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Ramen Ikkyu, Sussex Centre - Chinatown

Can't get enough of ramen, can we?
Ikkyu miso

I don't mind it at all. Just me give another bowl.

Ramen Ikkyu, steered strongly by Chef Haru Inukai (ex-Blancharu), has been serving their great bowls of ramen at the further part of Sussex Centre food court, and for me, going to the food court is even more exciting now. Apparently they have a target to sell 150 bowls of ramen everyday, and judging from the popularity, I don't think that's impossible.

Ramen Ikkyu, Sussex Centre

Unlike a few other ramen joints, Ramen Ikkyu specializes in paitan soup, which is made from chicken bones mixed with pork and vegetables. The process and combination yield a lighter soup, but still with delicious layer of oil and collagen like tonkotsu-based one.

Paitan soup explanation

The ordering system involves touch-screen tablets, making it quite easy and practical to use. A few touches, and your order is confirmed. Choosing the bowl of ramen is the real challenge. Especially when they have 16 different items like this.

I asked about the difference between Ikkyu and Tokyo ramen, and the answer was that the Tokyo ramen has lighter soup compared to the latter. Of course I went for the thicker one.


Ikkyu miso ramen has paitan broth base, with addition of miso, the seasoning that deepens the flavour of the soup. The soup is thick enough for me, and light enough for those who are not fond of thick and heavy ramen soup, I reckon. The addition of chicken does soften the intensity of the soup, yet still retaining the delicious layer of fat that lingers shortly on your lips. The chasu (pork belly) is faultless, and the same goes to the soft boiled egg and springy noodles.

Ikkyu miso - $10.5

Ikkyu shoyu ramen has the same broth base, but this one is spiked with shoyu (soy sauce) that makes the soup somehow tastes lighter but unique at the same time. And definitely delicious.

It is actually quite hard to determine whether I prefer the miso or the shoyu one, both are superior in their own way.

Ikkyu shoyu - $10.5

I love the thin handmade noodles that are cooked perfectly; bouncy but not too hard.

The noodles

And the egg. It is the egg. I don't even have to tell you how much I love this kind of soft-boiled egg, right?

Obligatory egg porn

The reason of me ordering sweet and spicy dry noodles on the next visit was mostly inspired by Raff and his mouthwatering post. And it turned out to be one of the decisions that I will cherish for my whole life.

It's dry noodles tossed with sweet and spicy sesame oil and shoyu (Japanese soy sauce), topped by mountain of toppings: stir fried vegetables that are seasoned lightly, black fungus to add some crunch, corn kernels, bamboo shoots, chopped scallion, three slices of absurdly tender pork belly, perfect soft-boiled egg, and two sheets of nori.

Sweet & spicy dry noodles - $14

Don't get me wrong, I love their soup and everything very much but this dry noodles is almost life-changing. There is just so much beautiful flavour on every strand of perfectly cooked noodles, it's simply brilliant. The toppings are a group of best friends that get along together very well. I am especially fond of the pork belly and egg. A must-try, this one.

Sweet & spicy dry noodles after mixed

And here is another reason to love Ramen Ikkyu: one free portion of plain noodles to go with your leftover soup! The free kaedama can be obtained by simply flashing your receipt to the cashier.

Free kaedama!

Still need another reason to visit and fall in love with this ramen joint?

What about the super friendly and photogenic head chef slash owner, Chef Haru. He didn't even flinch when I asked his permission to take pictures and posed right away when I pointed my lens to his direction. Very lovable.

Haru-san, the man behind the wheels

The thing is, I paid Ramen Ikkyu a visit with a friend from Fukuoka, where ramen is considered as a huge thing.

When somebody who has been eating amazing bowls of ramen his entire life gives a very satisfied nod, it seems very convincing to me.


Currency: $1 = IDR 10,900

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Excellent ramen and quite extensive selections to choose from (the sweet & spicy dry noodles is a must-try), helpful & friendly service, affordable price, food-court ambiance.



Sussex Centre Food Court
Shop F1A 401 Sussex St
Haymarket, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9281 0998

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  1. i love everything about this post - amazing photos and hello chef haru! This is definitely one of my top places to go for ramen. everything is soooooooo good. Can't wait to try the dry noodles! omg now I wanna bowl...

    1. Thank you very much, Tina!
      I am constantly craving for that dry noodles actually haha
      Thanks for dropping by! :D

  2. Errmahgerd ain't that abura-soba aka sweet & spicy dry noodles amazing?!! So glad you tried it and enjoyed it! I love your photos! One of the best food photography in a blog :) I can never get enough of ramen too lol

    1. It is super amazing.Thanks heaps to u to let me know about that!
      Oh wow I don't think I deserve that statement, yet, but that means HUGE to me, so thanks million times, Raff! :D
      Of course you can't, staying true to the name, huh? :)

  3. Squidgy eggs! And I like the sound of the dry noodles - will have to try this next time.

    1. It's so good! Great for warmer weather, I reckon :)


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