Monday, 28 October 2013

Night Noodle Markets 2013, Hyde Park - Sydney

Brace yourself for the lanterns images.
nightnoodlemarket2013-lanterns (3)
Night Noodle Market lanterns (8:30 p.m.)

Heh, I'm joking. I promise you there will be food pics as well.

By now you may have already noticed that October is such a foodie month. Good Food Month is running, and exciting events and pop-ups come by. Night Noodle Markets are one of the biggest parts of the Good Food Month, and from I've heard, it is actually one of the best events.

So I checked it out, on the second last day. When the queues and the proportion of humans were multiplying. It kinda freaked me out, actually.

Good Food Month banner

The market consists of over than 40 stalls lining up in Hyde Park, and it does have a great vibe. It makes a great day/night out, I reckon, and the options are almost endless.

And yes, the lanterns are so beautiful.

nightnoodlemarket2013-lanterns (1)
Lanterns on the entry (6:00 p.m.)

nightnoodlemarket2013-queue (1)

East Ocean's stall and their steaming dumplings

East Ocean Jumbo Box ($30) plus one mango pancake ($3) which had too much cream and not enough mango.

The steamed ones: good dumplings, but some with skin that was a bit too thick, and the BBQ bun was fluffy, although I wouldn't mind more filling.

The fried ones: tender and quite crunchy salt & pepper squid and pork chop (I would love it more if they went easier on the salt), tasty, big prawns, and the highlight was the Peking duck pancake. Too bad we only got two of them.

nightnoodlemarket2013-humans (1)
Just an advice for next year: bring your own picnic rug or chairs. Or good luck finding seats.

nightnoodlemarket2013-humans (2)
So. Many. Humans.

Pretty Citibank concierge area

nightnoodlemarket2013-rekordelig (1)
Rekordelig bar area

Highlight of the night: Rekordelig strawberry & lime cider (front) and mango and raspberry (back) ($8.5 each). I prefer the strawberry & lime as it had more bitter-bites. Both were amazing though.

nightnoodlemarket2013-lanterns (4)
So many options to choose from but be ready to brave the queue.

The queue for ramen burger was epic. Like a couple of metres epic. I saw some of the burgers floating, and I didn't even have adequate motivation to join the line. It looked too small for $12.5 for me.

And then we spotted those cute, tiny pancakes.

It looked so good, we decided to get a plate of mini pancakes for ourselves. And it was not as good as we thought. I wished they were freshly made. For $12 per plate with $2 for strawberry slices, I think that was not a really good decision.

nightnoodlemarket2013-lanterns (2)
The lanterns got even prettier at night. This one was at about 8:30 p.m.

Are you going next year?

Overall, it was a really good outing, especially if you bring your besties around. In terms of food, I wasn't that impressed, especially when the price was much higher than usual. It is understandable, but $10 for a banh mi? Thanks, but no thanks.

I actually planned to try Jackie M's food, but the jumbo box was already too filling for me, which was definitely surprising.

Will I go again next year? Yes, but maybe not on the last days. People this many kinda makes me feel on edge. It is just me, though.


Currency: $1 = IDR 10,800

Address and info:


Every October as a part of Good Food Month

Hyde Park
Sydney 2000

Webs: Good Food Month
Night Noodle Markets

The Night Noodles Markets are licensed and no BYO alcohol will be permitted at the event.

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  1. Love the first photo of the lanterns! You gotta put Jackie M on your priority list for next yr!

    1. Thank you, Raff!
      I know, I regret it very much that I didn't get to try some!

  2. The jumbo box looks all too tempting! And I've always found you need to get there by 5.45pm to have any chance of getting a table!

    1. Wow that's early. But noted! Thanks heaps, Helen! :D

  3. ahh shame i missed out on the noodle markets this year! it actually looked a lot better than previous years, esp with that famous ramen burger floating around!

    1. Really? I hope it'll get even better next year then :)

  4. the mini pancakes look sooo indulgent omggg...and i didn't end up trying them this year! ahh well there's always next year

    1. There's always next year but really, they didn't taste that good hehe

  5. those mini dutch pancakes always look so good, but always fall short of living up to its looks..


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