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The Rocks Market & Löwenbräu Keller, The Rocks - Sydney CBD

Oh, it's just a sexy pork knuckle to draw your attention.
Lowenbrau Keller's pork knuckle

Read on, and you'll find many more interesting stuffs in the Rocks apart from the pork knuckle from  Löwenbräu Keller.

The Rocks is truly an one-of-a-kind area in Sydney, where tourists and locals alike can find something to enjoy, involving all of the five senses.

The Rocks, Sydney

It is where lots of Sydney's oldest spots and heritage can be found, and the vintage ambiance can be felt all around the area, with buildings sporting legacy architecture using worn-out stones, woods, and old-school signage. If you're a history-person, go check the whole story of the lovely place.

'Sydney oldest pub'

Guylian chocolate café

And not to mention the eye-popping displays of sweets and savouries from the bakeries and patisseries along the way.

Awesome meringue pies from random pattisserie

A great place for sight-seeing too, with a view of sparkling blue harbour and fancy boats. A sunny day is recommended for the trip, so that you can soak all of the vit D while stuffing your face with some great food.


But I was there for the Rocks Market, something that had been on my bucket list and finally can be scratched off.

Rocks Market ads

It is almost like a festival of handmade crafts and jeweleries and other great stuff, including fashion items and many other kinds of accessories.

I'll let the pictures do the talking instead of me yapping away. Better yet, go check the place yourself.

Alley full of stalls


More stalls

The food stalls were a bit short from my expectation, but the sight of people frying, grilling, and sizzling something was enough to multiply my excitement.

Food stalls with their seductive aroma of grilling, frying and sizzling


Babies & toddlers fashion. Spent a good couple of minutes here just admiring the cuteness of the dresses.

Cuteness overload

Honey Shop table with their honey, honeycomb, and honey candies

Lush Berries stall. So tempted to get some chocolate-dipped strawberries but willpower won.

Unique & cute magnet characters from Room Number One

I really am amazed with the talents of the crafts sold here. I mean, there are even a glass-shaping on the spot, super mini animals figurines in a super mini glass bottles, and lip balm in real clam shells. Lots of the tenants do not allow photographing so I sadly cannot provide you with the evidence.

Another alley

I was really tempted to but some unique stuff from this stall. I love cute vintage things, especially ones that I can wear.

Vintage-looking and absolutely gorgeous mini accessories. Whoever designing this is a genius.

The glass man. He sculpts mini figurines made completely from glass. He melts, shapes, and sets the glass on the spot, and the precision is unbelievable.

Baroque macarons: passionfruit & chocolate and salted caramel ($2.7 ea). A bit soft on the texture, maybe because of the hot weather that day, but 100% delicious.

Not quite feeling like eating random things on the street, we decided for a date over the most awesome pork knuckle at Löwenbräu Keller, which was packed with lunch crowd, crawling with people enjoying their huge glasses of beer and huge plates of meat and other kinds of protein.

Lowenbrau Keller's cutlery

The place is still as chic as I remember; warm, homey, and manned by waiters and waitresses in cute Bavarian-based uniform.


We shared a big portion of whole pork knuckle or Schweinshax'n as they call it. If you're wondering what that is, it's oven-roasted pork knuckle, served with silky mashed potato and tangy sauerkraut (pickled cabbage).

Schweinshax'n (oven roasted pork knuckle served with sauerkraut, Löwenbräu bier sauce and mashed potatoes) - $35

The monster was still as awesome since I first had it; if not better. I mean, look at all of the meat! Super tender flesh with delicious amount of fat that may rush you to just get it by your hands and ditch the knife altogether.

And the crackling. Especially the crackling. Thick, utterly crunchy, and absolutely addictive.

Those meats and crackling!

The silky smooth and perfectly seasoned mashed potato make a great accompaniment. It's just so smooth I almost can't believe it. The acidic sauerkraut tones down the fattiness and richness, but enhances the deliciousness.


We almost ordered roasted potatoes for side, but finally settled with the mixed salad or gemischter salat to justify the fat.

It was a great decision as the salad is really great. Not only the greens are fresh and crisp, there is a bed of refreshing pickled red and white cabbage on the bottom of the plate. Thumbs up.

Gemischter Salat (mixed salad with house dressing) - $7.5

Then the musicians started showing off their instruments and lively tunes, resulting in both attracting more customers and making the dining patrons happy.


The meal was quite salty (but nevertheless exceptionally delicious), I went straight for the freshly squeezed juice from Dare Juice.

Dare Juice stall

I would love to have it colder but it was a good and refreshing cup.

'Tropical' (pineapple, watermelon, orange) - $6.5

How's that for a day out? It was a great one, especially with the gorgeous sunny but breezy weather Sydney loves to make these days.

I need more day outs like this please!

Currency: $1 = IDR 10,800

Rating (for Löwenbräu Keller): 5/5 (Must try)
Excellent pork knuckle (and I heard other dishes are really worth the try too!) and lovely salad, extensive German dishes selections, service is friendly and accommodating, price is steep so sharing will be better, nice and cozy ambiance.



Saturdays and Sundays 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Playfair Street, George Street, Jack Mundey Place

The Rocks Foodies Market
Fridays 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Jack Mundey Place

Website: The Rocks Market


18 Argyle St
The Rocks
Sydney, NSW 2000

Website: Löwenbräu Keller

Lowenbrau Keller on Urbanspoon

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  1. Dear Irene,

    It's good The Rock's market has gotten rid of foreign products and only allow stall owner that sell items which are 100% Australian made.

    I find Lowenbrau a little touristy and recently discovered a better roasted pork knuckle at The Morrison's.

    1. Hi ChopindandMysaucepan,
      This was my first visit to the market, so I don't know how it was in the past. But it is great to see the 100% Oz products there.

      And about the pork knuckle, the one on your post looks absolutely divine, I'll have to try it!

      Thanks for dropping by :)


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