Monday, 25 November 2013

Indonesian Culinary Gems - Lemper

We're getting sticky here.

I mean, literally. This one is a sticky, tasty little stuff.

So this post is meant to give you the basic info about this lovely parcel of deliciousness from Indonesia, which I brought for Sydney Food Blogger Christmas Picnic 2013. Post is published real soon, I promise. I didn't make it, one of the Indonesian women within my aunt's circle did. They do have magical hands, those women.

Contribution to Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic 2013

What it is

Lemper is similar with Chinese's sticky rice parcel (bakcang or zongzi). The difference is that this one is originated from Indonesia, although I am not sure where, exactly. It's glutinous rice parcel filled with various filings, with the most usual ones are shredded chicken, fish, and beef (or abon as we call it, which is more of beef floss). It is usually wrapped, partly or fully, with banana leaves, and some people prefer to grill them to yield smoky flavour and more interesting texture. I also prefer them grilled, to be honest. They're more fragrant that way.


Steamed lemper (image from My Cooking Without Borders)

Grilled lemper (image from My Cooking Without Borders)

Lemper is usually served as snacks or for morning/afternoon teas.

I ate 10 of them for lunch, once. Did not regret it at all.


As I have said before, I am not sure where this delicacy is exactly originated from. However, it is well known around the country, and it is one of the most loved Indonesian snacks, I reckon.

How does it taste

Addictive. Unless it is shaped really big, which is rather unusual, one small lemper will not satisfy you. Not me, at least.

As the sticky rice is steamed with coconut milk, it is rich, fragrant, and the filling is usually a balance of sweet and savoury. When it is grilled, the outer part may have slightly crispy and charred surface, which I love very much.


Where to find

There should not be any problem finding them in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. Street cakes and snacks vendors usually have them on the list, it is almost like it's compulsory to have lemper for a snack vendor. We also often find the wrapped parcel on a snack box from events, functions, and whatnots.

In Sydney, well, it's tricky. You have to know the right person to get your hands on these babies. Leave a comment if you are really interested and I will refer some numbers to you.


It sounds and looks quite easy to make, but again, you need patience. Here you go, a really great recipe of lemper from Simply Delish. I love that blog.


I hope those who tried this on the picnic liked it!

(Disclaimer: some images used in this post are not mine, all credit goes to the blogs and websites I got them from. All blog and web addresses are hyper-linked to the images and/or captions. Special shoutout to Simply Delish; go visit that blog, it's super great.)

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  1. Enakkkkkk bgt lemperrrr! Km resides di sydney yah?

    1. Banget! Iya :)
      Thanks for dropping by, Catherine!

  2. These were amazing! So glad I managed to have one of these before they were all gone. Would love to try them grilled as well. Thanks for coming to the picnic :)

    1. Grilling makes them even better. Glad you liked it, Helen! :D
      My pleasure, I had so much fun!

  3. I didn't get to try them at the picnic, boo! Was great to finally put a face to blog, here's to many more food adventures x

    1. I'll share some when I am some in my hands! ;)
      It was really nice meeting you, Em :)

  4. So sad I only ate half :( We shall have a picnic of our own :P

    1. Lets lets! We are gonna have as much fun, I reckon :)

  5. Yum yum!
    "How does it taste?"

    And so glad I met you, you're coolness to the max. :)

    1. I'm glad you loved it, Rosa!
      Naaaww you're too sweet! I think you're way cooler than me :)

  6. these were freakin amazing, can your aunt or whoever made them adopt me pls?

    1. LOLs I'll ask! ;)
      Glad you liked it, Amy!


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