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Kaysone Sweets, Cabramatta - Sydney

The mention of street food makes me feel warm inside.
Beef jerky on display

I have never been to Thailand, but with the fare offered at Kaysone Sweets, I can easily picture myself being on one of the busiest streets in Bangkok, savouring locals' favourite street food.

But of course, a trip to Cabramatta won't be complete with a share of the best BBQ pork and chicken Vietnamese roll from Kim Thanh Company bakery. Winner.

Kim Thanh Company bakery's chicken roll

Cabramatta isn't always about great Vietnamese meals (although the place got heaps of excellent Vietnamese restaurants), sugar cane drinks, and Red Lea chips (those are amazing, though). Kaysone Sweets is also there to make your day seems brighter, offering Thai light meals, snacks, and drinks.

Kaysone Sweets, Cabramatta

It's a hidden gem indeed. Not many know about it, but you won't regret your visit here. Since I tried their food once, I always make sure that I stop by everytime I go to the suburb.

There are only very limited seatings, most customers do take-away. The ordering is done over a display counter, and you'll be served by generally friendly ladies with quick hands. Drinks menu is quite extensive, choose among the options of shakes, smoothies, mixed fruit juice, and halo-halo (mixed dessert); all priced very reasonably.

My recommendation? Definitely the durian shake. The impossibly rich, pungent, and delicious durian shake, if I may add.

Spend a good couple of minutes on the glass display, where choices of banana chips, sweet potato ships, beef jerky, and some other Thai snacks are ready to be brought home. They also have selections of salads and rice paper rolls on the front line, and of course, the Thai paw paw salad: som tum.

Ordering counter

If I'm not mistaken, you can buy beef jerky and the chips by weight, and the beef jerky is fantastic, I'm telling you. It requires a bit of stronger jaw movement, but has great flavours and addictiveness.

Beef jerky

The mother and I went for a light lunch so we were getting the whole set: sticky rice, som tum, beef jerky, pork sausage, and raw cabbage.

The sticky rice was served warm and cooked very nicely.

The som tum is fiery, salty and pungent due to the use of the intense pickled crab. It's refreshing, though, and I found myself enjoying every strand of sour and crunchy paw paw.

Thumbs up for the beef jerky; a perfect movie snack that I will be happy to swap my popcorn with.

The sausage, however, is a bit on the bland side and dry. I was expecting juicy, fat sausages.

Meal set B - paw paw salad, dry beef jerky, pork sausage, sticky rice - $20

Here's a legit reason to skip the amazing Red Lea chips on your next visit to Cabramatta: fried fritters. They have three kind of ingredients coated with the superb crunchy jacket: banana, taro, and sweet potato. You can have one just for $0.7 but why would you? Go for the three for $2. Or maybe more.

Fried fritters on display

My favourite is the banana, the taro and sweet potato are too starchy for me although the mother enjoys them very much.

What makes it amazing is the crunchy, golden batter. I believe grated coconut and sesame seeds are penciled into the ingredient list, and they give lovely savoury hint and great aroma. The fritter is sweet and savoury at the same time, to say that it's addictive is a bit of understatement.

Fried banana fritters - $2 for 3

Wash all the rich and fried food down with a glass of mixed fruit juice, with your choices of fruits.

Mixed juice (M) - $3.5

When craving for something light, go for the sweet and refreshing coconut juice. A perfect friend to spend spring (and summer) with.

Coconut juice (M) - $3.5

Even if you're not that interested in the meal set, get the fried fritters and durian shake one day. Or at least the coconut juice if you're not into the 'smelly' king of fruits. Oh, I heard the avocado shake isn't shabby at all too.

Currency: $1 = IDR 10,300

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Really good snacks, amazing fried fritters, great selection of drinks (try the durian shake!), quick service although a bit stiff, price is reasonable, ambiance is nice and homey.



Shop 4, 59-61 Park Road
Cabramatta, NSW 2166

Phone: (02) 9755 5759

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  1. Whoa! Gotta check out this place nxt time I hit uo Cabra. So many hidden gems indeed.

    1. yep yep, a really lovely place this is :)

  2. Love Caysone sweets! Those banana fritters are too addictive. We usually get our shakes from here too. Always a toss up between soursop, avocado and durian!

    1. I know, right? I went head over heels for the durian, will try the other options next time :)
      Thanks for dropping by, Helen!

  3. ive probably walked past this joint about a thousand times in my whole life but never knew what they sold inside until recently. guess there's always something new to find in Cabra.

  4. their fruit shakes are the best here! and yes, this is my go to place for some banana fritters!

    1. Agreed!
      I can never go past the fritters too :)

  5. yum! this post is making me hungry. love all the eats in cabramatta, I don't venture there often enough!

    1. Me too!
      Glad you you enjoyed the post, missklicious :)

  6. OMG! you recalled my memory of being in Cabra eating those fritters. I went to this shop last time when I visited Sydney. Oh Heaven. :) I love sugar cane. not a big fan of durian*you may find me the weirdest asian out of all* Cabramatta is a food heaven especially when you havent been back to your home country for quiet some time. :)

    1. Naah, lots of Asian friends of mine don't like durian too hehe
      Agreed. It's food heaven for me hehe :)
      Thanks for dropping by, Bec!

  7. wow!!! look at ALL that food and esp the beef jerky. it is calling out to me!


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