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Paramatta Farmers' Market, Sydney

A tour of a local market?
Paramatta Farmers' Market, Sydney

I am definitely in.

Paramatta Farmers' Market is a new reason to visit the suburb on Friday morning, and I am sure that you won't regret it. It launched on 28th June 2013, and I was lucky enough to be invited by Anh from Paramatta City Council.

It was such a great day, and even though it was raining in the morning, the sky cleared for a few hours for our tour. I joined a number of media friends and staff from Paramatta City Council, including Paramatta Lord Mayor, Cr John Chedid who was very approachable and humorous.

The market has 20 farmers and producers on the first day, but they reckoned it'll reach 30 soon. The products in offer are produced in Sydney and regional NSW, guaranteeing the freshness of the local products. Paramatta City Council is working along with the Australia's Farmers' Market Association to acquire producers from Sydney, NSW and ACT areas.

I saw beautiful displays of products including fruit and vegetables, dairy products, native food, bread and baked goods, meats, coffee, and flowers. Most of the stalls are manned by the producers or farmers themselves, so it is really easy to get direct and detailed information about the products they sell. Apart from being friendly and the fact that some of them have been doing the business for a long time, you can really see their passion about the food and their products, and that is why I am sure that the quality of these products is no joke.

Borrowing a quote from Lord Mayor:
" Food has always been a key part of the Paramatta community, even from our early colonial days and today, the City is a major food destination. "

This is gonna be a long post with lots of images, brace yourself and get some tissue to wipe the drool, if you want. Enjoy!


Sugar cane stall: Juice Mia Sugar Cane Juice. Didn't get to try but everyone said it's good.

La Barre Olives

L: spicy apricot and black cherry finishing vinegar. Great tasting with significant fruity taste. R: extra virgin olive oil and infused olive oils. My favourite is the garlic and chilli infused olive oil. I imagined myself snuggling on the couch with a bottle of that and a loaf of plain bread.

Bella BBQ van

Margin's Mushroom showcasing their high-quality, fresh mushrooms

Only two days after they were picked. So fresh.

Octoberfest Cafe

Shepherd's Bakehouse display of bread

Rolls and sourdough

Lord Mayor at Shepperd's Bakehouse stall

Shepherd's Bakehouse almond croissant - the BEST almond croissant I've ever had in my life so far. Flaky pastry, sweet, buttery crust on top with sugary, milky filing. I really love the filing.

Street musicians

Pork galore; ribs, sausages, pork belly and many more.

Owner offering a piece of pork roll. Oh yes please!

Rolls and pies display

Pork and fennel roll ($5) - amazing, not oily pastry with tasty and slightly tart filling. Love love love. Had this as lunch, this one was very popular.

Little Creek Cheese and Lord Mayor

Little Creek Cheese's gold-medal products (haloumi)

Addictive feta

Getting the caffeine injection at Coffee Fuel

Isis River Farms Butchery stall. The sausage was a killer.

Thirlmere Poultry and its packed whole chicken

Macadamia galore

Roasted macadamia (a must-try, really. I had to control myself from getting the whole bowl with me) and macadamia dukkah (an amazing product as well). Lord Mayor was saying things like getting this as snacks for the staff's meeting.

Pasticceria Bruni run by super friendly and lovely couple

The pies and quiches

Chocolate ganache pie - wow. Great texture of the pastry, served cool, the ganache filling made me moan gleefully.

Naked Foods products. On the bottom left, it's dried banana. How interesting.

To make sure that we are on one page, I'll tell you what dukkah is. It is 'a healthy combination of nuts, seeds, herbs and spices'. Pair it with a good olive oil and you won't stop eating, even with the plainest of bread.

A Taste of The Bush olive oils and dukkah selections. I tried several and they easily became my favourite. The most unforgettable one for me was the Bush Tomato Native Basil Dukkah with Chilli.

Summerland Honey

Lemon butter from the Summerland Honey

Jonima Flowers. Fabulous and pretty looking flowers on sale. I did get distracted by the beautiful little girl, though.

The one that finally got my utmost attention: Babies Breath. It's simple and small, but somehow looking elegant and magical.

Colourful and fresh veggies on sale

In the end of the day, I was full to the brim, thanks to all the farmers & producers with their generosity of giving the samples. I also got two, not one, sample bags containing tidbits from the stalls present. It was super fun to get to pick the bags with the most interesting stuff. I got the delicious (even more amazing with some olive oil and dukkah) cheese and oregano bread, fresh mushroom from the Margin's (which I made into warm mushroom crostini), La Barre's excellent extra virgin olive oil, and Quirindi Blend honey and tropical fruit jam from Summerland Honey.

Samples obtained: (L - R clockwise) cheese & oregano (?) bread, fresh mushrooms, La Barre's extra virgin olive oil, Quirindi honey and tropical fruit jam.

Couldn't be happier. I freaking love local markets.

Go check this market out this Friday. And maybe the next Friday too.

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,200

(Disclaimer: Irene's Getting Fat! attended the media tour courtesy of Paramatta City Council. The samples were provided but the pork and fennel roll and chocolate ganache pie were paid for at own expenses. Thank you to Anh Dang and Paramatta City Council for the invitation.)



Every Friday from 28 June 2013
7.30am to 2pm
Church Street Mall, Parramatta

Website and info: Parracity Farmers' Market

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  1. Dear Irene,

    Looks like a nice variety of fresh foods but I wonder why it's not held on a weekend though?

    1. Hi ChopinandMysaucepan,

      It's a great market, but I don't know why it's on Fridays instead of weekends. I reckon it'll be more popular if it were on weekends :)

  2. Great to see the markets back in Parramatta. Hopefully they'll do a better trade with the weekday business folk.

    1. I hope so too!
      Thanks for dropping by, Tara! :D

  3. these farmer markets look really good! too bad parra is a bit far for me to get to

    1. Markets are always a wonder to me :)
      Well, I guess it's worth the trip once in a while hehe
      Thanks for dropping by, Amy! :D


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