Wednesday, 31 July 2013

NaruOne, Sydney CBD

This fried chicken will make the Colonel weep.
NaruOne's fried chicken with spring onion

Move over KFC, the new wave of Korean Fried Chicken is ready to take Sydney by the storm.

NaruOne is the new most-talked highlighted joint recently. Located nicely along the bustling Pitt St, it may be easy to find the signage; looking for the entrance is a bit tricky. I went with the mother, because even the health-freak can't resist the power of Korean fried chicken.

NaruOne signage

Peek through the menu banner and you'll find a stairs and a small door leading to what has been dubbed as the best Korean fried chicken in town.


The interior is warm and comforting with wood-based colour and furniture. It's quite spacious, but I can imagine how packed this place can be when it comes to peak hours.

There's a condiments fridge too welcoming your entrance, filled neatly with boxes of side dishes like kimchi and spicy dried octopus (ojingeochae).


Condiments fridge

The menu is full of eye-catching pictures of the food. I did give the fried chicken section some extra attention.


It was also really considerate of them to provide a small bucket, I'm assuming it's for the chicken bones.

NaruOne's logo and bones bucket

The banchan (side dishes) were addictive, beware as they may fill you up before your order actually comes. Especially when you eat them with the rice like I did.

Banchan (side dishes)

To prepare ourselves with a fried-fiesta later, we started filling up on a healthier choice: kimchi hot pot. There were various veggies, a good amount of kimchi, enoki & ear mushrooms, instant noodles, and some pork slices in the sea of sour and refreshing broth. It came with a portable stove to make sure that the warmth would last.

Kimchi hot pot (small) - $38

Man, the mother really loved this one. It looked and tasted healthy.

The broth had excellent flavour, but I would love it more if it were spicier. It will kick your tastebuds up, but be careful not to drown yourself on this one as you will need space for the next menu...

Kimchi hot pot - after being mixed

... which is the spectacular fried chicken. Colonel, you may need to revise your recipe as this one is way tastier than yours.

NaruOne's KFC has been talked about widely, so surely I couldn't miss it. We finally settled with the fried chicken with spring onion, whose scent will make everyone look at its direction. It appeared as a mountain of delicious-looking, crispy chicken, topped with shredded spring onions. It was also flanked by a soy sauce-wasabi dip and pickled radish.

Fried chicken with spring onion - $32

If the pictures alone don't make you drooling enough, let me try to describe it.

It plays with all of your five senses. Look at those golden chicken chunks, are you sure you want to share? Drop the cutlery, let your fingers touch its amazingly coarse yet not so oily skin. Hold it closer to your mouth and let your nose savours some spices and oil aroma, which will make your mouth water with anticipation. Bite into the juicy flesh and sigh in admiration as you hear the shattering sound of the super crunchy skin, which will make you wonder, how many times did they fry these babies?

And finally, absorb its juice and rejoice for the flavour. Dip it on the sauce and it'll get even better. Get some cubes of the pickled radish to add some sweetness. The spring onions aren't just garnish, I ate it with the chicken and it gave a freshness injection.

Close up of the crunchy, tasty fried chicken

On another visits (without camera; I put the pics on Instagram instead), I got to try their seafood hot pot (S - $38) which had good flavour and heaps of veggies. There are generous amount of udon and seafood as well, although I would prefer big prawns instead of mini ones.

The half-half fried chicken & sweet and spicy chicken ($33) was also a favourite; I prefer the original fried chicken than the sweet & spicy although it had great crunchy level and tasty, sticky sauce.

There's one significant minus point about this place for me: it is too far away from home. If only it were nearer... well, it probably won't do my diet program good. And I can't always get the takeaway fried chicken and torment everyone along my way with delicious aroma, can I?

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,200

Rating: 4.5/5 (Very recommended)
The fried chicken alone is worth the trip to this restaurant, price is OK, service is quick and quite friendly (I would give perfect rating if the service is improved), ambiance is cozy, clean, and really nice.



375 Pitt St
Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9261 2680

NaruOne Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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  1. I've been dying to visit NaruOne for aaaaaages! Looks like it lived up to its rave reviews!

    1. It does! The chicken especially mmm
      I think you'll like it!
      Thanks for dropping by, Christine! :)

  2. As I got to each of the photos, i said yes yes YES! the chicken sure is amazing and so far, I've had nothing like it. And yes, it's too far from home for me too! Boo. Gorgeous shots! x

    1. I know right, they should open branches.
      Thanks heaps, Tina! :)

  3. Death of KFC by KFC! Very catchy phrase hehe...dammit, Imma ask you to bring NaruOne friend chicken home next time (not LaDuree, thanks! Haha).

    1. Now that's a good one! Why didn't I think of that haha.
      I'll try my best to bring it over but it's best eaten on the spot I think. and this is waayyyyyy better than Laduree hahaha

  4. yes their chicken here is amazing, im glad i dont live/work close by or id be having it too often!

    1. Agreed! But on the other hand, I would love it to be nearby my home hehe :p
      Thanks for dropping by, Amy! :D

  5. I appreciate blogs that post pics of where the venue is instead of just food. At a glance I knew where this is now. :) I look forward to trying this A S A P. /grin! Looks so good!

    1. I also like posts that show the place, they let me know where to enter the restaurant haha
      It is SO good, and thanks for dropping by, Bob! :D

  6. still need to make my way down there. hopefully i could bring it up for the next bday/random social outings with mates. looks like they do a decent hot pot too

    1. The hotpots are perfect for winter weather, and the chicken is so far my favourite in town! :)

  7. The sound of the batter crunch alone takes me to awesome land! Then after a few bites, another level of awesomeness is reached. Drools....

    1. Very well spoken! Now I'm starting to develop the craving..drools.. :p

  8. next time i'm in town you should take me here! Gila, deskripsi lo membuat laper seketika!

    1. Ayulah mari! Kapan me 'soon'-nya? Ditunggu! :D

  9. my 5 senses were drooling just now! wish I could try one! beautiful pic, anyway! ;)

    1. Thanks heaps, Jessica! Glad you found the post drool-worthy :)


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