Monday, 18 November 2013

The Choc Pot, Burwood - Sydney

'I really shouldn't go in...'
the-choc-pot-molten-choc-pot (2)
Molten choc pot from The Choc Pot

I whispered to myself.

But what can I do, faced with such temptation, I am just a weak human being.

The appeal of freshly made chocolate desserts is what made me finally stepped my foot into The Choc Pot. It is a new dessert shop in Burwood, not far from the train station at all, manned by a couple by the name of Ash and Deidre.


The interior is cute, homey, bright, and somehow seems natural. Maybe it's the lovely bricks. I love bricks arranged like that.

Wooden tables and white and yellow chairs dominated the seating theme, and there are quite a lot of charming and cute pieces all over the place. Whoever designed this place did a pretty great job.

Indoor seating

Apparently, they use just the best ingredients for their products, including Callebaut chocolate, unrefined caster sugar, and jersey milk to maintain the quality and heavenly taste. They also showcase the mentioned ingredients on one of the shelves.

They also provide various tea pairings to go with your dessert. You can see the recommended teas on their website.

Interior and tea leaves on display

If you want the breeze (which we did not want that day, it was disgustingly hot), feel free to settle yourself on the outdoor seating.

Outdoor seating

A menu book shouldn't be expected, instead, look up, browse the menu board and be happily confused with the amount of options. To me, they were just like primary school students pointing their hands up, eagerly saying 'me, me me!' in order to be to be picked.

Or, if you happen not to bring your glasses, go see their offerings on the tablet on the counter.

Menu board

The salted caramel milkshake is nothing like the ones I have tried. Its slightly salty caramel flavour shines through every sip, and the creaminess is just hiding in the corner, sprinkling its magic that makes this tall glass of concoction even better. It's not too sweet, it's not too heavy either. I may have not tasted enough glasses of salted caramel milkshake to make a big call, but this one is the best one yet.

And yes, they use homemade salted caramel. How awesome is that?

Just a suggestion though, I reckon it'll be better if the size is made bigger with such pricetag.

Salted caramel milkshake - $8

Crispy top deck mousse arrived on the table and we started gasping with adoration. The portion of this one is perfect for one, and it is still great shared between two.

It is layered white and dark chocolate mousse with crispy chocolate caviar, topped with cream and sliced strawberry.

the-choc-pot-crispy-topdeck-mousse (1)
Crispy top deck mousse - $12

Both kinds of the mousse are very smooth, and while I love the  dark one more, the white one makes a great pairing. The chocolate caviar adds interesting texture contrast, and each spoonful of this dessert glides easily down my throat with a background music of 'Hallelujah'.

the-choc-pot-crispy-topdeck-mousse (2)

You think we stopped at that? Of course not.

Molten choc pot came the last, stealing all the highlights from the other two. Should I put it in bullet points about how lovable this dessert is?
  • The presentation is super cute. Especially the mini pot with melted fondant and another drizzle of milk chocolate. Heck, everything in this place is cute.
  • It is clearly freshly baked, evident from the temperature and the smell of the luscious fondant.
  • It is dark chocolate fondant.
  • It is so gooey inside with fudgey top and edges.
  • It is so unbelievably rich.
  • It comes with a scoop of Connoisseur vanilla ice cream and tangy strawberries. I can't imagine any better kind of partnership.

the-choc-pot-molten-choc-pot (1)
Molten choc pot - $14

Overall, I had such a fun. Although diabetes is probably lurking in the corner right now, I reckon a trip or two to this place is worth it. But maybe you may have to skip any kind of dessert for the rest of the day, I'm just saying.

A great place for dates, I think. You can get a lot of wiping-the-cream-from-the-lips kind of actions, you know. Having said that, it may become tricky then if you're too into the molten choc pot and leave some chocolate on your teeth.

Currency: $1 = IDR 10,700

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great dessert and drinks selections, super friendly and accommodating service, great and homey ambiance, price is relatively higher than the usual but I reckon it's worth the guilt trip.



7/1 Railway Parade
Burwood, NSW 2134

Phone: (02) 9715 5997

Web: The Choc Pot
Facebook: The Choc Pot

The Choc Pot on Urbanspoon

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  1. I live locally and only noticed this place the other week! Will have to go visit, it looks fantastic.

    1. It is, and I heard they're releasing summer menu soon too!
      Thanks for dropping by, Suz!

  2. Gorgeous photos as usual! Love the first shot coz it's so sexy lol that dark choc fondant sounds amazing.

    1. It is amazing :)
      Thanks heaps again, Raff!

  3. That's some sexy chocolate spillage. The salted caramel shake sounds pretty awesome too.

    1. Everything is either cute of sexy in this place haha.
      Thanks for dropping by, Helen! :)

  4. awesome photos irene! love that choc pot - the name really suits ;)

  5. omg the last photo is so tempting! chocolate is peeking around the pot!

    1. I'm glad you enjoy it! :)
      Thanks for dropping by, Jessica!

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