks for the recommendations and dropping by! :D


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