Friday, 6 December 2013

Life's Bits & Pieces and an Announcement

It is the time of the year again!

The time for me to get a long (well-deserved, I say) holiday! And by saying holiday, it means three-month long snuggling at home in Jakarta. Maybe literally, as they say that the traffic jams are becoming unbearable and unbelievable. Whatever, it is still so very exciting to finally step my feet back home again.

So yeah, that's the announcement. I will be posting Jakarta-based food posts for at least the next three months, and I do hope that you, my dear readers, will enjoy them. I am planning to do some food trips and adventures at local markets and street food vendors, which are far more fascinating to me rather than to sit at much hyped Western restaurants that seem to pop-up very quickly nowadays in Jakarta. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them, but as you may have notice, I have a soft spot for markets and street food.

Anyways, I thought it's gonna be boring if I just post the announcement on its own, so I decided to include some trivial things that I have eaten and encountered for the past few weeks via Instagram.

1. Spring onion fried chicken from NaruOne, Sydney CBD. Because they say: everyday is fry-day.

2. Crispy pork belly burger from Chur Burger, Surry Hills, a genius creation of Ramen Raff. It's gone by the time you read this post, but hopefully they'll make it as a permanent, or at least a special again.

It's all sort of awesome; the crispy pork belly is juicy with crispy edges, the jalapeno mayo gives a creamy and fiery blows, and the apple slaw adds some interesting crunch and freshness. Not to mention the soft and buttery bun.

For those who were successful in getting your hands on this, good on you.

3. Homemade nama chocolate, which only includes three ingredients. The result was pretty wicked, post is coming soon!


The next three are related to the epic and super fun Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic 2013.

4. The gigantic box of pork crackling; 5. 'Food Snob' book I managed to keep from the tricky Evil Santa; 6. Lemper that I brought to the event.


7. Chicken tortilla from Coco Cubano, Central Park. Do you know that there's a new mall in Broadway, just across UTS Tower Building? It is still quiet there, but I'm sure the popularity will boost soon enough.

The chicken tortilla was pretty decent, with juicy and generous amount of chicken and creamy guacamole and aioli. Their chocolate drinks, however, are top notch.

8. Pho tai (rare beef noodle soup) from Pho Ann, Cabramatta. Many say it's one of the best pho in Sydney but unfortunately I failed in agreeing to the statement. The broth was savoury indeed, but it lacked the good depth of beefy flavour to me. Some tweaking with lemon juice, chilli sauce and sliced chilli were done to my bowl. Having said that, the beef slices were given generously and my craving was satisfied that day.

9. Itha's Christmas Pudding and Brandy Butterscotch. Excited to try them. I will have to take photos first, of course. So I probably have to bring them over to Jakarta, because I just don't have enough time to make a proper snap at the moment. Will definitely keep you guys updated about these babies!


And there you go.

Now I'll continue packing as I will be departing tomorrow morning. It's impossible to detain the excitement, really.

See you soon, Jakarta! And let's catch up and eat, Jakarta food bloggers! ;)


I just need to make a shout out for one of my absolute favourite food blogs, ever: iFat - Food Chronicles. I am so happy I found this blog, as this guy makes almost everything sounds hilarious. I thoroughly enjoy every post that has been published. I need more, Isaac. Please keep them (and the puns) coming!

Do visit and read the blog. You will at least smile, if not LOL-ing like I do.

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  1. Oh God, the pressure. Guess it's time for Isaac to get fat!

    Have fun in Jakarta, we'll hang out when you get back!

    1. Let's get fat together! Haha.
      Sure thing, thanks! :D

  2. Have an awesome holiday! Envious of all the street food you'll get to enjoy too!

    1. I am pretty excited too to get my hands on the street food LOL
      Thanks, Helen! :D

  3. Dear Irene,

    I want to see posts about ayam goreng, sup buntut and sambal belado ... everyday, for the next 3 months.

    Have an awesome eating trip!

    1. I got it! I'll definitely eat heaps of those LOL
      Thanks, Chopindand! :D

  4. Have an awesome three months Irene! eat ALL the bakso goreng!!!

    1. I will eat all of them for sure hehe
      Thanks, Raff! :D

  5. have a safe flight and happy holidays!

    1. Thanks, Suze. Happy holiday to you too! :D

  6. OMG!! Jealous about your (well deserved) holiday for THREE MONTHS!!
    But also excited to read about where you will take us with your adventures!! :D

    - Cassie

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Cassie! I'll sure post delicious Indonesian food for the next three months, at least! :D

  7. issac is an amazing guy isnt he? loves his blog posts! safe trip home dear!

    1. Totally. I always either smile or laugh reading his posts :)
      Thanks, Amy! Happy holidays!

  8. THREE MONTHS? can you take me? pretty please? i'll behave in the suitcase... i promise..

    1. It's maybe a bit too late now but I would love to do that LOL :)
      Happy holiday, Shanshan!


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