Monday, 16 December 2013

Itha's Puddings - Christmas Pudding and Brandy Butterscotch Sauce

Can you taste Christmas already?
Christmas pudding and brandy butterscotch dessert sauce from Itha's puddings

I can. It’s very Christmas-y here in Jakarta, and I can’t be more excited. The festive mood is contagious, really. However, if you still can’t taste Christmas, let me show you something that may help you with that.

Thanks to Piccolo PR and Itha’s Puddings, I got to pop my cherry on Christmas pudding. By saying pudding, I don’t refer to the wobbly dessert, but the boiled (and probably baked) pudding, involving generous amount of dried fruit and spices in the making. This type of dessert is originated from England, where it is served traditionally as a part of Christmas feasts. Probably just like how Chinese makes noodles a compulsory menu for a birthday meal.

Itha’s Christmas pudding is a family recipe, invented way back in 1912, and they also uses special process called ‘cooked in the cloth’ to ensure the uniqueness and great flavour of the pudding.

I am honoured to be able to sample this delicacy, plus a beautiful tall jar of brandy butterscotch. Just reading the name sends thrilling shivers through my spine.

The pretty package

So I tried the brandy butterscotch first. It’s pale brown in colour, and it may seem tame, but the taste proves otherwise. It’s rich to say the least, sweet, and addictive. The hint of brandy is tangible, adding stimulating touch to every smear of the creamy dessert sauce. This magical sauce will definitely take any mundane dessert item to a whole new level. I reckon it totally deserves the gold medal.

Brandy butterscotch dessert sauce

It’s not that the pudding needs any catalyst; I was just too excited to use the brandy butterscotch already that I put a few spoonfuls of it atop the pudding.

The Christmas pudding itself has abundant amount of dried fruits. It’s crammed with spice flavours that will tingle your tastebuds. The interesting spices trace lingers even on the back of the throat, and the next bite will only amplify the previous. It’s rather sticky, moist, and not too sweet, making it perfect with a scoop of ice cream, I say.

Information and ingredients

Christmas pudding

As the first Christmas pudding I’ve tried, this one definitely set the bar quite high.

(Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post by Piccolo PR and Itha’s Puddings (thank you!), however, opinions are based on my personal taste.)

Information and ordering:

Itha's Puddings

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  1. Wow that pudding looks incredible! And the brandy butterscotch sauce sounds wickedly good!

    1. The brandy butterscotch is amazing indeed! So is the pudding but the sauce steals more portions of my heart! :D

  2. I literally drooled over my laptop xD


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