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Milliore, Capitol Square - Sydney CBD

Good food can be found anywhere.
Dolsot bibimbap from Milliore

That's the moral of the story today.

The thing is, I have always underestimated the Capitol Square. Apart from buying and browsing laptops there, I found nothing interesting in that place, not even the offer of food and beverages joints. That is, until the best friend tugged me along to Milliore.

Milliore, Capitol Square

It is a Korean fusion restaurant, occupying a quite large part of Capitol Square's ground level. The restaurant's setting is open, and thanks to the glass facades of Capitol Square's, the natural light comes brightly, which is very welcomed.


The seating is abundant; you can choose to seat on the dark wooden chairs or snuggle more comfortable on the couch, on the further part of the restaurant. Having a penchant of anything wooden and brown, I found this place to be very pleasing to the eye. There are not many decorations but it stands elegant and welcoming. Those who usually spend days and nights clinging themselves to Korean dramas can enjoy themselves even more here with the TV recaps.


The menu is quite extensive, from the bigger, sharing-type dishes to the smaller individual portions. They have rice dishes, noodles, soups, and personal bowls of your choice of meat, just to name a few.


Banchan (side dishes) came straight after we put our order, and refilled rather quickly. I personally loved the spicy fish cake one the most.

Banchan (side dishes)

After flipping over the pages, I was sold by the sound and look of dolsot bibimbap, Korean mixed rice with vegetables, mushroom, minced beef, topped with some red pepper paste and raw yolk in hot stone pot.

First of all, how sexy is this thing?? It wasn't that challenging at all to snap a good photo of this dish, it came with its full-on mesmerizing beauty and its most seductive moves.

Dolsot bibimbap - $9.9

If the appearance itself is not arousing enough for you, let me tell you this: the flavour combination is quite captivating as well. Every part of the topping played its own part in terms of flavour and texture, without shoving each other away. None of them received a highlight, but combined, it was bursting with addictive taste.

The yolk got cooked throughout the process, thanks to the hot bowl it was served in. And of course, the charred, smoky, crispy rice bottom, which served as the very important icing on the cake.

Charred rice

The best friend was a bit under the weather on that particular day, so the idea of warm, beefy soup lured her easily. Kalbi tang (white beef soup) looked rather plain with generous amount of sliced spring onion atop, but if you scoop further, there were strands of glassy vermicelli/rice noodles, and thin slivers of beef. The soup itself was excellent, way better than the soup that came with my bibimbap, and it tasted like health and warmth. It was rich, but not too intense.

However, the beef slices were on the dry side for me, and they dried quite easily outside its delicious soup bath as well.

Kalbi tang (white beef soup) - $11

Oh, have I mentioned that there was a lovely poached egg in there too? Yep, there was. A marvelous, smooth poached egg.

milliore-poached egg
Perfectly poached egg!

All in all, this place is really good for those who are craving for a decent Korean feed while being around the area. I know there are a few Korean joints in the vicinity, but you will not regret witnessing the sexiness of the bibimbap yourself.

I didn't know you can be this enticing, Capitol Square!

Currency: $1 =IDR 10,800

Rating: 3/5 (Worth the try)
Good menu and dishes selections, great plating and more than decent flavour of the food, efficient service, price is reasonable.



Capitol Square
Shop G10, 730-742 George St
Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9212 2828

MillioRe Korean Fusion Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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  1. Yum that crispy bottom on the dolsot bibimbap looks amazing! Haven't been here in ages but will have to revisit!

    1. Would love to hear what you think about this place, Helen!
      And yeah, the charred rice was pretty amazing :)

  2. I must've walked passed this place a hundred times - I've never noticed it. Look at those photos and that bibimbap - love a cripsy bottom! Such good prices for such a pretty looking place. I was expecting a hefty price to be honest!

    1. The place does look fancy, doesn't it? But the price is very student-friendly!
      And yeah, I love crispy bottom on my bibimbap too! :D

  3. Dear Irene,

    The food looks really fresh and well prepared. I would be tempted to put that entire spoonful of delicious poached egg into my mouth.

    1. Hi Chopinand! The egg did have the same effect to me haha. It was too beautiful to be put entirely into my mouth, I thought, so we let the yolk flowed out sexily instead :)

  4. mmm the crispy rice on the bottom is always the best part of a bibimbap!

  5. omg look at that perfect egg.. i dont think i could break it, it would just hurt me lol

    1. I know right, they made it perfectly! :D

  6. I love how you're thorough. I am never in Capitol Square for the food - I actually spend my time gambling my money away on the second floor with the claw machines.

    I've never had korean besides for Korean bbq.... which I guess doesn't quite count. Maybe I'll pop by one day.

    1. Thanks, Rosa! :D
      LOL I can completely relate to that. Korean BBQ is amazing though, where's your fav?

  7. Gosh it has been ages since I last came here! Used to come here during my yr12 and first yr uni days hehe. That poached egg looks perfect!

    1. Would love to know if the taste has improved since then, have you paid them a visit recently?
      Thanks for dropping by, Vivian!

  8. Gorgeous photos as always Irene! Love the crispy rice bottoms a dolsot creates. Will have to give this a go one day!

    1. Thanks heaps, Raff! I love it too! It makes the whole bowl even more interesting, doesn't it?

  9. I LOVE Banchan! Your photos are making me hungry :P


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