Friday, 22 November 2013

Hurricane's Grill, Brighton Le-Sands - Sydney

Release your inner wild carnivore here.
Hurricane's full rack pork ribs

Drop the fancy clothes or get some bibs, and get your hands dirty.

Hurricane's Grill in Brighton has a big tick on the view department, as it is located nicely at the frontier of Botany Bay, which gives the room a bright lighting too. It is a big place, but gets packed very easily, thanks to the huge popularity of their food.

The interior is quite spacious, but there isn't much space between the tables/chairs when they are so packed. It's neatly arranged though, with neutral colours and wooden touch.



Go for the outdoor seating if you don't mind the wind and direct sunshine. A great spot to view the beach and the blue water.

Outdoor/balcony seating

Beach view

But really, you may forget the beach right away when the ribs are served on the table.

Hurricane's menu is quite extensive and will suffice any carnivorous cravings. They have ribs, steak, combo platter of both, and some great side dishes that I did not get to taste. Because that day was all about the ribs.

The cousin and I shared a full rack of pork ribs, which is all sorts of amazing. It is served with baked potato and sour cream with chives, but you can go for chips instead.

How do I explain how good the ribs are?

It's massive for sure, I even doubted that we could finish the whole thing. Which proved to be the stupidest question. Once I took a bite, I could not stop.

The meat is so tender it falls without any exhaustive jaw movement at all. I was actually surprised that there was quite a lot of meat attached to the bone. The glaze is finger-licking delicious, and the burnt bits throws in delicious smokey parts that I devoured happily.

Pork ribs full rack - $44.9

The baked potato is good and healthier, but who can resist such chunky chips with crunchy edges?

Chips as side

I had a bite of the lamb ribs, and decided to stay with the pork ones. Although the lamb is tender, it still has that typical lamb aroma that I am not fond of. It was really enjoyed by the owner of the plate though.

Lamb ribs full rack - $42.9

Another cousin (yeah I got lots of cousins) went for the steak (which I didn't take note about what kind of steak, I'm sorry!) and chips, and she savoured the medium-rare, juicy steak gleefully. It comes with two kinds of sauces, one being garlic sauce if I'm not mistaken.

Steak and chips

Like I said, it's a bibs and hands business, so drop the courtesy. Well, as long as you don't just sit on the floor with your rib bones and gnaw them like a caveman, of course.


Probably not the preferable place for a first date, but a great one for a special occasion or just any kind of gathering.


Currency: $1 = IDR 10,700

Rating: 4.5/5 (Really recommended)
Amazing ribs (especially the pork) and side dishes, good & efficient service, place can be noisy & crowded during peak hours, nice beach view, price is quite steep.



95 The Grand Parade
Brighton-Le-Sands, NSW 2216

Website: Hurricane's Grill
Facebook page: Hurricane's Grill Brighton Le Sands

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  1. gosh I miss Hurricane's !

    1. Let's hope it'll branch out to Indonesia soon. Thanks for dropping by, mangkokdansumpit! I love the name :)

    2. Yes it will, very, very soon! :D

  2. the ribs here are gorgeous! love the carnivorous man chomping down shot!

  3. Hi Irene!!
    Was lovely meeting you :) Your blog post had me craving for ribs :) Last time I went to a rib restaurant was over 2 years ago, so must definitely go to Hurricane :)

    1. Hi, Olivia! It was really nice meeting you too! :)
      Hmmmm you need some ribs ASAP! ;)

  4. oh my.... baru ngeklik lgsg kaget ren! so hugee ribs nya. and looks so tasty too!! even bau lamb nya bs bkin turn off hahaha

    1. It's amazing, Cend haha.
      You should come here! ;)

  5. i have to say im a huge fan of lamb ribs. It usually does have a smell to me too, but when it's cooked right i think there is no smell :) didn't realise there was a branch in brighton le sands!

    1. I didn't know this branch existed either until the cousin told me so!
      Lamb ribs are OK but for me pork ribs are always superior :D

  6. I always order the full rack but can never finish it. And lol I didn't realise they had a branch at Brighton either!


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