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Devon Café, Surry Hills - Sydney

Menu suited to the season?
'Flying Chook'

Now you got my attention.

Devon Café is probably the town's new favourite kid, and rightfully so. Their popularity results from their vibrant and thoughtful menu, which is changed to suit the current season. I sadly missed their winter selections, including the gigantic ultimate toastie that has truffles on and spanner crab pasta. Insert sad face here. But I am sad no more, their spring menu is similarly exciting and probably something you would not like to miss.

Devon is a cute, little café, located within 5-minutes-walk range from Central station. I could even see the signage from across the street, it is not tricky to find at all.

Devon signage

The interior is dominated with warm wooden touch on the walls, ceilings, and furniture. It looks casual, bright, and comfy. The seatings beside the counter aren't that many, but they have an outdoor area at the back. We chose to sit on the brighter front seating that day, facing the street and passerby. It was a bit awkward to eat with occasional glance from the passing people, but we were distracted by the flavour and appearance of our food.

Interior, counter and salad menu

On the counter with the fancy coffee machines, there are various baked goods, both savoury and sweets. Behind the glass are salad selections and the sandwiches.

Sweet things

Homemade friands & muffins

The menu is not that extensive, but it covers main, sides, dessert, and drinks. It took me about 5 seconds to decide that I wanted the 'Gone Banana' for dessert, and we finally settled on their special of the day for sharing.


Special of the day

The 'Flying Chook' (Portuguese char-grilled chicken with baby spinach, grilled zucchini, and cheese) is served on a wooden board; a colourful and interesting treat on its own. I reckon I can finish both parts on my own, but one part is already filling for me. But maybe that's because I had quite a heavy breakfast before.

'Flying Chook': Portuguese char-grilled chicken with baby spinach, grilled zucchini, and cheese - $15

The bread (is that panini bread?) is toasted perfectly, crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. The chicken is not lacking in flavour department at all, and it has lovely smokey hint. It's tender and juicy, nicely paired by the greens and the sexy oozing cheese. It is not said on the board, but I reckon there is a kind of super tasty sauce involved too.

This is probably a light meal for some people, but for me it suits spring well. One of the staffs said that the chefs (who are ex-Guillaume chefs) reckon that lighter meals suit the warmer and brighter weather well, and I think they have it right.

Obligatory innards shot

The 'Gone Banana' looks like it's begging to be eaten, and it's a good idea to attack it before all of the pandan ice cream melts completely.

The stack is actually quite high, with banana pancake on the bottom and fried banana fritters on top, with a center of pandan ice cream. The whole thing is surrounded by palm sugar caramel, thick coconut milk (if I am not mistaken), and icing sugar.

What a genius creation. The pancake is fluffy and the banan slices are given quite generously too, the fritters are crunchy and sweet, and the ice cream is smooth, creamy, and fragrant. The caramel doesn't complicate the dish, it binds everything together.


I may miss the little lost brioche (part of their winter menu), but this one definitely makes up for it.

'Gone Banana': banana pancakes, palm sugar caramel, banana fritters, and pandan ice cream - $16

A bright glass of 'Refresher' (watermelon, apple, mint) was ordered for the sake of vitamin and fruit intake of the day, and it tastes exactly like its name. It is light and refreshing, and I reckon it'd be even better if served chilled.

'Refresher': watermelon, apple, mint - $7

I missed the last Nutella & banana muffin of the day, so I took the last 'Magic Muffin' home. It is a dense muffin, but packed abundantly with berries, maybe mostly blueberries, and crushed pistachios. It is a teeny bit too heavy and greasy for me, but I don't mind having this for my breakfast anytime.

But I will still keep my eyes on for the Nutella & banana muffin.

'Magic Muffin': berries & pistachio muffin - $4.5

The price isn't that cheap, but I reckon it's worth it. Especially with the great service from the funny and friendly guys behind the counter.

Table piece

Definitely my new favourite kid in town.

P.S. Devon does dinner now! Can I offer you some silky smooth egg custard and killer fried wings?

Currency: $1 = IDR 10,500

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Excellent food and menu is suited to the season, service is flawless, ambiance is fun, bright, and cozy, price is quite reasonable.



76 Devonshire St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Phone: (02) 9211 8777

Web: Devon Café
Facebook: Devon Café

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  1. You're making me crave Devon Cafe again! Amazing photos Irene :)

    1. I am also craving for it haha
      Thanks a lot, Jen! :D

  2. Replies
    1. It is amazing :)
      Thanks for dropping by, Bob!

  3. I have yet to try this place and I always say I'll go !
    Gone Banana has me salivating :'(

    1. It is soooooo good :)
      Thanks for dropping by, Steph!

  4. love devon! all their baked goods are amazing!

  5. Whoah I'd definitely go bananas over that pancake concoction!

    1. It is so awesome, it's almost impossible not to swoon over it hehe
      Thanks for dropping by, Helen!

  6. as always, love your photos irene! great post. I've yet to try their baked goods so it's next on my list

    1. Thanks heaps, Tina! That means a lot, coming from you :)

  7. OMG Irene, great review and stunning photos! Now I'm drooling over your picture.. *lick the screen coz way too far from Sidney* ;D

    1. Thank you very much, Aline!
      Come here, I'll be your personal food-guide :)

  8. I'm liking the sound of their new menu! I love the first shot of the flying chook too.

    1. The menu is very interesting, indeed. Thanks heaps, Raff! :D


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