Monday, 16 September 2013

Magnum Pleasure Pop-Up Store, Westfield Sydney

Your classic Magnum; brought to a whole new level.
DIY Magnum results

Great choice on the name, really. It does give you a bucket of pleasure.

Before I start babbling, I have to say sorry. This is a terribly late post, and by now Magnum Pleasure pop-up store had been gone, and I don't know when they're back. If judged from the popularity, I think they'll consider doing it again for sure.

If you arrive at the end of this post and thinking 'why the hell didn't she post this earlier?', I am deeply sorry. I went there only a day before it was gone and with assignments chased me out of blogging world, I didn't have much time to make new posts. Again, I'm sorry!

OK now, let's go back to Magnum's creative way to attract sweet-tooths; the pop-up store. The store wasn't big, but the queue was massive. I went past lunch time and had to wait for about 20 minutes to get my hands on the happiness on the stick. It wasn't too bad because as we got closer to the counter, we could actually see the making process of the customized Magnums. The staffs did make a good show in shaking the toppings and swirling and dipping the chocolate coating.

Awesome Magnum logo made from ice cream sticks

I didn't take pics of the menu or any posters they put on the walls, but do check out these posts for further info.

Toppings, coating and drizzling selections were done on the cashier/counter. Then they would start putting all the toppings in a shaker and shake them good.

The toppings are quite varied; from the classic crushed nuts and chocolate sprinkles to more exotic rose petals and chocolate-coated coffee beans. Joining the crowd were crushed meringue, dried berries, rock salt, and many other nice things. We could choose up to 5 toppings if I am not mistaken.

Toppings selections

Rose petals and chocolate coated coffee beans

Then they would get a 'naked' vanilla Magnum and dip it into your choice of coating: white, milk, or dark chocolate. I was a bit indecisive as I wanted to make my Magnum look pretty, but on the other hand I just couldn't get enough of milk chocolate. Especially Magnum's milk chocolate.

Coating the Magnum

After letting the coating set for a bit, the mixed crumbs and pieces were carefully spread, and then the drizzling (same options: white, milk, or dark chocolate) process commenced. The last touch was a mini coin with Magnum's 'M' logo.

You could enjoy your ice cream on the counter bar, which was also equipped with tablets to e-share your creations, or you could take them to a corner and have a private moment with it.

Adding the mixed toppings

It's $7 a pop, and I think it's worth it for such a beauty.

This baby involved milk chocolate coating, dark chocolate drizzle, and rose petals, crushed hazelnuts, dried raspberries, and cookie crumbs as toppings.

Result #1

The toppings stayed on pretty well, although some came down on the mini tray it was served on. It tasted like the usual Magnum, but spiked with your favourite little things, which made it interesting and induced a party in your mouth. I wish the coating was a bit firmer, like the usual Magnum.

Toppingss adhered pretty well

The second baby had the same coating and drizzle, but this one had rose praline, crushed almonds, dried cranberries, and rock salt on.

The rock salt made subtle appearance on the last note, and neither the best friend nor me were really fond of the combination.

Result #2

They were actually too pretty to be touched, let alone bit into.


In the end, we agreed one visit is enough to get the novelty points. They were picturesque and unique, indeed, but we somehow are still preferring our favourite Magnum almonds. Having said that, it was a memorable experience.

Would I recommend this kind of Magnum pop-up store? Yes. Go for it when they're popping the special store back.

Currency: $1 = IDR 10,500



Market St 
Sydney NSW 2000

(The Magnum Pop-Up Store is not there anymore, though.)

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  1. i heard mixed reviews and long queues for these so i didnt go check it out. your one sure looks good!

    1. The queues were long indeed. It's good enough for one experience though :)

  2. AUD7 a pop? That's pricey know you can get em at half price back home ;) But those rose petals sort of makes up for the price, since we don't have it here hehe

    1. Haha yeah, totally pricey. I reckon it'll be popular in Jakarta if Magnum decides to pop one store like this hehe

  3. REN! how come sydney's magnum looks wayyyy better than here in Indo?? agree with ellyna.. aud7 for a pop is pricey..

    ps : i love your very first photo of this post.. gowjes!!

    1. Rasanya sama aja Cend.. haha.
      So pricey, but for one of a kind experience, I guess it's OK.
      Thanks heaps, Cend! :D


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