Friday, 20 September 2013

Praus Yoghurt Café, Haymarket

You think you've seen enough froyo places?
Small watermelon froyo ($3) with pomegranate and passionfruit (ea $0.5)

Think again. There are more joining the list, especially if you check Strathfield, Newtown and CBD areas. With the rising temperature and spring's bright days, I am glad to have so many froyo joints to choose from.

Just a quick recap today guys, got some deadlines to attend to.

Praus is a small, eye-catching frozen yoghurt shop in Haymarket, only a few metres from INSEARCH and UTS Library. It is manned (and owned, I assume) by super friendly folks behind the counter.

Praus Yoghurt Café, Haymarket

The interior and seating are typical froyo shop I guess; cozy and fun with K-Pop music playing from the stereo.



From a few lunch-break visits, I notice that they don't have that many flavours to choose from and I have never seen the flavour changed as well. There are always original, taro, green tea and watermelon.

I am not that fond of taro and green tea-flavoured things, so I always stick with watermelon and/or original. The price is pretty good for a student's pocket; their small size is decently portioned to suit your mild froyo craving.

Their froyo is not too watery, the soft texture is just right for me. The flavour is somehow a bit diluted, but it is still a good dessert and pick-me-up. My favourite is the watermelon, whose flavour is refreshing and not too sweet. The original has more tang and it can be perfectly paired with the usual toppings.

Watermelon (foreground) and original froyo (background)

They also don't have as many toppings as your usual froyo joints but so far the fruit slices have been tasting fresh to me. Nevertheless, the froyo is already good as it is without the toppings. But of course, suit yourself.

Currency: $1 = IDR 10,500



Shop 8, 107 Quay St
Haymarket, NSW 2000

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  1. and another joins the scene. I can't keep count with how many have hit our shores! lol


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