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MooBerry, Newtown - Sydney

Frozen yoghurt is one thing. Frozen yoghurt affogato is another.
Salted caramel froyo with gaytime crumble & muesli

I have never encountered an affogato made from frozen yoghurt before. And this is one of the reasons that I put MooBerry on my to-go list.

Even if the owner, John, didn't kindly invite me to his froyo joint, I would definitely pay it a visit sooner or later.

MooBerry is the 'child' of John and Janine, which opened their door for business about seven months ago. The signage and interior will force you to take a glance to its direction, thanks to cute cow-head signage and fun vibe that the store has.

Mooberry, Newtown

Cute logo

It's dominated with green, purple, and wooden colour, with stripped yellow & purple wall at the back for a playful feel. There are some deer-heads decor, along with small plant and flowers pots. Long story short, the interior feels quirky, comfy and welcoming.


King St view

If that alone does not make you willing to travel all the way to Newtown and try it, let me tell you another one. The service is excellent. Like, one of the best customer service I've ever encountered. I regret not taking names of the girls that served us that afternoon, because they are super lovely and approachable, and they didn't even know that we are food bloggers, if that makes any difference.

From the staffs, we knew that the froyo is made fresh in store, and the staffs are also taking part in flavour selections, which are changed weekly. They will put the flavours of the week on their FB page, which I have been watching closely because I am waiting for Nutella and mango flavours to come. They said those two are favourited.

Also, they use real ingredients for the froyo, like adding Belgium chocolate in their mocha froyo, using real fruits for the fruit-flavoured froyo, and of course, real salted caramel for the one that you'll see soon.

Although the menu is not much different from the others froyo joints, they do have interesting choices of toppings: mini macarons and gaytime crumble. Yum!


Toppings (image taken from MooBerry FB page)

Waffles and melted chocolate (and Nutella!)

Here are some flavours that I managed to try:

Original: great level of tang and sweetness, not too milky.

Blood orange: Irene said it tasted like Yakult (yoghurt drink).

Coconut: not as coconut-y as I would like, but it's creamy and not too sweet.

I recommend getting gaytime crumble as the topping. Apart from the contrasting texture, it tastes nice too.

Coconut froyo with Oreo and gaytime crumble (S) - $4.5 (+ $0.7 each topping)

I got the one that intrigued me the most: coconut affogato. My picture isn't as great as the one they have on their FB page, but this'll do I guess.

It's coconut froyo poured with a shot of espresso and sprinkles of dessicated coconut. It tasted like real affogato, but with less sweetness from the froyo compared to a scoop of ice cream that it usually has. The dessicated coconut is chewy and goes really nice with the bitterness of the coffee. I demolished the coconut froyo, but was unable to gulp the coffee as it is too bitter for me. But that's just me.

Pouring espresso

Coconut affogato - $6.5

Feeling like not having enough sweet consumption yet, we decided to get some churros, which are served with rich and luscious Belgian milk chocolate. The churros are baked instead of fried; this is a healthier point, right?

MB churros sticks - $8 (for one)

I can finish that shot of Belgian chocolate alone, but dipping the crunchy, not-oily churros into it is a better decision. We got a portion of one. Next time, I'm getting the portion of two for myself.

My next visit was just yesterday. I know it was windy and chilly, but the sound of salted caramel froyo is too delicious to miss. I had the small size, which was already big enough for one, topped with gaytime crumble and muesli.

The salted caramel froyo is decadent and not too rich, making you feel mush less guilty than eating a scoop of ice cream. The creaminess is also boosted by the gaytime crumble, but too much crumble will make you divert to its flavour instead of the froyo's, so beware.

Salted caramel froyo with gaytime crumble & muesli (S) - $4.5 (+ $0.7 each topping)

I also tried their pomegranate which is sweet, refreshing, and tangy. I can see why it's a favourite.

I am planning of another visits here while writing this post. So very curious about their Nutella, mango and peanut butter froyo!

Currency: $1 = IDR 9,500

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended)
Faultless service, ambiance is cute and comfy, price is reasonable, great froyo with interesting flavours and awesome bakes churros.

Irene's Getting Fat! sampled Mooberry courtesy of John X of Mooberry. Thank you! The second visit was paid for by own expenses.



160 King St
Newtown, NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 9557 4208

Website: MooBerry
Facebook page: MooBerry Froyo

MooBerry - Real Froyo and Smoothies on Urbanspoon

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  1. Errmahgerd! Salted caramel froyo with gaytime crumble & muesli sounds sublime!

    1. Good choices, don't u reckon? ;)
      Thanks for dropping by, Raff! :D

  2. love the sound of the froyo affagato!! mmmmmmmm.


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