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Fish Place, Surry Hills - Sydney

Ready for some Omega 3 intake?
Fish Place's beer battered fish and smoked trout (background)

A great way to serve some Omega 3 sources, this one.

BTW, have you noticed that I have posted a lot of Surry Hills' places recently? Yeah, I have been there a lot these days. But the hippest places are happening there, right? Just bear with me.

Fish Place provided me a really nice break from all of my red meat consumption, and by being only a few doors from El Loco, I think they have scored a really convenient location.

Fish Place, Surry Hills



The place stroke me as a casual eatery with quite a lively ambiance, despite its small space. The ordering is done by the counter, and you can refer to the illustrated menu board to chose your intake of seafood.


Menu board

The display can't be more interesting. A huge slab of smoked salmon was attacked to make smoked salmon bagels, and there were a few fish pies floating around too.

Smoked salmon on counter display

And not to mention the options of salads and sides to go with your piece of fish.

Or if you don't care much about calories, fat and sodium intake, go straight for the chips without glancing at the greens section. Like I did.

Salads and sides

I must say, the front seating is limited. But fear not, courtyard seating is there to accommodate.


Upon witnessing the courtyard seating, I fell in love. The whole setting is very different. Unique, irregular, but very pretty in a way. There are some wooden tables, a sewing-machine table, boards, and various worn-out looking antiques.

If you choose the eat-in option, your food should be delivered via a counter-window, and you are free to get your own cutlery and tissue papers.

fish-place-seating (2)
Random seating

And how cute are the flower-filled boots on the stairs?

These rustic yet lovely stuff are very fitting for photo-shoots.

Outdoor seating and props

It was such a warm day, a bottle of refreshing ginger beer was almost compulsory.

Strange Love ginger beer

Being an aficionado of food baptized in hot oil, I couldn't help myself from getting the beer battered fish of the day and chips. They were served with a small tube of tartare sauce, and look at how golden-glorious they are!

Beer battered fish and chips - $13

I regret that I didn't even ask about the fish. I have no idea what kind of fish it was, but it was 100% exquisite. It tasted fresh, it wasn't seasoned heavily which cleared the way of the natural flavour, and the flesh was flaky, and still quite juicy. The coating was light but crispy, no fishy smell whatsoever detected, and the chips were very satisfying. Especially with that addictive tartare sauce.

fish-place-beer-battered-fish-flesh (2)
The flesh

If it's even possible, believe me when I say that the smoked ocean trout was better. The serving of it was accompanied by your side of choice, and my lunch date's was potato & egg salad. One single complaint is that the size was too small. This kind of enticing dish should be made bigger, I'm just saying.

Hot smoked ocean trout with potato & egg salad - $13

The fillet might be small, but it packed all of the interesting flavour. Its pink, succulent flesh was fragrant with smoky scent and definitely delicious, pleasing both our olfactory and gustatory senses. The salad itself didn't contain exploding flavour, which was great paired with the smoked fish.

Squeeze the lemon wedge to add interesting zing on every bite.


We cleansed our palates with Pat & Stick's ice cream sandwiches, something that I had been dying to try for a quite long time. The Double Chocolate was rich and super lovable, but the Espresso Lace was the one that I held dear to my heart. The nutty and crunchy cookies made the difference, I think.

Pat & Stick's ice cream sandwiches: Double Chocolate (left) and Espresso Lace (right) - $5 each

I don't know about you, but these dishes definitely look (and taste) better than those Omega-3 pills to me.

Currency: $1 =IDR 10,700

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Great fish & chips, quite extensive option of sides, price is reasonable, service is friendly and accommodating, ambiance is nice with unique seating.



70 Foveaux St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Phone: (02) 8958 0159

Facebook: Fish Place Surry Hills

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  1. I totally love this place! The batter coatings are the best! You should try their mashed peas next time.

    1. Agreed!
      Mmm I am not a big fan of mashed peas in general but I'll try a spoonful first from this place. That's a start, right? ;)
      Thanks, Raff!

  2. I haven't had the chance to go, it's just not within reach for lunch =(

  3. Love fish place! Their batter is delish and the smoked ocean trout is bliss! So incredibly smoky.

    1. Totally! I am already making plans of revisiting actually :)

  4. i heart fish place the smoked salmon is soooo good!

    1. Couldn't agree more! It is absolutely beautiful.

  5. i've not tried it yet. but with the pink flesh of the smoked trout whispering out sweet nothings. I'm definitely going to have to. SOON!

    1. Definitely need to try this!
      Thanks for dropping by, Sihan!

  6. haven't eaten fish and chips in a looong time! should give this a go some time soon once the weather gets warmer

    1. This is not the average fish & chips, you probably want to give it a try :)

  7. i had the hot smoked trout there and it was simply amazing. simple flavours yet so delicious!

  8. ice cream sandwich sama fish n chipsnya temptinggggggggggg <3
    dan aku juga suka banget interiornya :)
    well interior sometimes become the first thing for me before i decided where to eat :))

    1. Hai, Mediana. Thanks for your comment :)
      Interior is important, indeed. But I guess I'm inclining more to the food factor hehe :)


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